How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number: Detailed Guide

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Have you lost your iPhone or it was stolen? Want to be sure that your kids are safe? Today, it is possible to be in one place on your own and know everything about the movements of the person you are interested in. There are a lot of different effective methods to track an iPhone. One of them is the use of a free cell phone tracker. Every iPhone owner should learn how to use it because you never know what trouble may happen either to your devices or to the person who is dear to you.  

Keep on reading the detailed iPhone tracking guide to discover how it is possible to know the person’s location secretly. Have you always wanted to know more about your friends and family members? Follow top tips and tricks, which will help to make your wish come true.

What Are the Most Effective Options for Tracking an iPhone Location?

In the frantic rhythm of modern life, we cannot always be close to our loved ones. But we all want to know that everything is fine with them every day. For example, you’re a university don who wants to be sure that your kids don’t have problems with their group mates. So often you need to track the movement of the child (from school and back) or long trips of elderly parents. Agree, it is not always convenient to disturb them with calls to find out where they are now. And here smart technologies come to our rescue. You can find out where someone else’s iPhone is at the moment.

There is more than one method to find out where your Apple smartphone is or where your friend/family member is now. You can do this by phone number if you log into your iCloud account, with the help of Google’s Timeline, and by using an iPhone spy app. Remember that you can erase your phone if it’s stolen. Let’s talk about the most popular ways that guarantee a positive result besides a free phone number lookup.

3 Tips on How to Use “Find Friends” Service to Your Benefit

To always have an idea of where your loved ones are, use the “Find Friends” iPhone service offered by Apple. With it, you can independently check where the friend’s iPhone was marked on the map not asking him about his or her whereabouts to come to the meeting. The same can be done with all members of your family who have Apple gadgets. So, how to use this useful function to track a cell phone location for free?

  • To activate the service, click to download the application and send your friends an invitation to connect to the service by email. They must share their location with you.
  • After confirming and installing the icon of the program on their smartphones, you’ll be able to see them on the map, and they will also see you.
  • In addition to receiving coordinates, you can also set up a notification mode so that the iPhone informs you of events of interest – for example when a child has reached the school or came home.

You can view data about the person’s movements from either iPhone or iPad (or iPod touch). The main thing is that they are connected to the same account. This application can be downloaded from the branded app store – iTunes Store absolutely free.

Tips for iOS Devices

Alternatively, Apple has a lot of iPhone navigation software. Among the popular options: X-GPS Tracker, Find My Kids, and many others. They help to check the phone’s movement by number – between cell towers or GPS coordinates. Due to such an integrated approach, when tracking, it is possible to obtain the most accurate coordinates, even in places with poor coverage. It is possible to simultaneously monitor one subscriber, as well as a whole group of people (family, friends, or colleagues).

However, you’ll need to send a system message about motion tracking consent from each iOS device. The menu of some applications even indicates the charge level of the iPhone battery, which is being monitored. Therefore, even if the iPhone battery is discharged, you will receive a notification, indicating the last recorded coordinates.

How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number in 3 Steps

You can also follow phone movements using the appropriate services of your service provider. They are provided legally, for a fee. In this case, it is not at all necessary to have access to the Internet, the search in cells will be conducted by phone number. You get an ability to see the location of the iPhone on the map or receive regular SMS messages about the movements of the object of observation.

To activate the service, you will need to make three simple steps:

Step 1. Send a special service request message, indicating the number of the person for whom you want to watch.

Step 2. Wait until the person gets a message and allows following his/her iPhone.

Step 3. Reply with a message “Yes” or other text provided for by the operator’s conditions.

Now, you can see where your child (another relative or subordinate) is at any convenient time. In the conditions of the city – with good coverage, the error will be minimal – up to hundreds of meters. Outside the city, where there are not so many mobile towers, the location accuracy will be lower.

How to Track an iPhone Secretly: Why, When, and How to Do This

In most cases, you should get consent from the person to know about the place where he/she is going to locate. But not always it is easy to get it. There are complex situations, when you may have a serious reason to spy on your family member/a friend/an employee. Your wife/husband doesn’t tell you the truth or it has turned out that your subordinate doesn’t work properly. If you know that the person wouldn’t give his/her consent but you need to know where he/she is badly, use a spy app from phone or MAC.

Professional iPhone online software for spying purposes is the most effective option. Turn to it if you want to get access to a number of features. Of course, you’ll have to pay using the extra benefits like being able to have complete control of the personal life of the person. Such spy apps allow being aware of every smallest detail, including the password to the account in social networks.

It is possible to check iPhone incoming calls of the person at the bottom of the screen, text messages, and every movement he or she does when using an iPhone. You need to choose the dependable iPhone app developer, pay for it, and get open access to all the contact information you are interested in. It is as easy as ABC! This means he/she won’t be able to lock anything from you.

Hope that our article will be helpful to you when you need to check where your or somebody’s else iPhone is. Select iPhone tracking method you find the most appropriate one and start! Get answers to all your questions.


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