WhatsApp Spy Tools: Read Messages in Real Time

Under certain circumstances, you would like to spy someone’s WhatsApp to make sure you can trust them.

Do you think your spouse is cheating on you or feel one of your employees is unreliable, spending free office time suspiciously? Is there a trick that gives you a chance to spy on others’ WhatsApp conversations? Whether you’re a parent or run a software development company, this is possible. Welcome to the reality where message spying can be as natural as breathing.

Today you can choose a perfect WhatsApp Spy that will let you monitor any messages. Choose to spy WhatsApp – do not live in doubts.

Why Would You Like to Have WhatsApp Spy Installed?

Maybe, you have heard people spy on others’ WhatsApp. You might think it is a waste of time, but others can change your mind. This is especially important when you have children: children’s safety is the parents’ top priority. For obvious reasons, parents want to know their children do not get into trouble online using WhatsApp. The bad thing is parents cannot have access to children’s phones every minute, and when they have access, they are unlikely to read every message. Children also tend to have their secret lives, which is why they do not let parents control all their moves. This is why the number of parents wanting to hack their children’s smartphone is continuously growing. Somebody may want to use spy WhatsApp tool to reveal girlfriend, boyfriend, or colleague.

Applications we are going to observe below reward users with access to WhatsApp, in particular:

  1. Explore chat conversations & discover names/numbers of people WhatsApp users chat with;
  2. Receive time/date stamps to find the time of every WhatsApp chat;
  3. Observe multimedia (videos & images) shared via WhatsApp messenger;

Get uploaded WhatsApp conversations on spying software’s control panel, available remotely with an internet connection.

How can I spy WhatsApp conversations in 3 Steps?

Install WhatsApp Spying Software

Jailbreak iPhone & other iOS-based devices; leave Android the same way. Install WhatsApp spyware, mSpy, on the monitored phone by accessing it physically once. The process of installation takes five minutes. Once you install surveillance software onto mobile to monitor the device, it becomes invisible for the person you want to track.

Get Ready with Control Panel

Start monitoring complete information from the target phone remotely through your account. Go to your control panel and enter the phone number + IMEI code of the target device. Receive data from the target phone and have 24/7 access to its activity; most of these tools are compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. Different versions for a phone, an iPad, and a PC exist.

Start Monitoring WhatsApp Text Messages and Conversations

Do you wonder how you can read someones WhatsApp messages without their phone? Let us look at mSpy program example. Once you have it installed,  you can hack WhatsApps messages of your child as well as phone calls. Access his/her message history. mSpy lets you view all photos & videos sent or received. Spy on the contact list. Watch people’s phone calls and SMS + MMS messages. You could spy on others’ social media activity and IM chats (Viber, Snapchat). People can spy on others’ GPS location and usual routes. Keep in mind that mSpy works in a stealth mode with jailbreak; Cydia must be installed before you begin the app installation.

What are the best apps to spy on WhatsApp messages?

  1. mSpy
  2. FlexiSPY
  3. iKeymonitor
  4. uMobix

These apps have a significant number of unique, helpful features: you can choose to use WhatsApp spy free. It is up to you to decide which one serves your purpose more effectively. They work perfectly for those who want to spy on somebody’s WhatsApp – read more about the tools mentioned above on their official websites. They have 24/7 client support. Feel free to contact team members if you need further information on spy WhatsApp tools.

mSpy: The best WhatsApp spy app

Young woman with cell phone in her hand. On the screen you can see the Whatsapp application with the contact list open.

The top winner in any spying software content is mSpy. User-friendly interface and simplicity make it attractive. Unlike many other surveillance tools, mSpy is a licensed software with the most prominent development community in the world. It allows recording & listening to the phone calls in real-time/viewing phone call history. Put your mobile phone in a place full of people you do not trust. Activate corresponding functions, and hear every single word they say remotely. These people won’t have a clue someone is watching them; it’s your chance to discover their darkest secrets.

If you are a caring parent, mSpy will defend your family values by watching each step of your kid during the day. Your child crosses specified boundaries. Wait for mSpy to send corresponding notifications with the exact location of the nasty child. Employees might be passing private information to the third parties during their breaks. Let mSpy solve this issue.

Parents who find it complicated to jailbreak or have to advance knowledge of modern technologies should not worry. Why? Well, you can avoid jailbreaking (no need to jailbreak Android to install the software). If your target device is iPhone, turn to mSpy friendly & responsive Customer Support to get immediate feedback. Safely control the lives of your beloved ones. Go to chosen app’s control panel where you should sign-in without being recognized.

Android & iOS mobile phone users both benefit from using mSpy: choose a premium subscription to get a full pack of features, including access to rooting on mobile devices of your interest. Do not forget to jailbreak iOS-based phones to start spying. Enjoy helpful features to get the necessary information:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Email control
  • SMS phone text messages review (including WhatsApp)
  • Phone call log and calendar

Wish to read more? Find mSpy monitoring & parental control application review by following this link.


iPhone application, created in a way its users would spy on the target mobile device without any obstacles. It provides access to target phone’s contacts. Learn who a kid/business partner/spouse is talking to. It does not matter which carrier guarantees the work of the device – iPhone, iPad, & iPod are fully compatible with uMobix.

Install this WhatsApp spy app on chosen iPhone. Access browser history, location tracker, and social network accounts/messengers like WhatsApp. If you don’t support something your child is exploring, block access to the harmful resource or input time restrictions.

Check the time of incoming/outgoing phone calls to see whether your kid spends too much time chatting with strangers. Go to uMobix control panel. Login to observe entire online activities and receive emails/other messages. Edit/delete messages you believe are not appropriate for the target person.

This surveillance application is an affordable spying & monitoring software to use on the iPhone at $29.99 per month. On the official company’s website, one can download the tool, setup or highlight the device’s browser to URL to access the software. Enjoy full product Customer Support in case of any questions!

FlexiSpy: WhatsApp Spy for Android

flexispy general

Want to control iPhones’ call logging, iPads, and Android? You will need constant internet access (WiFi). It is possible to watch the secret life of the close person (e.g., WhatsApp communication, GPS location, etc.) Jailbreak iOS-based devices to start using FlexiSpy – top WhatsApp spy! Spend $39 to have this spying application run on your chosen mobile phone.

The standard features include:

  • Complete access to social network accounts (Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Advanced monitoring (try call recording, hearing background, live call intercept)
  • Alerts & Keywords (type-specific keywords/keyphrases to let the software notify you each time the user enters these words on the targeted phone)
  • Application blocking (prevent your children from accessing adult content or wasting time on useless games by blocking apps/setting time limits on internet usage)
  • Automatic updates (you will need to hold target phone in your hands just once – it will upgrade automatically after initial installation)
  • Password cracker (buy Extreme package of FlexiSpy to steal login details)

The application works best on rooted Android devices, taking into account a good call/internet connection is present. In the areas with weak mobile reception, conversations may be heard only partially – record full VOIP calls made via Skype or Viber! Try WhatsApp spy free before buying the full version.


Hologram of whatsapp logo. hologram whatsapp logo image on blue background . The concept of next technology,social media

Do you have a desire to obtain fully undetectable spying & monitoring software to watch your spouse remotely without being involved in a conflict? It is possible to get remote access to data saved on Android devices from any browser you prefer with the help of InnovaSpy. GPS tracking helps to define where your beloved ones are at the moment. Also, call/surrounding recording makes it possible to discover what your close people are discussing behind your back. The software is sufficient for determining the secrets of both employees and family members.

You may test the application within 48 hours to make a final decision: to buy or not to buy. How to understand whether your children attend school or miss classes? innovaSpy is simple & untraceable:

  • Download & setup surveillance software on Android phone you want to control
  • Visit their website domain and start monitoring

Users prefer InnovaSpy as it prevents data leakage, stealing or losing the mobile device, and can backup personal information stored on the phone.

The application costs $59 (one-time fee), and it has the basics. While most of the spying tools require too much for providing extraordinary functions you will not need, InnovaSpy is worth trying. It is enough to view SMS text messages. Track call logs and GPS location to conclude whether people you care about are safe.


spybubble spy app

Remote spying without letting victims know is possible thanks to SpyBubble – particular surveillance app, compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Android. Logging features constitute the app’s main advantage. Do not expect blocking and time limiting functions from this monitoring program. Focus on controlling the target mobile device via messages & calls.

The principle of work is simple: purchase SpyBubble from the store or official website, download & install it, explore important private information online. It operates in stealth mode – your ‘victims’ will have no idea you are watching them. No need to activate the spying program every time the phone is on/off. It is recommended to use the app based on the mutual decision; the last version does not guarantee full invisibility. Thus, SpyBubble is excellent for children who should be protected and secured remotely.

SpyBubble is not able to provide filtering options, but present logging opportunities allow preventing children & other family members from dangers. Powerful GPS technology shows the current target mobile devices accurately. It is possible to find a stolen/lost phone with the help of SpyBubble. Wish to see detailed phone number information, call duration, and exact time? Rely on this spying & monitoring application; it provides access to images & videos saved in the device’s memory.

The standard version is available at $49.95; Pro Version is $84.90 single-time fee.

How easy is it to spy with tracking apps?

So. the spying process is simple, and users may choose WhatsApp spy free to try. Once you have selected your perfect tool, you should go to its official website. It will offer different plans. Your task is to choose the one you like the most: match your requirements with the features provided by each plan. After making your decision, choose the best package and pay for it. When the payment is processed, you will get your service login and password.

Which WhatsApp spy app do you personally enjoy? Share personal opinion on this post + top-recommended monitoring software tested by your family/employees/friends. Feel free to leave meaningful comments below to help other people who wish to protect their family members from possible threats or save their marriage. Tell us about your own WhatsApp spy online recipe!

Why do people use WhatsApp?

It is surprising if you are not obsessed with WhatsApp. One of the most popular instant messaging apps, WhatsApp is used more often than traditional SMS. It is free. Users need an Internet connection to communicate with friends or colleagues. According to several interviews and a large-scale survey, WhatsApp offers the following benefits:

  • Cost
  • Sense of community
  • Immediacy

Today WhatsApp is used often – SMS messages are in danger of losing their high position. SMS usually contains 160 characters – WhatsApp does not give users any limits. SMS has evolved to MMS, but the price is higher: WhatsApp communicator allows users to send an image, audio, and video files at no cost. While using WhatsApp, people can see if other contacts are online. They see if the other person is typing and the last time he/she opened the app: users know if WhatsApp message was delivered. Traditional SMS is associated with greater security, but WhatsApp stays the leading IM app to chat with friends; it increases the demand for spy WhatsApp tools.

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