What Does Rooting a Cell Phone Mean?

rooted phoneRooting a cell phone means being able to solve different system errors on your own without paying money to Android developers. That is why it is beneficial for them to hide the truth. However, becoming a superuser is not that difficult when a special root control software is used. At the same time, discovering whether your Android device is rooted might be a threat to other programs. Mind that a good method should contain SuperSU or similar feature not to damage your phone. You may always contact the developers of the selected monitoring app to get answers to any questions.

Steps to Be Taken

rooted phoneThe good news is that most of the apps created to detect rooted system are free of charge. It is not enough to install and verify the root method, however. Follow these simple instructions to confirm the selected Android application:

  1. Find a proper program that monitors root access in the mobile store. If you can’t find once the installation is over, try to download and set up another app on your target phone.
  2. Google play is the best place to get free control systems for your phone. Open the installed program to see whether Android phone is rooted.
  3. The last free checker is a good old terminal. Access one through Play Store. When you open it, type in “su” to check if the phone is under threat. Often, a message pops up to ask if it’s okay to use the terminal as a root from a corresponding control app – you’re on the right way! You may also want to run this operation via ADB from your computer.

Warnings before You Apply Different Control Apps

No matter how helpful such app can be for your Android phone, still watch out! Working with root permissions may be a risk to the rest of the mobile phone’s software. Make sure to know what is going to happen once you install and open this or that. Check everything you can find about the root access and Android system on the internet.

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