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SecureTeen is a professional parental control spy application that was designed to become a helper for parents who want to protect their children. The developers made it drastically safer to meet all monitoring needs and become perfect for parental control.

SecureTeen will sweep all mature as well as harmful content, and your child will not see it. It can also keep cyberbullies and predators away from your child. With the help of SecureTeen, you can control kids’ devices and the exact amount of time which your kid can spend using his phone or tablet for online activities. Find out more in the following SecureTeen review.

About SecureTeen


Parents are worried for their children, that’s why they want to prevent all problems that they can notice. But what if some dangerous situations are not in their full view? They are not aware of them so can’t protect their children. And in these situations, SecureTeen comes in.

There is no doubt that the Internet and electronic technologies have made our life easier. We have an opportunity to save our time and do so many things online even without the need to get dressed and leave home. We do shopping using our computers and smartphones, we get to know new people online and can talk with our friends at any time despite how far they live. Moreover, we can order a dinner and make a report sitting on the couch. And it is great.

But there also many threats that appear online every single day. Adults are able to distinguish them and protect themselves. But when our kids surf the web or communicating on social media, we can’t be sure for their safety. They don’t have enough experience to identify the danger and avoid it. That’s why parents should do it for them.

And SecureTeen can help parents with this complicated task. Wondering how?

 What benefit can you get using SecureTeen?

If you become a subscriber of this spyware you can:

  • Avoid cyberbullying;
  • Block all mature and harmful content;
  • Forbid violent games;
  • Avoid stalking.

We think that these reasons are important, and they are quite enough to make the right choice but let’s look closer at SecureTeen.

Key Features of SecureTeen


Android Monitoring

  • Filtering Internet activities – with the help of SecureTeen, you can easily keep all pornography and other adult and inappropriate content from displaying on the device of your child. You do it by filtering the web. Just remove all kinds of materials and content which you consider harmful;
  • Monitoring Facebook – use this smart and useful feature of SecureTeen for the protection of your inexperienced children. You will get an ability to supervise what your kids do on Facebook. You will see all their activities through Photo Scan, Friends Alert, Facebook Chat Monitoring, and Timeline Scan.
  • Blocking pornography – it is natural that parents don’t want their kids to watch porn content. And SecureTeen will help them with it. You can block inappropriate websites and web pages, and so there is no possibility that some porn web pages will be able to work.
  • Tracking web history – the app tracks all visited websites and creates a special list of websites and web pages which it provides for your perusal. You check all the details about web history using your personal online account;
  • Providing safe search – SecureTeen provides filters which are able to take out harmful and mature content from the search. So your kid will not see such results;
  • Tracking GPS location – this important monitoring feature can’t be overestimated. If you are not sure where your children are, the app can give the answer. The location tracker will show you the exact location of your kid so you can always be aware of his or her location;
  • Tracking text messages – this powerful parental control function is able to send all copies of SMS messages that were sent or received on the target device directly to your personal user panel.

iOS Monitoring

The set of monitoring features for tracking iOS devices differs from the list of Android monitoring features. Besides functions which were already mentioned, it includes:

  • Monitoring calls – with this app you will be able to track all details of outgoing and incoming calls (names, numbers, time and date logs);
  • WhatAspp, Viber, KIK monitoring – you track all activities of your children on social messengers such as WhatAspp, Viber, and KIK;
  • Monitoring Skype – you will be aware of all things which your kid does when using his account on Skype.

Additional features of the app

  • Blocking applications – you are able to determine and take away applications which you consider not good for your kids and which you don’t want your kids to use. Just block the functionality of the apps completely;
  • The ability of remote management – there is an ability to manage all activities of your children remotely using your own You may access it from any device with the Internet connection. You don’t need to guess something as you will see all the information on the SecureTeen dashboard.
  • Tracking time – the app helps to determine and to set an exact time during which your kids will be allowed to use their devices. Thus, they will be able to have time for important aspects of life and focus on them.

Remote device control


With SecureTeen you get a great ability to control your child’s phone. It is the feature of remote control access. You may use this feature event if the phone of your kid is lost or stolen. So what should you do with it?

You can lock the device remotely. Just send a command to the target phone from your panel remotely and lock the device. You may also unblock the target device remotely.


Prices of SecureTeen are quite affordable and justified. You should pay only USD 39.99 for a year subscription, and you would track up to 3 Devices. The prices are the same for all kinds of monitoring.

So if you are looking for reliable and affordable spy application, SecureTeen is definitely what you need. It provides a wide range of monitoring features, but at the same time, you shouldn’t spend much money on it. That’s why we think that SecureTeen is worth using.

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