Spyzie Review: How It Helps Track Other People’s Location and Activities



SMS Logger


Browsing History Monitoring


GPS tracker


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  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Stealth mode
  • No jailbreak
  • Web panel


  • Long response time from support
  • Group chats are not displayed


UPDATE April 2020: According to the recent announcement by the Spyzie team, the software is no longer functional. So we at cellspyapps.org/ recommend you to consider the uMobix app instead. Please contact our team in case you think this information isn’t valid.

Advanced spy apps offer an effective parental control option, and Spyzie is one of them. It helps conscious parents track their children’s location, spy on social network activities, and benefit from other useful monitoring solutions. Read this unbiased Spyzie review before paying for it to learn more about its pros and cons. You can find many spying tools, but not all of them are created equal. You need to be choosy when it comes to effective spyware.

Spyzie app: What is it?

It’s an innovative spying tool that operates remotely. Its use enables you to monitor a target phone number. This detailed Spyzie (do not mix it up with Spizie) review will help you find out more about its great features and how they will benefit you. Most users decide to install it to know what their kids are doing online.

Spyzie provides them with access to social media conversations, text messages, and other personal information. Its functionality even allows you to block certain sites, apps, and locations. Is Spyzie legit? When it comes to parental control, all tools are legit if they help parents prevent a disaster. Install it on mobile devices to keep an eye on children’s daily activities.

spyzie compatibility

Spyzie reviews: Advanced tracking features

This innovative spyware has a range of advanced features that make it stand out. A dashboard is the first thing you can see after using your personal Spyzie login. This is where you can check data about a target mobile device. Feel free to switch to different spying features from there:

  • Text messages
  • Phone logs
  • Social networks
  • Geo tracking
  • Browser history
  • Mobile phone data

Spyzie apk: Phone logs and text messages

Look at phone logs on a target mobile device to get a better idea of who surrounds your children every day. Spyzie enables you to review both outgoing and incoming calls, their direction, and interlocutors. Conduct your research and analyze phone calls. Feel free to examine call logs within a specific period. You can also find all text messages on a dashboard, including their dates and sender name.

Social networks and GPS locations

Spyzie GPS

If you’re interested in the truth spy reviews will tell you how to monitor social networks with ease, including Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and many others. What if you forgot Instagram password and used fake email? Spyzie will also come in handy in this troubling situation.

Geo tracking is a very helpful tool not only for parents who are worried about their kids but also for employees and other people who want to determine the exact location of a particular person. The entire process is fast and straightforward.

Browser history and mobile phone data

Parents are usually curious to see the medial files of their kids. Spyzie lets them monitor this type of content remotely. With its help, you can view different files, pictures, videos, and even voice memos of other people discretely. This function also covers reminders, notes, and contact lists.

Spyzie will impress you with each feature, including the ability to track the history of search engines. This popular spy app displays a phone’s browser history and recent searches. It informs parents whether their children use inappropriate content.

Spyzie dashboard

Spyzie free and paid options: How does everything work?

There are certain instructions that you should follow to get access to all the benefits of using this effective spying tool:

1. Register your personal account.

It’s necessary to create a personal account to get a special download link and Spyzie login credentials. Pay for the chosen package to use all the features. You can try your Spyzie free trial before making a payment.

2. Choose a package.

Every package is a certain set of features that you will use to track activities on a target mobile device. Spyzie provides users with Ultimate and Premium editions.

3. Install the spy app.

After choosing and buying a specific package, you will get a link to download Spyzie on a target phone. Don’t forget to indicate its operating system and the name of its owner. You can log in after completing the installation process.

4. Start tracking.

It’s necessary to allow permission requests to start tracking activities on phones. The spy app icon is deleted automatically.

Spyzie app pros and cons

To decide whether you want to start using this spyware, get more information about its pros and cons. Let’s start with Spyzie pros:

  • A variety of advanced spying options to choose from;
  • No jailbreaking or device rooting is necessary;
  • Helpful informative guide;
  • Possibility to track more than 2 mobile devices for the same price;
  • Easy to use;
  • Works on the stealth mode.

What are its cons?

  • Group chats aren’t displayed;
  • Compatible only with iOS and Android.

With all the above-stated pros and cons, Spyzie is definitely worth your attention. Use one of the best spy apps to monitor your kids’ activities or other people remotely.

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