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What is the best method to find out where and with whom your kids spend their free time? The answer is simple. It is modern spy apps! Having browsed the web, you will definitely stumble at a plethora of offers to buy one or another spy app. We recommend you to read reviews of the experienced users of such apps and determine which program is better for you. To simplify your attempt to make a choice, we offer you to look through our review of the popular and worthy application called iSpyoo.

Who Will Benefit Using ISpyoo?


This app hit the market not so long ago, but it already has many positive recalls from satisfied customers. It is a reliable app for mobile device monitoring. To get the benefits, you need to buy the subscription and install it onto the phone or tablet of the individual you wish to keep tabs on. All monitoring reports will be downloaded to your account.

ISpyoo can help in the following situations:

  • You are a business owner, collaborating with the remote workers. You pay for their phone calls each month and wish to know whether they do only corporate calls during the working hours. Besides, you may have a desire to check whether your staff members working out of office really do their job instead of having fun with friends or something else. ISpyoo will help you to find answers to the significant amount of such questions.
  • You are a parent and wish to monitor your children remotely. With iSpyoo, the information about calls, text messages or activities in social networks will be viewable. Moreover, you can do it remotely. Spy apps are an excellent opportunity to protect children from age-inappropriate content and other life troubles.
  • You presume that your loved one cheats on you. Just find access to the target phone, install iSpyoo and see with whom your partner chats or whom he or she calls. The essential aspect is that the app allows you to do it secretly.

You may use iSpyoo in some other situations. The above-stated examples are the most widely spread ones.

What Features Does ISpyoo Offer?


The developers of the phone monitoring app added many useful options that can meet the common requirements of users. So, look at them and find out what this spyware product offers.

  • Spy on calls.

    With iSpyoo, you will be aware of all calls made from the target phone. In some cases, you can even record them. This option will definitely help employers to prevent the leakage of corporate information and parents who wish to know whom their kids call.

  • Spy on text messages.

    Everyone uses SMS sometimes. The option let you read all of them even if they were deleted.

  • Monitor instant messengers.

    You can keep tabs on such apps as Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger and others. In current times, the major part of smartphone users chats via these applications. ISpyoo gives the possibility to know the full content of such chats.

  • Media files.

    Very often kids share their photos with friends. Using this option, you will see each picture your son or daughter shows other people.

  • Monitor GPS location.

    It is one of the most useful features offered by iSpyoo. Having installed this program onto the mobile devices of your children, you will know where they are and in which places they spend their free time. The app deprives you of the necessity to buy other tools with the aim to track GPS location of your kids. Besides, the employers will also benefit using this feature because it allows them to control the work of their remote employees.

  • View the list of contacts.

    All numbers saved in the address book are viewable now due to this feature. Besides, you have access to other details of these contacts such as emails or professional positions as well.

  • Track emails.

    It will help employers to control their staff members. They can view all personal emails sent from the target phone. Do you want to know the truth about your employees? It is a great tool to do this.

All these functions are essential, and almost each reputable phone monitoring app has each of them. But iSpyoo has something special for customers. We mean surrounding record option. This feature lets you have more useful information about the person you track. Just activate the tool, and you will be able to listen and even record what’s happening right now near him or her.

What Have to Be Improved?


As well as any other spyware, this particular app has some disadvantages. The first one is poor compatibility. ISpyoo is only capable of monitoring iOS-based devices or Android. You can’t install it on computers powered by Windows. Besides, if your overriding goal is to monitor Blackberry phones, the app is not for you.

Having analyzed customers’ feedback, we may conclude that iSpyoo doesn’t have proper customer support. They are not in a hurry to answer your questions. In other aspects, iSpyoo is a good program for the phone monitoring.

Pricing Policy

We can’t say that iSpyoo is cheap, but the app offers several billing plans, allowing users to choose the most beneficial package. There are three major types of subscription: Standard, Premium, and Gold. The Gold package has all features of the app, and users have to pay $23 per month or $150 per year. The Standard package is the cheapest one ($17 per month or $114 per year). However, the package comprises a reduced set of options.

For those users who still doubt, the developers offer an opportunity to use the app for free. This offer is valid for two days. During this period, they can learn all features and find out whether iSpyoo complies with their demands.


In any event, if you just need to keep a check on your kids and wish to listen to their calls or view text messages, iSpyoo will easily cope with this task. Many users are satisfied with the work of this spy app and recommend using it.

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