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mSpy is one of the most popular mobile phone spying apps these days. If you require getting the best result in your spying campaign, you need to read few mSpy reviews before purchasing. This mSpy review will provide you with the most valuable info about the topic.

mSpy Review


mSpy is a typical representative of monitoring applications that became a huge success a few years ago. This app works directly with the target device and provides its user with widest spectra of info. Also, lots of mSpy reviews note that the program is compatible with various operating systems and even works with non-jailbroken iPhones. The selection of features mSpy offers is very impressive and collects everything from must have to extra points available among other spy apps.

The application works with minimal risk to be noticed by the target phone user. As many mSpy reviews note, the application has reliable stealth mode and works invisibly in the background.

You can monitor:

  • incoming and outgoing calls
  • SMS
  • instant messengers
  • browsing history
  • GPS location
  • multimedia

This program will be the perfect fit for various types of users no matter what reason to use a spy app they have. Our children spend so much time online that we can hardly control them. The world of Internet might be dangerous to children. That is why parents use mobile spy apps to see who their children are communicating with. Mobile spy tools are also useful to people who have elderly parents. Since spy apps can detect people’s GPS location, you can always keep track of an older adult.

Info from Official mSpy Reviews

mSpyToday mSpy is one of the global leaders in tracking electronic devices’ activities.

The company uses the latest innovations in monitoring technology. The goal of mSpy creators is to provide people with software which suits their personal and corporate needs. If you buy this software, you get companies customer support 24/7. To ask a question and get some help you just need to fill in the Contact Form or send the company an email.

If your target phone is Android or iPhone, you should buy mSpy. This app is compatible with all platforms and networks in the world. If you are unsure whether it will be compatible with your target device, you should go to the compatibility page to double check that.

To track a phone, you should download and install mSpy straight on that phone. If you do not want your child to detect the app on his/her device, do not worry. mSpy is invisible and runs in the background. According to parents’ testimonials, all of them were afraid they would not get how to install it. But the process of installation took around 3 minutes only.

Now, let’s talk more detailed about mSpy features we got from the official web site and mSpy app reviews.

mSpy Features


  • Tracking GPS locationWant to find out where your children are after school or where you elderly parent is? This feature is a must. If your employee says he/ she is in a traffic jam, you can check that.
  • Viewing SMS and MMS text messages. All the messages that the monitored person sends or receives will be available to any user. Even if they are deleted, you can see them when you log into the Control Panel.
  • Call logs. With mSpy people can see all incoming and outgoing calls. These calls details will also be available (time, date, and duration of the call). Also, you can set a restriction on a certain number. If the number calls, you will get an alert.
  • Tracking Instant Messaging chats. As people communicate via WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber so much, mSpy lets you read these chats as well. All sent and received files will be available to you.
  • Viewing multimedia. This option allows customers have access to all audio, video, and image files stored or viewed on the target phone.
  • Checking online activity. This feature is extremely useful. If you want to see which websites your child visits, you will love mSpy. It also hacks your child’s social network page and lets you see who is talking to him/ her. Learn more on how to hack someone’s phone.
  • Reading email messages.
  • Viewing installed programs and applications such as Calendar and Notes.

Some Extra Features


  • Keyword alerts. A user can create a special list of alert words. Due to mSpy customer reviews, people often use “drugs” “sex” and “violence” as main markers their children should not ever see. If your kid launches a web search with those words, you receive an alert on your mobile device. Those alert keywords will be filtered in messages and multimedia too.
  • Apps & websites are blocking. Due to mSpy user reviews, one can control and monitor every single application installed on the target phone. Also, you can block any inappropriate or dangerous program for some period or permanently.
  • Incoming call blocking. Besides those applications even incoming phone calls can be blocked with mSpy. Just register a certain phone number to the ban list, and the target phone will never receive a call from that number.
  • Unlimited device change. mSpy user reviews report that the program can be installed on one device only. But you can switch different target devices as many times as you need.
  • Invisible mode. As we said before and as you may know from other mSpy customer reviews, the program has a reliable stealth mode. It makes the program invisible and an ideal spying tool.

Compatibility and System Requirements

mSpy compatibility

This mSpy review will also give you some info about compatibility and system requirements. The software can be run on various mobile devices and even computers. You can learn more about mSpy compatibility on its official website or read the description below. And remember, don’t purchase the application until you know it is compatible with your device.

iOS (Jailbroken)

  • Your target device should run iOS from 6 up to 9.1
  • There should be launched a Wi-Fi connection on the target device
  • Jailbreak is a must on the target device
  • You must have a physical contact with the target device.

Android Devices

  • The target device should be powered by Android 4.0 or higher
  • Internet connection on the target device should be launched
  • You must have a physical contact with the target device
  • You can install mSpy on both rooted and unrooted devices. Please note that tracking of instant messengers is available only on rooted phones and tablets.

iOS (Non-Jailbroken)

  • Operation system (iOS) version doesn’t matter
  • You need to find out Apple ID and password of the target device.
  • Apple ID authentication should be turned off
  • Turn on iCloud Backup
  • Unable Internet connection on the target gadget.

You can also track your child’s computer usage and install the mSpy version on computers. This tool will help you protect your children from all the negativity and scam they might see in social networks. You will be able to track what your child is searching on Google and other search engines.

mSpy Pricing Policy

mSpyIf your system requirements are good and your personal requirements for mSpy are high, this application will fit most of them all. The program offers a wide range of features to satisfy the widest range of users. Also, mSpy works on a great variety of operating systems. Its user-friendly interface and 24/7 support department also make this software one of the best on the modern spy app market. These points show that mSpy can’t cost a low price. And this is true.

You can purchase the basic version of the program for $29.99 as a monthly payment. Also, the application is available for $99.99 per year. Of course, there are some special discounts, and you as a new client can count on them.

The program is very affordable. You can easily find mSpy on a torrent, but we recommend you to get the official version with its full spectrum of amazing features. If you want to see whether this app works for you, download the seven-day free trial version. You should also check the official website: find out whether they offer any discount coupons. Removal of the software is easy and fast. Users can uninstall it straight from their Control Panel. To protect your loved ones, mSpy is made for you.




  1. How do I get the software?

You can easily buy the app on its official website. The purchase goes with subscription plan you’ve chosen. Then you immediately receive an email with your personal login and other important info to install and control your new spy app remotely. You should enter your personal account on the mSpy official website and use control panel as your main navigator. The installation link of the app can also be found there.

  1. Is a physical access to the target phone necessary?

The answer is both Yes and No. To use mSpy on Android and jailbroken iPhone you need physical access to the target device. But those who need spy on non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can use the device’s Apple ID and password. This method works directly with iCloud of the target device to send you logs.

  1. Do I need to root the target Android to use mSpy?

No, rooting is not necessary. Just install the application on the target mobile phone and track it with your control panel. But if you want to track instant messengers, you need to root the device.

  1. Is the program detectable?

If you do not leave the mSpy icon on the main screen of the target phone, the user will never find out about spy app presence on his device.

  1. Is it legal?

As any other professional spy app mSpy is a legal tool for parents, spouses, employers (on corporate devices). It is illegal to install any spying application on phones you don’t own.

How to Use mSpy

mSpyPhysical access to the target device is needed to install mSpy. Once it’s installed, you can remotely monitor and track their phone or computer, no matter where you are. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Buy a subscription. Once you have completed the purchase process, your login name and password will be emailed to you within a few minutes. Installation instructions will be included in the email.

Step 2: From your computer, open the confirmation email, and click on the link that is provided. This will take you to the mSpy control panel. Log into the control panel, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on the device you wish to monitor.

Step 3: Downloading and installing the app is easy, and support is always available by email, online chat or telephone 24/7. Once the installation is completed, the software will start monitoring the device immediately. Log in to your account to access all the monitored data.


mSpy is a perfect solution if a person needs a reliable and top-class spying app. No matter what your reason is to use it. Check out the main page of our website. There you will find a list of TOP10 best apps that can track people’s phones. ATTENTION: These apps are designed only for legal tracking of children and employees.

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