Bosspy: Why Should You Use This Spy App?

bosspy review

How do you think is it possible to find out someone’s secrets and someone’s thoughts? Is it eventual to control someone’s personal life? Use Bosspy, and the answer will be “yes.” We can be aware of someone’s phone activities with the help of modern spying applications. They actually give us a great opportunity to spy on someone’s mobile phones and tablets (sometimes computers) and to know everything about someone’s SMS messages, phone calls, web browser history, etc.

As other spy applications Bosspy is legal for monitoring minor children, teenagers, as well as employees when they use corporate phones and during their working time. You can monitor devices of your significant others but remember about the right to privacy.

Bosspy is easy to use; the installation process is simple and fast. You have to find the installation file on the official website of the application, download and install it. And that is all. The app can do all the work by itself. It hides in the background of the operating system of the device and tracks all activities silently. You will be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls (even deleted call history), SMS messages, chats and conversations on social networks and messengers.

Some Facts About Bosspy

bosspy review

Bosspy was developed by the small team of enthusiastic developers. It is one of the best spyware solutions. One can use this app for easy control over someone’s cell phones and tablets. You can do it remotely and in the stealth mode with the help of Bosspy. It means that you will not be detected by the owner of the target phone.

Bosspy is powerful and quite convenient app. It is reliable cell phone spy application. In fact, there are many methods how you can control someone’s phone. But using this app is the easiest of them.

Compatibility of Spy App

This spy app can be used by many people because it is compatible with many devices with different versions of iOS and the Android operating system. It is compatible with:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch working on iOS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x;
  • Android 2.x, Android 4.x.

How to use Bosspy?

bosspy review

If You Need to Install It on iOS Devices

In cases when the target devices are working on the iOS operating system you should:

  • 1: Launch the Cydia application and click the “Manage” button;
  • 2: Select the Sources, then “Edit” and then click “Add”;
  • 3: Copy and enter the app’s link;
  • 4: Add the button “Source”;
  • 5: Return to Cydia, find and after that, select the name of the application;
  • 6: Tap “Confirm” to install the app;
  • 7: Press “OK”;
  • 8: Reboot your device, allowing changes to take effect;
  • 9: Sign up your personal online account.

Warning: You should remember that the proper work of the application will be ensured if the iOS device is jailbroken.

If You Need to Install It on Android Devices

bosspy review

When the target device which you want to monitor is working on the Android operating system you should:

  • 1: Download the file of the application by entering the link;
  • 2: Find the downloaded file and launch the installation process;
  • 3: When you see that the installation process is already completed, go to “Settings” menu and turn on the name of the service;
  • 4: Open the application;
  • 5: Use your personal email and password for creating your online account.
  • 6: Log in to your online panel;
  • 7: Adjust settings if needed;
  • 8: Save the changes and configuration;
  • 9: Now you can start the work with the application.

Key Functions of Bosspy

Tracking calls

Bosspy gives you a great ability to spy on all calls (incoming, outgoing) of the user of the target phone. Besides, you can keep track deleted call logs. The user of the app will be able to view all necessary information using his or her personal online panel. It provides the information on:

  • Names of contacts;
  • Date logs and time logs;
  • Approximate duration of incoming and outgoing calls.

SMS messages

With the help of the app, you can monitor all SMS messages in a real time mode. You will see all sent and received messages so that you will know everything about texting of the owner of the target phone. Notice, that deleted messages will be in a full view too, thanks to special technology.

Chats on social messengers

Use Bosspy, and you will be able to spy on messages, chats, conversation on different well-known social messengers: iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

GPS location

It is amazing that the ability to control the current GPS location is real. With the help of the app, you will have a chance to get exact and relevant GPS  information in a real time mode. The app will display the information immediately on the map by your request. It is great that it will also upload the data to your online control panel so you can return to it later.

Bosspy Is a Keylogger

Bosspy also provides the service of keylogging. It is an extremely convenient app to monitor child’s phone, especially when he is a teenager. You can catch all symbols, word combinations and all phrases that the user types on the keyboard of the target device.


Bosspy is a really great solution for employers and parents. If you are worried about your kids, your relationships or your business you should use it. This application is reliable, and it is easy to use. You don’t need to have advanced computer skills to install and to use it.  Besides, it’s free which makes the app even more attractive. You can download the Demo version and login to the trial account. You will see all advantages of the application, and you will be able to make a well-weighted decision. So if you are still hesitating just try it.

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