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  • Variety of options to control your children
  • Low budget control app for kids
  • No iPhone jailbreak required


  • 24/7 Support is not available
  • LiveChat is not available
  • Visuals sent via text messages are not available

Teensafe is a phone & text message software. You can use it to monitor your teen’s text messages and phone calls. The Teensafe program has been highlighted on The View, ABC 7, The New York Post, USA Today, and Q13 Fox. USA Today suggests the text message spy app keeps teens safe from potentially insecure conditions. Rosie O’Donnell from The View uses the product being a parent to five children. She suggests that it helps her to know what kids are doing. Rosie is aware of what text message activity and calls they are engaging if she is away. NBC Memphis explains how Teensafe phone monitoring software can be used to prevent cyberbullying via calls and text message threats.

All of the following reasons make Teensafe an ideal parental control app to install on a mobile phone to protect a teen.

Why Teensafe is a wise investment 

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According to recent statistics put forth by the Pew Research Center, a 2012 survey reveals that 95% of teens are using online resources, with the average age range of users being 12 to 17 years of age. Same resources show that 78% of the age group own and use a mobile phone. About 37%  use smartphones for gaining online access and the use of third-party apps. More than 80% of teens make use of social media outlets. And this leads to a myriad of dangers online. Those who participate in social media outlets and who share information online are more vulnerable to cyberbullying. Online Safety Site informs that in nearly 5% of all cases, Internet predators pretend to be a teenager when approaching teens to befriend them.

Teens will engage in dangerous behavior without even realizing it too, just by sharing too much personal data. The posts photos, share the name of the school they attend, list their home address, the majority use their full name for social media. It is like handing over personal data to potential predators. This is why it is so crucial for parents to monitor actions teens take when using mobile phones. With an application like Teensafe phone and text-messaging spy software, a parent has an edge where they can intercept certain information. When discovering a child is misbehaving, or even dangerously, a parent can, in turn, use time as a teaching moment.

Why is Teensafe a worthy investment? Because Teensafe allows parents to take every measure possible to keep teen safe at all times and in all situations.

Teensafe Features and Functionality


Teensafe text message program is a unique service allowing parents to monitor kids target cell phone. Whether it is an iPhone or Android mobile device. Teensafe ensures ongoing and continuous safety of a child. Teen safe app allows parents to monitor social media apps, including programs like Whatsapp, Kik, Instant Messenger resources.

How does Teensafe App Work?

  • Once you install Teensafe on a target device, you get access to all of the following information:
  • Text conversations, iMessage monitoring, and SMS text recording and whatever is keyed into the device.
  • Parents can even view deleted texts just in case a teen is attempting to hide information Teensafe - phone monitoring
  • In addition to logged text from various message systems, you get location history and immediate location of the device the app is installed on. This gives parents a heads up about a child’s location in emergencies and alerts a parent if teen crosses parentally defined boundaries.
  • Parents can see a child’s texts word for word, contacts, bookmarks, favorite places on the World Wide Web. As well as websites the teen visits via revealed browser history
  • The ability to monitor apps like Kik Messenger, spy Whatsapp, Snapchat, and other popular Messenger Apps.
  • The option to see what text a child gets and the text they receive.
  • Information about Instagram images a teen shares, and details about followers and posts a child makes.

Teensafe Phone & Text Message App and Legalities

If your child is younger than 18 years of age, you have a legal right to monitor the child’s activity. You can see who he interacts with others online and via a mobile phone. You can choose to tell your child she is being monitored with a phone & text message spy app like Teensafe, but it is not at all necessary that you do so.

Teensafe Phone & Text Message Software Compatibility

Teensafe app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. No rooting of Android device or reprogramming of iPhone is involved. There is no need to void the product warranty on an iPhone device due to jailbreaking. You do not have to root an Android phone to install the app. Installation is easy and gives parents remote access to a child’s phone.

You can access information in a protected and entirely secure virtual area online protected by encrypted technologies. The app helps in improving parental controls. By monitoring text message and phone activity, Teensafe app makes a parent know accurately who a teen is interacting with. He can identify the very nature of the interaction.

The software is compatible with iPod touch, iPads, and Androids. But at this time, the application does not work with Windows of Blackberry phones.

Cost and Security of Teensafe Spy App

Teensafe comes with a monthly subscription of $14.95. The manufacturer of the app offers new subscribers a seven-day trial for free. So you can try the app at no risk to you. The $14.95 pays for unlimited monitoring, and you can monitor as many teens as you desire less than one account. The control panel for viewing information has volumetric data encryption and secure socket layer. So the data remains completely protected from prying eyes. The members of Teensafe do not consider the material the app tracks.

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