How to Tell if Your Cell Phone Is Being Tracked, Tapped, or Monitored

how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked tapped or monitoredToday, a lot of people of all ages – starting from kids and teenagers to older people are utterly obsessed with their cell phones that they for making and receiving calls and sending SMS, for getting access to the internet, online shopping and banking, chatting on WhatsApp, writing posts Facebook and other social networks, storing all types of personal and business data, including emails, files with documents, photos, videos, etc.

No wonder we are all worried about security issues.

If you are concerned about protecting your privacy, keep reading this guide to learn how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, tapped, or monitored.

We will provide you with:

  • Tips on how to prevent attacks
  • How to secure valuable private info on your Apple and Android mobile devices
  • How to detect spy phone apps

To your extent, there is a variety of powerful spyware and malware.

Modern spy software like uMobix app features lots of advanced hacking capabilities and is easily accessible. Everyone can download it and use its services.

As far as you see, any person can become a target for spying on their smart mobile device without notice. And your phone can be hacked remotely secretly by installing spy apps, running automatically in a stealth mode. 

How to Tell if Your Cell Phone Is Being Tracked, Tapped, or Monitored by Spy Software

Any person could be shocked and get angry if they suddenly noticed that their privacy was invaded and that someone was spying on them through their phone or tablet, for example, by hacking your phone camera

How to tell if somebody tracks your cell phone?

Here is a list of clues that show someone is controlling your phone without you knowing.

Check Your Phone for Common Physical Signs of Spy App

How to spot spy software applications? Certain subtle signs can tell you that somebody tracks, taps, or monitors your phone in some way. Notice these specific indicators of illegal activities? Suspect that your iOS or Android phone is being spied on?

DO: Immediately take effective measures for detecting and uninstalling the hidden applications to stop this activity. It’s your chance to diminish potential significant damage – in this case, you will able to protect your rights.

Watch Out for the Battery 

decreased data on iphone

Battery Problems can indicate a smartphone tap. You may be familiar with the overheated battery if you take advantage of your phone to call your friends, text, share files, pay your bills, talk via Skype, Google search, and consume different media.

But a battery can feel hot due to possible tap when you are not using your phone because it can be secretly transmitting your data.

Is the phone battery low although you’ve charged the phone? Do you have to charge the battery more often?

A sudden dramatic change in battery life is a bad sign. Modern spy phone apps consume less power, which makes it impossible to spot them using this clue.

Background Noise

Weird or unknown sounds may be not only a result of a bad connection.

If someone tries to listen to your phone call and record it, it may cause noise when recording your conversation because this feature accesses your smartphone as a conference call.

DO: Look for static background noises that happen more than usual. They can be voices, beeping, or clicking sounds.

Increased Data Usage

Some poor, less reliable spy apps can increase or reduce your monthly data usage when sending the data they have collected from your phone, which makes the process of detecting them easier.

Odd phone behavior, when not in use, can indicate that someone has remote access to your device.

Does your cell phone suddenly light up its screen? Does your phone shuts down by itself, and you aren’t able to turn it on for some time? Is your phone continually shutting down by itself, although you have charged it?

DO: Look for extra data usage and stay concerned if your phone shuts down, which cannot be explained naturally. Maybe somebody controls your phone from external sources.

Strange Texts

Do you receive odd text messages that include random characters, numbers, or unusual symbols?

Spy software has a remote control feature. It sends the secret code to your phone, and sometimes, you can see a coded message. That means the spy program installed on your device is not working correctly – don’t ignore these signs.

When you have an idea of how to tell if somebody tracks your phone or due do these circumstances you became a victim of phone tapping, you should take some security measures.

How Can I Block an Unauthorized Remote Access on My Phone?

Unauthorized tracking of your cell phone with spy software is a significant breach of your privacy, and it is expected that you would take corrective steps on how to stop someone from accessing your phone remotely.

To reset your bugged cell phone, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Initiate Steps to Clean Your Cell Phone

An immediate overhaul of your cell phone removes the spy software and restores your phone to its pristine functioning condition and remove spy software. You can simply delete all hidden or suspicious applications.

DO: To avoid data loss, you can back up your data on an external drive and restore factory settings. For iPhones, you must change your iCloud security credentials and your password

  • Reset Your Passwords with Stronger Keystrokes

If there is a spy app on your phone, resetting your passwords is as essential as removing suspicious applications. Some phone spy software can extract your passwords to an external source.

DO: Reset all social media and email passwords with stronger keystrokes –alpha-numeric passwords should be better replacements

  • Review Bank Account Transactions

Alert your bank officials to take the necessary action if your bank account details have been extracted to by a spy software to initiate unauthorized financial transactions.

DO: Check through your transaction text messages and also change your credit card passwords for added security measures.

  • Check Cell Phone Activity Log

On resetting your passwords, you must check through your phone activity logs to evaluate any damage caused by unauthorized assess.

DO: Check through your text messages, battery life gauge, social media logs, and email logs for any unusual pattern of activity.

  • Install a Trusted Mobile Security Software

This step is precautionary and blocks future spy attempts on your cell phone. Most advanced spy software requires direct access to the target cell phone for complete setup and remote synchronization.

Advanced security software might require a unique password, thumbprint, or facial recognition interface and an up-to-date protection review.

How to Find Spy Apps on Your Phone

You can find malicious software on an Android phone if you look inside the files by making a few simple steps.

  • Open Settings
  • Click on Applications
  • Choose Running Services or Manage Applications
  • If you spot a file that looks suspicious, you can remove it or delete it.

Keep in mind that if someone wants to install spyware on your iPhone, they have to jailbreak it first.

How Can You Identify a Jailbreak?

cydia appSearch for Installer app, Icy or Cydia – if you find one of them, and you didn’t install them, you should worry.

Sometimes the person that has jailbroken your iPhone may hide these apps, and it takes longer to find them.

Seek for any external software inside iPhone directories.

HINT: To remove jailbreak – upgrade to the latest OS version using the site of iTunes. Back up your critical data – music, photos, and contacts before you start upgrading. This method ensures that your device has no spyware.

Why Would Someone Start Tracking, Monitoring, or Tapping Your Phone?

Haven’t got the slightest idea why someone would install software for tracking phone a number? There are several reasons.

  • Police may hack your phone in proper ways to hear your conversations and view your messages.

Their reason may be gathering evidence for a current investigation; don’t forget about the increase of government surveillance.

  • Hackers and extortionists can tap into your phone.

If you are in business, they may be looking for important details of your current sales strategies, secret information concerning copyright of your latest products, and other similar stuff. Many years of work can be at risk.

  • Your employer or ex-partner can use the phone tracker app for listening to your calls and reading email messages and texts that you send and receive.

Employers control the company’s staff in working environments.

  • Your spouse may monitor your phone.

Your partner may try to find any facts to prove your cheating for a divorce if he/she doesn’t trust you.

  • Parents can use a reliable GPS phone tracker.

Apps similar to uMobix help to control their children’s behavior when they visit any social network website.

When children are not at home, parents can track their phone’s location to determine the place where they are and be sure the dearest people they love are safe. 


To protect your iCloud address from hackers requires several necessary precautions.

Despite the mentioned points above, the first thing you need to do to remove any spy phone programs is to reset your phone to factory settings. Also, setting a stable and secure password will keep your account’s login and protection up-to-date.

If you’d like to read more about related spy phone programs like uMobix – start with the articles on our blog.

Such apps come with powerful features that can give limited spying capabilities, making it possible to spy on iPhone via iCloud account where no jailbreak is required.

We hope that our detailed guide on how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, tapped, or monitored by spy software was helpful.

Do you have any questions about spy phone apps? Feel free to ask them, and we will give you a reply in the comments.

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