How to see someones text messages?

read-someones-text-messages“I got legal custody of my little sister after our Mom died last year. We always used to be close, but lately, she is secretive and withdrawn. I am very concerned for her safety. As I don’t know if she needs grief counselling or whether something is wrong at school. Please advise me on how I can read her text messages for free. I see no alternative but to hack her phone.”


Parents are increasingly opting to spy on their child’s phone to be more aware of the dangers they may be facing. And this is one use of apps and software to hack a phone, that is considered justified. As your sister’s legal guardian, you may be wrestling with violating her privacy versus intervening in a way that might be crucial to her future or even her life.

3 steps How to Read text messages without installing software on someone’s phone

To read someone’s phone text messages on iPhone, check this article. Otherwise, there are three principal ways of gaining access. The first is by downloading an app. Install the spyware either onto the target device (which can be difficult and in most cases is not ideal). Or you can download the spying software on the phone from which you want to hack the target device. The second is using a web-based platform like, which has limited functions and allows access to one hundred text messages (50 incoming and 50 outgoing). This may be adequate information. But you would probably find more useful clues to what your sister is struggling with on her social media feeds and communications.

For this reason, you would probably be safer going with the third option – highly developed software. Cell Trackers offer software that is arguably the best available system to hack a cell phone. The software needs to only be installed on the phone from which you want to hack the target device. And you need to call the target device once to establish contact. The system gives users access to tools like SMS and e-mail logging, GPS locator, contact lists and social media activities, yielding extensive, important information.

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