How to Hack Skype Account: Access Messages, Listen to Calls, Capture All Data

Use special hacking software or app like mSpy to follow a user’s Skype activity, know all conversation details, and call records.

How to become a successful Skype hacker? Want to access multimedia files or other Skype data? There are different ways to go about it; you can simplify the entire process if you have personal information before you get started.

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Can Skype be hacked?

Skype can be hacked and very quickly as well as it is possible to hack any mobile device. The following are some of the available methods:

  1. Using hacking applications such as mSpy.
  2. Resetting password via email address.
  3. Monitoring keystrokes and stealing Skype credentials.

Now you know how to hack someone’s Skype without changing a password or email address is mSpy. So, if you still need a way how to hack Skype account, rely on mSpy.


How to access the target’s email

If you need to figure out Skype users’ passwords or usernames, all you need to do is to access their inbox. When trying to hack Skype account of people, you know, retrieving their emails is a pretty easy process for you. What if you don’t have this access? There are many solutions, like using special keylogger programs or snooping through their computers; you need a Skype password, so this method works if people trust you.

Once you get email addresses, go ahead and request a temporary code for resetting a Skype password, as there are no security questions. This code will be in a user’s email. When you get it, reset a Skype password. To get continued access after you hack Skype accounts, change their emails, and keep other account data the same.

What to do if you don’t know any account data?

If you want to hack the Skype accounts unknown to you, this process is a bit tricky compared to the one mentioned earlier. It’s helpful to know a particular Skype username, but you need to take extra steps to hack a Skype account successfully. You can find a username on different social networking sites. If people didn’t make any purchases on their Skype accounts, you won’t be able to hack them this way.

To verify Skype accounts and log in, it’s necessary to enter requested digits from associated credit cards or provide order numbers from previous purchases. What if you don’t want to bother? The good news is that there are more natural methods to hack Skype accounts, which are offered by individual apps.

Use Skype hacking apps

log in skype

There are different apps that you can use to hack other people’s Skype accounts, but you need to choose the most reliable one. How to pick the best program?

Ensure that Skype spying activities don’t interfere with a target’s device and perform several essential functions:

  • Monitors all Skype messages;
  • Captures all the keystrokes;
  • Monitors all outgoing and incoming Skype video calls;
  • Views Skype monitoring records;
  • Captures pictures, chats, and screenshots.

Monitoring Skype messages

This function enables you to get access to Skype conversations after you hack a user’s account. All chats will be available to you quickly. You can view such data as dates, time, etc. The best part is that Skype hack apps enable you to monitor all incoming and outgoing messages in real-time.

View keystrokes and Skype monitoring records

When you hack other users’ Skype accounts, you can secretly monitor all the keystrokes they enter. It’s an effective way to detect anything unusual. Skype hack apps allow you to get all the records of conversations in messages and calls with ease. If you don’t have enough time to listen to all Skype calls, special software enables you to get their records.

Capture pictures, chats, screenshots

What about different multimedia files? Skype hack programs allow you to get messages and video calls with all pictures and multimedia files, just like specific conversation screenshots. This excellent feature makes them very popular.

Skype hack app benefits

There are many benefits of using Skype hack programs, but you need to choose the best one to access them all:

  • Easy to use;
  • Reliable;
  • Backup data;
  • Customer services;
  • Undetected.

Reliability, ease of use

Security is one of the main things that you should consider when using Skype hack apps. They offer 100% accurate results and is easy to use. If you think that your Skype hack software is quite complicated or you can’t understand how to use it, look for other alternatives that require no special skills.

Staying undetected

You can use Skype hack programs discreetly because people whom you’re monitoring will never find out about your tracking activity. Get the Skype information you need in a hidden manner. Others will never know about spying, and the use of this software doesn’t create any problems because you do everything secretly.

Backup data, customer services

One of the best parts of using Skype hack apps is that you can back up your data. Relevant information will stay safe and protected. You will never lose or delete it accidentally. If you have any problems with their use, you can use customer services and get help 24 hours per day. They will solve any of your issues almost instantly.

How to hack skype password by knowing username

mspy keylogger

Now we shall teach you how to hack Skype passwords with the help of usernames. You can quickly learn how to hack Skype account by using the mSpy application. mSpy is one of the most accessible Skype hacking tools that give you a solution as to how to hack a Skype account without downloading anything.

Downloading and using mSpy application is easy. You need to buy a subscription package that suits your needs. Once payment is complete, you’ll need to download and install mSpy on the target mobile phone. After you’ve done so, you can log in to the mSpy control panel and begin tracking Skype via the mSpy knowledge base.


Using the mSpy Skype tracker, you can monitor anyone’s chats, contact details, and even profile names and pictures. You can also check data from the dashboard and browse status messages.

Further, once you install the mSpy Skype monitoring software, you can also see the date and time of every chat, track and monitor Skype calls, view all attachments sent using Skype, and much more.

Using mSpy, you can even monitor emails and social media. mSpy gives you full access to all Skype activities, email addresses, and social media messages on the target mobile phone and can even prevent Skype messages from being delivered to the wrong recipient.

Create a fake account: Add fake video to your call


This is one of the simplest methods of hacking Skype. To hack a Skype account, first, you need to download Manycam software.

Manycam is a freeware that allows you to use a single webcam for multiple chat services.  Using this software, you can also add live CGI graphics and effects and even alter personal appearances in the video.

To download the software, you need to visit and download and install the software. Once you are done with the installation, you need to launch the software and choose one of the many screens that are given, and by clicking on the appropriate icon, upload any media file.

Once you find a suitable video file and load it, you are ready to hack Skype account. Next, you need to restart Skype and navigate to preferences general audio/video. Once on the option for a camera, you need to choose Manycam as your camera. The steps are the same on Mac, Linux as well as Windows.

! Remember to restart Skype before going to preferences; otherwise, Manycam won’t appear in the settings.

Final words

There are different reasons to use individual Skype hack apps, and they vary from one person to another. Some people use them to track their employees, while others choose these programs to monitor their children or spouses. They provide multiple benefits. Use reliable Skype hack software to get detailed information about incoming or outgoing calls, messages, multimedia files, video calls. This online resource has detailed information about the best apps.

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