OwnSpy – the Best App for Monitoring Someone’s Phone

OwnSpy - Monitor Someone’s Phone

OwnSpy is a well-known spy app which gained popularity and got many positive customer reviews. It provides a lot of useful monitoring features which all together make the monitoring complex and sophisticated.

Who Can Use OwnSpy

You may use OwnSpy effectively for solving different problems of personal and professional lives in numerous situations. So who can use the OwnSpy application?


Today everyone can get access to any information through the internet. On the one hand, it is great. But on the other hand, it may become a reason of many problems and dangerous situations. It becomes even more dangerous when it comes to our children. In fact, minor children don’t have enough experience and skills to protect themselves when they use the Internet. They can get in troubles communicating with unreliable persons, viewing inappropriate information, installing harmful software.

By the way, bullying is widespread today, and this is the thing we shouldn’t forget about. Teenagers can become victims of online cyberbullying, and this may become a great problem for parents. If you have some concerns on this matter, use the OwnSpy surveillance app and be aware of all dangerous situations that may occur. You can read more about apps for parental control here.

Employers and business owners

If you are a business owner or a TOP manager of a company, you have to think about the confidential information and its security. OwnSpy is able to help you to protect the competitiveness of your company by preventing the leaking of important business data and confidential information. If your employees know that you monitor their devices, this will enforce them to follow company’s cell phone usage policy. They will not waste their time and your resources and use devices for business purposes only. You can also dispel all your doubts if you suspect employees in disclosing information to the competitors.


You can use OwnSpy for monitoring spouses. We know that sometimes our significant others and spouses can be too secretive with their devices. When it happens, we can feel jealous, and in some cases, it is quite reasonable. Some secrets may be hidden in call history, web browser history, SMS messages, emails, media files, instant messages, etc. With the help of OwnSpy, you will have an opportunity to get complete access to all the data that goes through the target device.

Main Features of OwnSpy

OwnSpy - Monitor Someone’s Phone

  • Spying on SMS Messages. With OwnSpy you can get control over all messages. Many secrets may be hidden in SMS. And having access to the text messages, you will see a full picture of what is happening with the user of the target phone. It is great that you can view messages which were deleted by the owner of the phone;
  • Tracking calls. Get an access to all incoming and outgoing calls with the help of spy application. You will see call logs, such as time and date logs, names, call duration, etc.;
  • Spying on media files. OwnSpy provides a unique opportunity to view all pictures, photos, and media files that are taken with the phone camera and that are stored in the phone’s memory. Besides pictures you can track video, audio files, screenshots;
  • Monitoring of Internet history. Using OwnSpy the history of all visited websites will be in a full view. Using your online account, you will be able to check every visited website, all bookmarks;
  • Monitoring instant messages on Snapchat, WhatsApp, QQ Chat. You can see all chats and conversations on social media networks and messengers. You can read more about it here.
  • Spying on the address book. This convenient option of the OwnSpy cell phone monitoring app will give you an opportunity to see and manage contacts in the address book of the owner of the target phone.

How To Install OwnSpy Surveillance App

OwnSpy - Monitor Someone’s Phone

OwnSpy monitoring app is easy to use and easy to install. It provides a user-friendly interface, so you will not have any difficulties with it. In order to install it you should follow several easy steps:

  1. Visit the official website of OwnSpy service and download the installation file of spy software. Notice that versions for Android and iOS devices may differ;
  2. You should make sure that your IOS device is jailbroken and Android device is rooted;
  3. When the installation file is downloaded to the target device (phone or tablet), find the file and run the installation process;
  4. When the installation is finished, adjust customer settings.
  5. Create your personal online account using valid email and password;
  6. Login to your online panel and start monitoring.

Advantages Of OwnSpy

  • It is easy to use;
  • This app is quite affordable;
  • The application is non-detectable. It means that the owner of the target device will not notice you.


The OwnSpy monitoring app is a great cell phone monitoring software. It can help you to control iOS and Android devices of your minor children, your employees if you are a business owner or your spouse. It contains all you need to be aware of every detail. You will be able to view SMS messages, a list of phone calls, pictures, emails, web browser history. All these logs give you a full picture of the everyday life of the owner of the target device. The app has persuasive advantages so you can easily choose it as a helper in the monitoring activities. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments under the article, and we will answer them with pleasure.

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