How to Use Cell Phone Surveillance without Having Access to Device

Cell Phone Surveillance Recently, it has been found that Florida police is actively using cell phone surveillance technology to catch the most dangerous criminal authorities. StingRay is one of those tools which acts like a cell tower in order to define locations of the certain mobile users. Another technology known as Harpoon also allows fast data tracking. Thanks to these tools, local police identifies the locations of criminals and arrests them.

The latest software makes it possible to reduce the level of criminal activity in the state. Government and federal organizations claim that the usage of such tools is completely lawful. That is why mobile and the cell phone developers have invented their own solutions for the ordinary citizens.

Being a mobile user, you can switch your device to the security camera to watch anyone you want remotely. There is no need to worry when leaving your kids alone at home. Also, now you can know for sure whether your partner is cheating on you or if your co-workers share secret information with the third parties. You can learn about the most efficient call spy software to make a final decision.

It Is Time to Use Your Old Cell Phone

Cell Phone Surveillance Don’t throw away your old devices! You may turn them to your personal spy. When upgrading the phones or buying new models, you may want to get rid of your old-fashioned gadget. However, it’s a huge mistake! We would like to share a step-by-step instruction on how to change your old cell phone to the excellent surveillance tech.

Stage 1. Have a security camera application running on your target device

For a start, the user must select a security camera application to install on the old cell phone. The majority of such apps possess similar features. They include:

  • Local streaming
  • Cloud streaming
  • Recording
  • Saving footage on the local level/distantly
  • Motion/movement detection + alerts/notifications

You may choose a free or paid version to set up. As a rule, cell phone surveillance software is simple to install once you download or purchase it. In any case, you may always look for the instructions on the official app’s website. When you’re done, you’ll find it possible to monitor your living space or office activity without any obstacles. It is easy to control personal security camera no matter what your location is!

Pick Security Cell Phone Surveillance Software for Android or iOS

Cell Phone Surveillance Security camera usually offers more than data tracking. If we talk about the iOS device, there is an app known as Manything. This software for your cell phone gives you access to anything you would like to monitor remotely! Users are able to install motion notifications/alerts, decide between a video or stills-only mode, and integrate with IFTTT. The last option is useful whenever you wish to configure your security camera.

The application is available for free on the App Store. It has a free plan with a single camera and free recording. Basic information on Android spies is available here.

On the example of this cell phone surveillance software, we will describe how all similar tools work.

  • Go to the Google/App Store, choose the app for speedy data or GPS tracking and remote control, download it to both your new mobile device and outdated cell phone.
  • Go to Settings on your old device to disable Auto-Lock (see General).
  • Sign up or log in to the cell phone surveillance/spy app of your choice via your e-mail address or Facebook account.
  • Pick Camera mode on your old cell phone. Make sure to choose Viewer mode on the newest gadget.
  • Click on the red button from the target gadget to begin the live stream.

The stream will be available on the list of streaming gadgets on the new mobile device. There is an opportunity to watch the stream from your personal computer.

The latest news report that cell phone surveillance software like Manything or StingRay costs are estimated this way, but you can always get free mobile apps.

Stage 2. Select a hot spot to place your new camera

Choosing a location to position your tools is a critical step. Once you launch the live stream, make sure to install and place the camera. One of the best ways to use such data tracking tools is to place the device in front of the main entry to your house, backyard, office, or any other location of your interest. Select the spot you believe is vulnerable or suspicious. There are times when users install an IP camera as a baby monitor to watch their smallest kids.

In case you like saving all of your old cell phones, you may have several devices left to exploit. Don’t hesitate to set up many video cameras to achieve a better coverage.

Stage 3. Establish and power your newly obtained security camera

In order to mount or place the data tracking app like the camera to make it function properly, you may use a tiny tripod or suction car mount. These tools will assist in selecting the most intriguing location for your camera.

Sometimes, the existing coverage is not enough for the most accurate data tracking. To improve the situation, buy a wide angle lens for your mobile device. Right now, these tools cost around $5-20. They are available at many sites that sell corresponding technology.

Mind that the information you access is 100% accurate as the mobile gadget is on all the time. Some spy and data tracking applications work even when the gadget is off. If you want your device to be on 14/7, search for the power source close to your target location. Effective monitoring is possible through using a ten-foot Micro-USB or lightning cable. These tools will add flexibility to your surveillance software and cell phone no matter what the locations are.

Now, you know how to access particular location from any point of the world with the help of your old “useless” cell phone. GPS phone data tracking software can assist you with keeping in touch with the target device and surrounding as well. In this article, you will find enough reasons to download and start using GPS tracking apps or other surveillance tools today!

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