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In this FlexiSPY review, we tried to gather the most valuable info about this ultimate tracking app. It is worth of its money and can provide you with a bunch of features any other application can’t. Today FlexiSPY is one of the few cell phone spy apps that offer cross-platform solutions for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, etc. This program is popular with the consumer, government, and corporate markets. It is very easy to use and simple to install. If you are not sure whether the tool might work for you, download a 24 hour free trial version the official website.

What Is FlexiSPY?


The commercial spy phone was created by the company back in 2004. Since that time the great reputation of this monitoring software has increased a lot. The goal of the company is to support and develop their program and offer their customers the product of the highest quality.

Mobile spy apps keep conquering the spy app market. So many people around the world were dreaming about a chance of controlling their spouses, children, or employees. Dreams come true. That is why different teams of programmers have decided to create a tool that can help people with this. And that is why there are so many FlexiSPY reviews.

Why Do You Need FlexiSPY?

There are a lot of reasons why people need FlexiSPY. And all of them should be taken into consideration.

  1. All parents want to ensure their children’s safety. Teens spend too much time online and contact with strangers on social networks. There is no way for parents to find out who their new friends are. FlexiSPY is the only tool to help parents protect their children from inappropriate scam and suspicious people. Also, the app helps them better understand their children and their needs and interests.
  2. Secondly, employers should be aware of what their employees are doing. Protecting their intellectual property is a must. That is why FlexiSPY has become such a popular tool in the corporate environment. Employers can track their colleagues’ phone activity; they can control the situation.
  3. Finally, in the world where 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, people want to make sure they can trust their spouses. (Learn more how to catch a cheating partner here.) FlexiSPY cracks your spouse phone and gives you access to all his/her data.


What Should I Know about FlexiSPY?

This FlexiSPY review is the place where you will find everything about the program and even more. The main thing you should do is to find out whether the use of this tracking software is legal in your area. Laws are different in different states and cities. That is why you should make sure you are allowed to download and install FlexiSPY on the target phone.

Make sure to visit the compatibility page. There is a restriction for iPhones: they must be jailbroken. Or the app won’t be able to track these phones’ activities. The creators of the product also ask customers to install the app on your phone first. FlexiSPY for Android has no such restrictions.

As many FlexiSPY reviews say, the program is extremely popular among parents as an ultimate spy tool. The app helps parents to control their children at home and even outside. Below you will find the list of features of the app that are very popular in FlexiSPY reviews. Jealous spouses and employers are the second groups of most common users of FlexiSPY.

What Can I Do with FlexiSPY?


FlexiSPY is a fantastic tool which offers customers over 150 useful spy features. (Learn here how to hack someone’s phone.) After you have bought it, you should create a personal account. Every time you sign into your Control Panel, you can see the data contained on the target device. With FlexiSPY, users can:

  • Spy on messages. 

    This feature is designed for people who want to view SMS and MMS messages their children send and receive. Also, it allows users to keep track of instant text messages on Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, WeChat, etc.

  • Track emails. 

    FlexiSPY gives customers access to other people’s email messages.

  • Intercept calls. 

    People talk a lot on the phone. With FlexiSPY it is possible to see who is calling the person you are monitoring. You will see all details about these calls, such as date and time. The app also gives you access to the contact list on the target device.

  • Bug people’s rooms. 

    If you wonder what your child is doing in his/ her room, you can find it out. The app lets users listen to the phone’s surrounding or to record and listen to them later.

  • Detect a location. 

    With this tool, users can easily track people’s exact GPS location and view their everyday route history. FlexiSPY reviews Android and other operating systems say that it is impossible to hide from a Flexi Spy customer.

  • Crack passwords. 

    With the app, you can access the target device’s services without trying hard. It will crack all codes and passwords for you.

  • Access multimedia. 

    There will be no image, video, or audio file on the target phone not available to you.

  • Spy on applications. 

    Now users have access to other people’s calendar, notes, address book, and all downloaded programs.

  • Track all online activities. 

    You can see which web pages the monitored person visits and which bookmarks he/she has.

FlexiSPY Compatibility

flexispy review

This FlexiSPY review will tell you more about the compatibility of the application. Its compatibility list updates very carefully as the developers try to keep on track and progress on the market tight. And these days FlexiSPY is compatible with a wide selection of operating systems. If you didn’t find your device on the list of compatibility, check out again after some time as they regularly update it. Of course, two most popular one’s iOS and Android are on top of the list.

Here are those operating systems the app supports at the moment:

  • You can use the app on Android phone with Android operating system up to 7.1.1 version
  • iPhone and iPad devices can be provided with the app up to 9.1 iOS version
  • You can install it on BlackBerry phone with version up to 7.1
  • Nokia Symbian supports both Anna and Belle platforms

And another great surprise and achievement are that developers finally created FlexiSPY version compatible with desktop computers with Windows and Mac operating systems installed. Here are the versions of operating systems available for desktop computers:

  • Windows from 7 up to 10 version.
  • Mac OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite, and OS X El Capitan

FlexiSPY Pricing Policy

flexispyLike any other great spy application available on the modern market FlexiSPY has its price. One of the greatest features that FlexiSPY offers is its variety of packages available to the average user. It is very comfortable as a person has different motives to use spy app and a different budget. If you want just to get familiar with FlexiSPY, trial version would be just enough. The main packages are these two:

FlexiSPY Extreme Version – the package includes free password cracking system and keylogger. You can buy it in two ways:

  • 3 months – $199
  • 1 year – $349

FlexiSPY Premium Version and FlexiSPY PC Version

  • 1 month – $68
  • 3 months – $99
  • 1 year – $149

The main and most popular package is Premium. Parents especially like this one as they can use it not just on their kid’s phone and tablet but also his or her computer. The Premium package is absolutely worth of its money and will be a great fit no matter what is the reason to use it. The price for the package is reasonable, and lots of people can afford it.

The Extreme has not so many pros as the Premium one. Users often consider it to be a little bit costly. But those two packages are still one of the most valuable and unique as they offer such great features as phone call recording, surrounding recording, phone call interception, and even ambient monitoring. Any other company on the market even those top-class ones mSpy, uMobix, and Mobile Spy can’t offer those features yet.

Also, the application we review today is based outside the United States so you don’t need to pay any additional taxes while using or purchasing it. VAT charges are also absent. So the price is very fair and is exactly what you are going to pay.

How to Use FlexiSPY?

flexispyDue to various testimonials, we found online people like the interface and have no problems with its installation. There are lots of applications today that forget about user comfort offering much fancy design and zero usability comfort.

The entire installation process is simple, and the main wizard will guide you through every stage and level. You may think that it is difficult to install the spy software on any device. But with the app, we present it is easy even if you have zero experience. Here are five main stages of installation of the program and its launching:

  1. You need to have physical access to the target device.
  2. Jailbreak the target if it is iOS or root if it is Android device before installation. Note that you should do it before the installation process begins. And do not forget to get a backup device without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone or tablet.
  3. Launch the installation process on the target phone.
  4. Register and activate your account on the official spy app website.

Removal of this program from the target phone is easy. You can uninstall it straight from your account. No physical access to the target device is required.

You can easily find FlexiSPY on a torrent. Nothing is ever better than the official version with its features.

FlexiSPY Support

FlexiSPY developers offer a valuable and helpful support system. It is very useful in various situations that may occur if you are using their stuff. The support department is available 24 hours, six days a week. You can reach them using your email or their special online chat. The variety of their resources and flexibility of their work impresses. They can solve almost every problem very fast and without additional information.

Also, you may want to save your time and not chat with those support reps. For this situation, you have some articles about various issues you may face while using their product. And the most amazing thing about their support is those short video tutorials that also can be found on the official website.

You can also change your license. Sometimes people change their phones with different operating systems. You might buy a new Android phone and change your package if it was compatible with your previous iPhone.

Also, every client has his money back guarantee that lasts 10 days after activation of the program. You might use it if the software didn’t meet your expectations. The application also provides its users with a rich language package. These days FlexiSPY supports English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Deutsch, and Thai.

But you should remember that the application should be used only on your own phone or your relatives. Also, these days those corporate devices are very popular. It is allowed for employers to install spy apps on those tablets and phones their employees use. Any other case is illegal.


On the main page of our website, you can review the list of Top10 best mobile spying apps that help you track other people’s phones. ATTENTION: These apps are only designed for tracking children and employees.

Please, leave your comments below about your experience with FlexiSPY or any other spy application.

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