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Nowadays, you can find thousand different Android hacking apps on the Internet – all claiming to provide full access to info stored on a device, to track its location, record history of operations performed on Android smartphone. Are all of Android hacking apps effective? What information is possible to track with the help of Android hacking app; how does spyware work; how to select an effective program? Is my phone being tracked or monitored by hacking apps? These are questions many users wonder about.

The main advantage of hacking apps for Android is that the installation process on mobile phone is quick and are easy to manage. You can hack any Android device using your computer, just transfer information from phone to your email. While a mobile app development company will always ensure to integrate the highest security settings to its apps, unfortunately, spy apps often breach these measures.

Data are transmitted through NMAP DNS port. There is an extra benefit – modern Android spyware app works in a hidden mode; it will be difficult to detect them on mobile. In this post, we will reveal everything you need to know about spyware solutions. Also, get all of most powerful hacking Android apps reviewed  on our website.

Installing a Mobile Spy on a Smartphone

Before installing Android spyware app on a mobile phone, you should ensure that the device meets the system requirements. Firstly, it should have GPS; you can find out if there is GPS built-in your Android phone in device instructions. Another important requirement is the Internet configuration. Note that it will be impossible to hack a mobile that has no Internet network connection and is not connected to wi-fi. In order to set up the Internet on a device, contact your mobile operator and configure settings. The check is necessary. If your phone meets requirements of Android spyware application, you can proceed with having spyware installed on a device.

How Does Hacking App Work?

There is nothing complicated in the work principle of Android hacking tool. Using built-in GPS of the device, the app collects coordinates of the mobile phone’s location and transmits them to the tracking server via the Internet. Access to the data stored on the server can be obtained through Web interface. In your personal account, information about call log, internet history, text messages both sent and received in any messengers and social networks can be reviewed. Some advanced keylogger apps can even record code passwords or comments a user typed on his smartphone. Each comment is saved by default.

Hidden Work Mode Feature

After being installed on a mobile phone, Android hacking apps do not appear in the list of applications. As a result, the owner of Android device will not know that he has a surveillance app installed on his phone. There are no ethical vulnerabilities. Functionality of tracking AndroRat program will allow you to remotely control another person 24 hours in a day.

How to Register a Phone in the Tracking System?

After installing the application on Android smartphone, you must register the device in the system; that is why it is necessary perform some simple registration steps. More detailed information about what is to be done you can find on official website of a spyware solution. Be aware of one nuance. Without registering Android device in the system, it will be impossible to receive any info being hacked.

What Are the Capabilities of Hacking Tools and Apps for Android?

As a general rule, developed hacking with Android apps allows one to benefit from a varied functional toolkit, with extensive capabilities:

  • Phone location control – Through GPS and with accuracy of up to 10 meters, you can see exact coordinates of the Android phone. So you can monitor the current location and review the whole root of the person you spy upon. This information is sent to the server and is stored in a source during several days. So you can review it at any point of time
  • Intercept SMS and MMS – With the help of Android phone hacking app, you can easily see history of text messages both sent and received by a user. Spyware apps also save media files users share. Hacking programs forward them to your account in the system.
  • Record latest calls and conversations – Android hacking applications allows listening to conversations. If you set up the feature, the app makes call records, with call time, duration, caller name. Services store the collected information during some time. You do not have to be online to be access data; thus, you will know what people Android mobile owner talks to.
  • Record the environment (both sound and video) – In some spyware apps, there is a function making environment records and transmit them to you in real time. The device owner will never be aware of the hack. You can also set up a feature to make environment records at any point of time and automatically save them on a server.

In other words, Android hacking tools give you a chance to establish a remote control over the phone and its owner. You can track most important aspects of life of the person – his communication. But that’s not all – Android spyware app goes much further, offering more sophisticated management and information collection functions.

Blocking Phones from Personal Accounts

You can block Android device from your online personal account. For example, someone took your mobile phone; to protect data stored on a device, you can simply disable your smartphone in a few clicks made in your personal account. You can also set up “forbidden” zones. Spyware will send you notifications each time a user is in a “taboo” place. The map of app functions can be more extensive depending on Android spyware app you use.

Let’s review a reverse situation. If your Android device is connected to a wifi network and you want to kill and threat of information leakage rooted from it, there is an app that can help you. Zanti is mobile penetration testing toolkit that helps security managers identify the risk level of a network by pushing a button.

Top Android Hacking Tools and Apps for Your Surveillance.

track viewTrackView

TrackView gives one a chance to track the location of Android smartphone, to listen to ambient sounds in a real-time mode, to record calls and view messages. This free hacking app is a great way to track your child’s smartphone. The application is convenient and simple, has an intuitive interface; there will be no problems with app installation and activation.

flexispy-logo FlexiSpy

Another professional Android app to do the hack is FlexiSpy. It offers users great features. The app is to connect a mobile device with your personal account forwarding data to the server. In addition to most popular features of any hacking app, FlexiSpy can also crack screen lock passwords as well as credentials a user submits on his Android mobile phone. Information will appear at your email. You can set up a function to receive notifications if the phone owner visited restricted places or zones for security.

iKey MonitoriKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is with no doubt one of the most popular Android hacking apps available on the market today. The app boasts of great features including the following ones.

  • Call log – Receive full reports of calls on your email. Information about both incoming and outgoing calls is available if one hacks it with the app;
  • Record of telephone conversations – it will record and store any conversation on the server. You can check it at any time convenient to you.
  • Text messages – The app can hack any kind of communication – chats in Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.
  • Location of the mobile devices – Owing to GPS tracking feature, this cell phone spy app provides you with information about the current location of Android mobile phone owner. You can also hack routes of a person.
  • Web browser history – Android hacking app allows you to review web browser history. What pages a user visited, what actions he made, what websites he added to bookmarks – this information is accessible.
  • Application control – The app can monitor applications on the device.


Once you install mSpy app on Android device you want to track, you can remotely access functions and data on device from any computer or communicator. It is enough to access control panel. From here, you can configure necessary settings, check data, and view location of Android device as well as routes of travel on the map in real time.

mSpy is one of the most functional spyware apps. The cost of using the app service is $ 40 (one month) or $ 60 (three months). The company claims that more than one million users are using the app today. The app is compatible with any device and software operating systems (Linux or Windows).

Final Say

There may be many purposes for installing Android hacking apps; it is a good way to establish parental control over movements and actions of children. And, according to experts at, coding skills are currently in high demand. However, instead of doing the long route, you can always enlist the help of ready-made software that can do the hard work for you. Hacking with these Android apps is an effective solution to locate a lost or stolen phone. You can perform reconnaissance of what your spouse does when you are away or not with him. Whatever your case is, any of the above apps for Android or the hacking helps you establish constant tracking of a person.

They are easy and comfortable in use. You only need to download, install the hacking application, register a mobile, create an online account, and configure settings.  Before installing scanning technology, we recommend you to google hackers’ reviews and start its testing. Play with spyware and do exploits to understand if it is what you need. Being a tester, you can select the best option.

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