How to Catch a Cheater (The Definitive Guide)

catch a cheater online

Almost everybody thinks about cheating on their lovers. Many partners make this sinful wish come true. If you are among people who doubt your spouse and need some evidence, take a look at the following guide, which talks about how to catch a cheater with just a cell phone.

The article explains how to catch a cheater for free or at a moderate price using the market’s best top-quality tracker software aimed to identify the guilty spouses.

How to Catch Someone Cheating by Tracking their Location

Method #1. One of the best ways to catch a cheater is to track their location. If they are a Google user, then you can conveniently track their whereabouts by checking previous destinations or the Google Timeline on Android.

Method #2. If they are an iPhone user, then you have three options. You can either use the Find my iPhone or Find My Friends App. Otherwise, you can check the ‘Significant Locations’ option under the Settings menu.

Method #3. Another conventional method to catch a cheating partner is by using the Uber and Waze apps. Using these methods, you can keep track of your cheating boyfriend or husband and be sure to catch him cheating on his phone.

Hidden Apps & Multimedia to Help Catch a Cheater

How can you tell if your partner has cheated? One way is to search their device to see if you can find hidden photos or audio files that are proof of their unfaithfulness. If your partner is tech-savvy, then hiding these secret files is not going to be tough for them.

To know how to find out if someone is cheating for free, look for hidden apps on their phone. For Android, you can do this by simply checking for hidden apps in the Applications section on the Settings menu. By viewing the hidden apps, you can get a sense of what to do when you catch him cheating. If your partner has an iPhone, you can catch a cheating spouse on iPhone by only knowing their iCloud credentials.

You can suspect all you want, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If you can hack the phone camera of your partner and their love interest, then your evidence is irrefutable. And don’t think that deleting photos from social media profiles or the phone can save them.

Phone camera photos are usually backed up to cloud storage. On most devices, this is enabled automatically. If your spouse is using iCloud, Google Drive, or Amazon Prime, then you should scour these sites to check if they are hiding something in the depths of the cloud.

Employ Social Media

Social media is not merely a place to meet up with old friends. It can be a powerful tool to catch your cheating spouse. While you can always check to see if your partner has an account on any dating or another website that encourages adultery, social media can help you there as well.

The way to go about doing this is as follows: create a fake account on social media and keep track of your boyfriend or partner, and if you are feeling bold enough, go ahead and send them a connection request or chat them up.

If they reply honestly sufficient, then it’s ok, but if you find that their replies are flirtatious, then that’s a red flag. And if they want to meet up or anything, then you can be sure that they are ready to cheat on you. This will give you proof that they won’t be able to deny.

How to Catch a Cheater: Top 5 Apps to Spy on Their Devices

If you want to live a happy life, there should be no secrets in your relationship. And if you’re suspicious that your significant other might be cheating, it’s time to find out the truth. Nowadays, people can have an even better way to catch a cheater. Cell phones are indeed an inevitable part of our lives, and they keep a lot of secrets. Today you can buy an app that will let you solve your problems by monitoring the smartphone of a potential cheater.

You can catch a cheater with ease if you track who he/she is communicating with online, reveal him/her by hacking his/her social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can even read SMS messages and spy on your spouse’s Viber, WhatsApp, and other mobile apps. It has never been this easy to grab a cheater.

All the multimedia data from the target cell phone will be available for you. With many options that these apps offer, you will find the best ways to either make sure your spouse is faithful or to catch the person who betrayed you.

Have a look at the 5 top-preferred spying & monitoring apps created to read messages of other people. You can easily define a cheater with these fantastic apps.


hoverwatch spy on text messages

The app makes it possible to check complete information obtained/sent by the mobile user: tapping phone calls, WhatsApp/Facebook/Viber messages, SMS messages, browser history, and GPS.

Want to launch how to catch a cheater app?

The initial stage is registering at the company’s official website to obtain a free online account by typing email and password.

The second step is the installation process: it is easy to do via a personal account.

The final thing you do is monitoring recorded information and viewing text messages of any type with the help of a registered account.

The range of functions includes:

  • Spying on messages obtained/sent by the target phone
  • Viewing texts gained or submitted via WhatsApp, Viber, & Facebook
  • Tracking phone calls details (g., time, duration, caller’s name)
  • Editing contact list & extra information
  • Managing full browser activity
  • Receiving images when the user unlocks the mobile device
  • Tracking the exact location (Android devices only)
  • Obtaining notifications/alarms on important activities
  • Staying in the invisible mode (the ‘victim’ won’t have any clue you are watching his/her personal information)


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Auto Forward Spy

auto forward keylogger

Need to find how to catch a cheater app? If you need a quality spying solution to set up on Android/iOS device to track SMS messages, try Auto Forward surveillance tool.

To try, run a three-day trial – pay $69.99 one-time fee to enjoy the full spectrum of functions. Mind that unlike many other spy applications, Auto Forward Spy does not require you to jailbreak iPhone & iPad. Users do not need to hold target mobile devices in their hands/access them.

Once you decide to try, move to the official software website to launch download to be ready in 1-2-3 poof!

Auto Forward Spy’s developers have done their best. They created a state-of-the-art control panel to satisfy the needs of any phone user. All you have to do is:

  1. Enter the license key code after the purchase is made
  2. Enjoy a unique opportunity to monitor pieces of information your close people hide from you.

A remote connection is established. The user starts taking the best of this surveillance software:

  • Reviewing messages,
  • Retrieving detailed information on calls,
  • Tracking GPS location
  • Getting into the social network accounts of the target user
  • Access to Twitter, Facebook, & Snapchat chats and photos

Speaking about text messages, no need to worry you’ve missed something: deleted text messages will also be displayed thanks to AutoForward functions.

Its only weaknesses are the absence of geo-fencing, Viber control, and BBM.


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mspy keylogger

The name points to the fact this special surveillance software was created specifically to serve the needs of curious or concerned parents, older brothers, sisters, and grandparents. The application possesses a complete list of features every control program must-have: monitor text messages, GPS location, call details, see their private Snapchat stories and so much more.

The intuitive interface is the original feature. It makes this software stand out from the rest of the spying & monitoring applications. Once you notice any abnormal activity running on your kid’s phone, restrict the access to harmful sources, or limit the time your children can spend online.

Unrecognized GPS location may be a warning sign. This tool is effective in preventing kidnappings as parents notice the last visited place, and have a higher chance of contacting police to save the child on time.

mSpy also serves as a professional SMS peeper. It allows viewing the last SMS messages if you do not trust your child. By knowing what is going on in the life of your child, it is possible to prevent school bullying or episodes of hate crime, controlling the kid remotely all day long.


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Highster Mobile

ighster mobile keylogger

Without a doubt, Highster Mobile is one of the best & most accurate apps from specialists who know how to catch a cheater. It is called top-preferred spying software, which does not require jailbreaking iPhone/iPad. It is quick and powerful but lacks user panel design.

Pay the fee once to enjoy all opportunities and full feature list. People who developed this program know how to catch a cheater with their cell phone: they help people to reveal the lies for more than 8 years. Wonder how this industry giant collects personal information from the target phone and sends it to you?

The app scours the target mobile device’s memory along with folders & file structures to upload the data to safe, a personal online account at Highster Mobile website. Internet connection is what you need to detect whether your spouse is cheating on you!

This top-recommended spying & monitoring tool requires no jailbreaking. Highster Mobile is compatible with iPhone 7, 7 plus, 6, 6 plus, 5, 5 plus, 5s, 5c, and iOS from A to Z. And the excellent Live Customer Support makes the life of every user easier!

The features of Highster Mobile are:

  • Text messages (recognize the content of SMA & other messages + number of the sender)
  • Call logs (see exact date/time and duration received from the highlighted phone numbers)
  • GPS location (mind the device will track target phone to within 50 feet of its destination)
  • Social media (review Facebook, Twitter, & Snapchat activities)
  • Pictures & videos (control files recorded by the target phone)
  • Browser history (view and ban websites with inappropriate content)


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ikeymonitor keylogger

Welcome a special Android mobile monitoring & spying application that protects your sleep at night by delivering necessary information like the location of your beloved ones: iKeyMonitor.

The main goal of this tool is to defend children online. This sufficiently disguised solution will not show up in front of your kid – your identity will be hidden. The ‘victim’ will not realize his/her mobile device is being watched & controlled.

Remote monitoring kids’ messages on Android gadgets have never been more accessible. Check the entire internet browser history to ban adult content or limit time spent online.

The spying solution called iKeyMonitor has functions essential for recording text messages of any type (SMS, Facebook, live chats). It takes screenshots to send you. Mention your email during the registration process. The surveillance app will submit screenshots and messages there.

Full GPRS services assist in finding stolen/lost phones by reducing troublesome consequences.

If you are a business owner, iKeyMonitor is an excellent solution to protect trade secrets by spying on the mobile devices of your employees/partners. Make sure the company’s private information is safe. It is not supposed to be shared with third parties and is 100% secure.


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How to Catch a Cheating Wife or Husband Red-Handed?

Here comes the most exciting part. Detecting a cheater is exceptionally stressful. One does not want to be noticed and fail the operation. If you possess some extra money, you can hire a private detective. The detective will watch your girlfriend or boyfriend. And find out who she/he is cheating on you with. Maybe, the extra-marital relationships do not take place at all.

A private investigator can reveal a cheater for you. He/she takes photos, makes videos, and gets other evidence that will prove whether your partner is a cheater or you worried for no reason. But private investigators are rather costly. To catch a cheater, they can take more than 50 dollars per hour. And they do not work for less than four hours.

Unpromising cheating statistics

As statistics demonstrate, infidelity is one of the biggest problems for marriage.

For example, in the USA, 50% of marriages end in divorce: it is more shocking that in 41 % of marriages, one or both spouses admit to infidelity (physical or emotional).

36% of men and women confessed they had an affair with a co-worker.  If you think the situation can be at least a little better, you are wrong:

68% of women and 74% of men would love to cheat if they were sure their spouses would not reveal them. These facts are disappointing. It is nice to see that some percent of men and women are faithful to their spouses and partners. Anyway, it is helpful to know how to catch a cheating spouse for free or paid.

A Partner is Caught Cheating. What Happens Next?

To catch spouse or your loved one being unfaithful is horrible. It is much worse to have a feeling that he or she is lying to you and be unaware of what is going on. Some people prefer not to detect cheaters. These people have hope that they are wrong and do not want to start a conflict, which may harm their relationships or children.

For better or worse, secrets often stop being secrets, and unfaithful partners get exposed. This leads to a painful divorce. Since no one likes to sit and wait until one’s partner reveals him/herself, it is better to understand how to catch a cheater online and solve this problem for good.

How significant is the influence of infidelity on the process of divorce?

To begin with, in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, women’s infidelity leads not just to a shameful divorce but a cruel death.

In the USA, for instance, cheating is considered a crime in several states (but is seldom prosecuted). Some unfaithful spouses spend marital assets on supporting their other relationships; the distribution of assets, in this case, is affected by adultery indeed.

In some states, adultery can affect property division. An extra-marital relationship can also reduce the obligation of a husband/wife to pay alimony to the cheater. If one has this bad feeling about one’s spouse, it is better to learn how to detect a cheater using special software.

The bottom line

We have explained how to catch a cheater both offline & online. But using available mobile phone spy and monitoring applications tested & recommended by the specialists seems to be the best option available. It’s up to you to experiment and find out what works best for you.

This spyware is much cheaper than and as effective as a private investigator. Some websites let you try a free version of the tool. This way, you can see if it can help you see if your spouse is not loyal and catch him/her. On the home page of our website, you can find comprehensive info on TOP 10 best apps for tracking other people’s cell phone activity and take your pick.

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