Free Text Message Spy Without Installing on Target Phone

spy phoneWhat free SMS tracker without installing on target phone we can recommend you? Well, according to the methods of remote installation we gave you, we must say that the only way to make it free of charge is to use trial versions of the programs. There are just two totally effective and reliable spying apps working with iCloud. FlexiSpy and mSpy cell phone tracker are the most relevant monitoring applications with the ability to spy without your access to the target. Let’s find out how you can set them.

Features of Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

spy phoneModern cell phone without installing software have constant development and evolution. There is a whole new world for those people who thought they need to have access to the target mobile to install a keylogger app on it. There are few revolutionary programs that will blow your mind with their capabilities. But there are few pros & cons as always.

Pros of cell phone spy without access to target phone free:

  • You don’t need access to a mobile. As a result, you can spy any mobile you need and your victim won’t know about it. You do not need to find the way to take or borrow a device you are going to spy on.
  • It’s much easier & faster as you do not need to install the app on a device you spy.

Cons of free cell phone spy without access to target phone

  • There are not so many apps that offer the ability to spy phone remotely
  • It is possible only for iOS-based devices
  • You need to know the user’s Apple ID & password

If you are a lucky owner of iPhone and the person you are going to spy has iOS device too, then the app offers the same abilities as a version that requires installation. Using app, you can:

  • track text messages
  • read emails
  • manage incoming &  outgoing calls
  • view photo & video
  • track GPS location
  • monitor browser activity
  • spy SMS from Instant Messengers, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, etc.

How to Use Cell Phone Tracker Without Installing Software

Free SMS spy without access to target phone is possible not for every operating system. iPhone and other Apple products users are lucky in this situation. Any device with iOS on it can be monitored with a spying app. And you can install that app absolutely remotely with no need to hold a target device in your hands. What is even more fantastic, you do not need even jailbreak the phone! Here are the main points about this method:

  • Get the Apple ID and password of the user you are going to spy.
  • Then enable iCloud.
  • Register your personal account on the official website of the program.

In the video below you’ll find a detailed tutorial:

You should note that Android phones can’t be monitored without the actual installation of the monitoring software. You just can ask the device user to launch the installation link. The way you will do it depends on you.


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