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beautiful young mom and her little daughter are using an iPhone sitting on sofa at homeAre you a caring parent looking to monitor location of your child and track activities on child’s iPhone? Or are you looking for a way to catch your partner cheating on iOS?

You will be pleased to know there are plenty of iPhone monitoring software available. Majority of today’s iPhone spy apps can reveal phone location, iPhone call logging, and even the time calls are made.

iPhone trackers provide parents immediate access to photos, videos, apps on a phone, contacts, calendars, and emails as well as text messages. Parents can monitor an iPhone remotely, but will have to have access to the phone for initial installation of the app. After a short 3 to 10-minute software installation, program is ready to track child’s location.

Now a parent always knows the location of a child thanks to his or her cellphone and the installed software. These programs run in the background without the child being aware the program is monitoring phone activity. The parent can visit the control panel remotely in order to view information program tracks.

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Why You Need an iPhone Spy App

ios-spy appsUnderage children really require protection from potential Internet predators and from inappropriate decisions; they may have them accessing the wrong content online.

The same iPhone spy apps allow you to spy on emails, text messages, calendar events, keystrokes, phone calls (both received and outbound), and will provide parents with information that will make them entirely aware of what is going on with a child at all times. Even better, if children ever lose their phones, some programs allow parents to lock iPhone. They can erase all content on iPhone for additional safety.

In fact, the best spy apps for iPhone will also offer you features like location tracking and geofencing, web browser monitoring, and much more. Depending on the apps in question, they may or may not require you to jailbreak the device. For those that don’t, the procedure to set up these apps on the iPhone is also very easy, merely requiring access to the targets iCloud credentials.

mSpy iPhone Location Tracking Spy App

mspy_app reviewParents get clear pictures of children and and map of their location with the mSpy phone app. Geofencing features of mSpy allow parent to establish additional boundaries.

A parent gives a child instruction not to cross specified boundaries: The moment this happens the parent is notified. This same idea works well when monitoring an employee’s free time usage. You can also track where location of the individual when he is outside the office during the working hours.

Parents can choose from jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions of mSpy for iPhone. Live help is always available. mSpy app spys on chat, texting activity, application usage, calendar events, etc. mSpy is also compatible with the iPad Mini and iPad Air tablets along with the iPhone 5S, 5C.

mSpy is an ideal app to install on kids’ phone systems because the long feature list promises the parent lots of control over content and activity. Installing the app is easy. Assistance is available if needed. You get access to control panel where you can login securely to monitor smartphones and their activity.

Bear in mind that the non-jailbreak version of mSpy has fewer features than the jailbreak version of the program. In either case, you need to connect the target device to the Internet to work.

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Spyera iPhone Monitoring App

spyera-appSpyera is an exceptional spy app that once installed on an iPhone can detect and find location with GPS technologies. It is capable of monitoring call after call. And you get access to an online account where you can view material uploaded from the phone.

Spyera is one of a few programs that allows live call monitoring, along with texting activities, browser history, and emails along with additional contact data.

After the install, the program begins tracking multimedia files and programs child is using. Parents cannot only discover location on a map, but can listen to ambient surrounding. This program is ideal for company interested in tracking employees as well. Additional features aid in remote surveillance including:

  • Parents can spy on VoIP calls, videos, contacts, and call minutes
  • Incoming and outgoing calls and messages
  • A hidden jailbreaking icon
  • Facetime tracking on a smartphone
  • Keylogger is a function of spy app along with minutes and information related to content shared on Facebook, Skype, Line, and alternative messaging accounts.

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uMobix iPhone Parental Control App

uMobix is designed to spy on iPhone mobile devices with ease. This spy app logs also contacts from target phone. In this way parents know whom a child is communicating with. The spy program is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods. iPhone spy application works no matter what carrier provides service to the phone.

Of course, the device tracks locations, records browser history, and social messaging apps like Whatsapp. Children who need online monitoring can have the material they are allowed to view remotely controlled or blocked by parent.

Parents can track hours; line calls both inbound and outgoing, website visits, and the apps already installed on the devices being monitored by Highster. If your child uses the phone to access Facebook, the Internet, video, social media outlets, to send or receive emails all over the world, you can view that information via control panel.

Highster is one of the more affordable spy apps for iPhone on the market. The site allows to download the program, to install it or point the target phone’s browser to a URL to access the spy app. Full product support is available. The app is available in a non-jailbreak and jailbreak option. Installation of the program allows child free use of the cell phone. But within the guidelines a parent feels is appropriate to give a child. You can also check several alternative parental control apps for iPhone like SecureTeen.

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