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Computers have turned our life upside down. It is impossible to imagine a modern world with computers. Let’s be honest – computers have become an integral part of our lifes and a useful tool. However, this useful tool can be dangerous and requires control. If your kid is using a computer and the Internet on an everyday basis, you know how difficult it is to control flow and content of information he /she gets access to.

Entrepreneurs face a similar problem. They confess that performance of certain employees dramatically decreases when they get unlimited access to the Internet as they start spending more time online rather than doing their job. In addition, democratic Internet usage policy increases risks of confidential and sensitive information disclosure. Good news is that there is a solution that will not limit access to the worldwide network but provide more control – keylogger.

Keylogger is monitoring downloadable software or small hardware used to control computer activity. Installing a keylogger gives you the possibility to track the activity of your kids and employees in a non-intrusive way as it works in visible and invisible modes. Using keylogger programs is absolutely legitimate even if you want to catch your spouse cheating on iPhone.

Parents are entitled to control their underage children. And business owners have the right to install monitoring software on computers and phones that are owned by the company.

As keyloggers are getting more and more popular, computer users face the problem of finding a good program to install on the computer. The following expert review will provide you with a better insight into keylogger programs.

Choose the Best Keylogger Software

There is an immensely vast diversity of tracking programs on the market. Even though they were designed with one purpose, they have different features. Your choice of a program will greatly depend on the place of its usage. Some programs will be more suitable for home usage; others will be a brilliant solution for big and small businesses.


mSpy keylogger is one of the most popular tracking solutions. It can be installed both on the phone and computer. Moreover, it is a brilliant choice for office work and for personal usage. The program is compatible with various OS including windows and iPhone OS.  Parents recommend mSpy as this is an extremely user-friendly program. And you will not have any difficulties installing it on your tablet or laptop. mSpy has a number of very useful features:

  • You will get information on keystrokes of all computer users. This feature will help you protect your children from a suspicious online friend as you will know every word typed. Moreover, you will get access to all sent and received e-mails, Word documents, and other types of docs.
  • mSpy takes screenshots of computer desktop which is a solid proof of what your employees are doing at work.

Refog Keylogger

refog-keyloggerRefog Keylogger is another program that will not keep any computer activity hidden from you. This software will be a perfect choice for a home usage allowing you to track your kids’ remotely.

  • User-friendly. You do not need special skills and knowledge to understand how to install Refog Keylogger. The program is very simple and can be used by anyone.
  • Key presses. Refog keeps information on everything that has been typed on the computer. It does not matter whether it was online chat, text document or e-mail. Refog presents logs also of all messengers.
  • Capture images of a desktop. If you need more information about what was happening on the computer while you were away, check screenshot made by the program.

Spy Era

spyeraAnother brilliant tool to make sure your kid is safe is called Spy Era. Let’s be honest, when you were a kid, you definitely wanted to be a spy. Congratulations! With Spay Era you have such a nice opportunity. This Spy application is compatible with the most popular phones and operation systems – Blackberry, Android, iPhones, etc. In addition to that, the developers offer a 10-day trial period. If you do not like application, you are offered to uninstall it and get their money back.

  • Spy Era has the unique function of recording calls and listening alive. When your kid receives a call, you receive a notification informing about it.
  • You receive data on all messages that has been sent and deleted from the phone.
  • Even if your kid set ups a password, the program will easily break it for you.

Norton Family

Keylogger AppThis is more than a simple monitoring device. Norton Family includes all features needed to protect your family. The software has a traditional built-in keylogger that presents info on all strokes. And in such a way provides you with information about websites that should be blocked. Moreover, Norton Family also monitors kids’ online activity in various programs like messenger or Skype.

Free-KeyloggerKeylogger from HeavenWard

Free Keylogger is simple and efficient. Even though it has features common to most monitoring programs, Free Keylogger is an excellent solution for parents who are concerned about their kids. Nevertheless, the following software will be suitable for installation in the office too.

Apart from traditional tools such as taking screenshots of desktop and saving keystrokes typed in any program or messenger or e-mail, foreigners will be happy to hear that the program works in any language that computer supports. Like most keylogger, Free Keylogger can perform in two modes- visible and invisible.

Safety is above everything

If you want to protect your family and your business, take a serious approach to choosing monitoring software. Do not hurry when making a choice. Take some time to read reviews and think of which one suits your needs more. The right choice will protect your children from getting access to inappropriate information, and your business will start working much better.

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