Everything You Want to Know about Android Keylogger

Android KeyloggerAre you concerned sometimes about giving the phone to your children? Then you can try using keylogger apps. They are able to release your tension and will give your child a kind of definitely secure browsing. In this article, you can find the information on what an Android keylogger is, the main things you should know about it. It is the thing that can protect the target device from revealing offensive content.

What Is the Keylogger?

It is an app which may be called a keystroke logger. It is a mobile spying tool that tracks and monitors activity of the owner of the target device. Such apps are considered as a spyware that secretly monitors all emails, SMS messages, and any other information and data that goes through the target Android device. Several years ago spyware was used mainly by spies and cyber criminals who wanted to track user activities in order to steal users’ passwords and private information.

Today Android keylogger is used by parents who want to make sure that everything is alright with their kids as well as by employers who want to be sure that his or her employees use the company’s devices for work purposes only.

Why Use Android Keylogger?

Most professional and analytical reviews have shown that despite the expense of some applications they are still beneficial to the user. Besides, there are many free apps. But even if you have to pay for the subscription, money cannot buy that peace of mind which it gives you. A great number of satisfied users all around the world have expressed their high satisfaction with the result of monitoring. What is the most important, that there is no need to worry about your children for their accessing unfit web portals and websites. If you use spyware, you won’t worry about your employees using the devices of your company in some manner that can be unsatisfactory to the values and rules of the company’s policies.

Main Things You should Know about Android Keylogger

Android KeyloggerIt is a special spy app for Android devices which is undetectable, highly advanced and free. What does it mean? It actually means that the app will not compromise the operating system. At the same time, it will gather all the keystrokes you need for sophisticated monitoring. The best part of the app is the exclusive simplicity it provides. It should be noticed that there are many free applications that can easily obtain all data from third-party keyboards.

How to start using it

In order to use it, you have to follow several easy steps:

  • Choose the application. For this purpose you can read reliable reviews here;
  • Go to the official website of the app and create your personal online account;
  • Go to the website of the Android Keylogger from the device you want to track;
  • Download the installation file and install keylogger on your phone;
  • Activate your personal panel or account;
  • Log in to your account;
  • Start your monitoring.

Features of the Application

Android Keylogger

Main features

Android keylogger records all the keystrokes and after that sends the data to the special log file which is available for the user from his or her personal control panel.

It also provides real-time or near real-time data synchronization. It means that when a keystroke is performed using the keyboard on the target phone, it will be immediately visible in the user’s online panel.

If you become the user of spy application, you need to obtain a physical access to the target device only once. After the installation, all data that goes through the device and all the features will be accessible from the control panel. You can sign in from your tablet, computer or phone with a stable Internet connection.

Additional Options

Android keylogger is a special spy app developed for smartphones and tablets. It usually provides a standard keylogger option. But it’s absolutely great that it is just one of many other features it offers. Additional options include the next ones:

  • Full data control. It means that all files like sounds, videos, pictures, etc. will be in a full view using the personal control panel. What can you do with them? The files may be deleted, modified, extracted, and locked;
  • GPS tracking. With the help of an internal GPS module of a target cell phone, the app will determine and show the exact GPS location of the user of the target phone in real-time. It will be displayed on the map;
  • Message access. Android spy apps also give the opportunity to read all received and sent messages, including SMS messages, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder chats and conversations. The list of the apps can vary, but almost all spy applications support all modern messengers and social networks;
  • Application control. You can block or even delete some selected apps that are installed on the targeted phone;
  • Call management. The spy application provides the ability to listen to all incoming and outgoing calls, record them, download and listen to the recordings;
  • The Web monitoring. You are able to pay attention to all visited web pages and websites (track the time, date logs and even the length of the visit). Sometimes you will be able to limit the access to a selected websites.

SIM change notification

This great option means that if the owner of the target device changes the SIM card, you’ll get the notification about this fact.

Remote control

Many applications provide the option of remote control. It means that you may control the targeted Android phone or uninstall the application using your personal control panel.

As you can see there is nothing hard. Every user can cope with the installation process. So don’t be afraid of using keyloggers. Just try them and you will see how many benefits you can get. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments.


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    what if it stops working on target phone after installing like after 2 to 3 days or stops sending data from the target phone? cuz i experienced the same problem with some apps like this and what is the premium price

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