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Important Update: Please be informed that popular spy apps developer Retina-X Studios shuts down some of its most successful projects. Mobile Spy among others is going to be disabled for usage and currently users will be provided by pro-rated refunds by the company. Please consider using any other spy app such as FlexiSPY or mSpy.

If you want to be in full control of a situation, an invisible spy is a good option. Nowadays you don’t need a staff of agents for keeping an eye on someone. It requires only a few minutes to install a specific mobile spy app on the phone. The widely-used device is beneficial not only for its owner. And don’t think that it is some kind of espionage. We are talking about parents who just want to protect their children and be closer to them or an employer who realized that his business is not optimized. Do you want to be convinced of the honesty of your spouse and build relations on truth? We offer you to take a look at very efficient and resulting software a cell phone called Mobile Spy. It simplifies your life and help to solve plenty of issues.

Features Of Mobile Spy

Mobile phones and tablets on iOS, Android, and Blackberry OS have full background to keep an eye on their activity at the distance. Mobile Spy program must be installed on Android, iPhone or other smartphone or tablet you want to look on. After this, you should just open any internet browser, log on and choose what you want to know about a tracking phone.

  • Read all messages

In the era of technology, people more often use their fingers instead of their tongues to communicate.

Mobile Spy allows the viewing of any text messages, which were sent or received by mobile phone:

    • SMS, MMS
    • WhatsApp (Click here to find how to Spy on Whatsapp) and iMessage
    • Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber
    • E-mail and other messengers

Honestly, it’s the first and most frequently used function, especially if you spy on your child’s or spouse’s mobile phone.

  • Track multimedia files

This feature is the most useful for heedful parents who want to know more about children’s life. Young generation adores taking photos and showing off in the social media. Unfortunately, sometimes it leads to bad effects. The app allows you to watch all pictures and videos in the tracking phone’s gallery and see which of them are posted in timelines of social networks.

  • Get info about address book

Mobile Spy helps you to control all calls. It shows you all contact names, call duration and time. This spying feature is widely used by companies and even corporations, which are spending lots of money for phone communications. They need to be sure that no one is selling the inside information to competitors. Wives and husbands also can dispel or confirm their doubts about the working calls and continuous talks of their spouses.

mobile spy

  • Check GPS navigation map

Sometimes it is crucial to find out someone’s location. If you have a very old grandparent with memory problems, it is the most important and the only possible way to find your relative. Want to know what your employees are doing when they leave office during the working day? Mobile Spy can quickly detect the exact location of the monitoring mobile phone. Moreover, it shows you the history of all movements and send alerts if the phone user has crossed the lines of permitted areas. It is a necessary feature for parents who want to highlight some unwished zones for kids and control their actions during the day.

  • Manage all files, apps, and internet activity

Taken photos, downloaded and Bluetooth received files are at your disposal. What is more, even deleted files will not protect proprietor’s mobile phone. Activity and files will be saved in your online account. The program also allows you to manage all files as well as delete history, download on computer or tablet.

Another useful possibility is the administration function. You can uninstall harmful programs, change settings (add to “blacklist” some websites, for example), and view the history of the web browser.

  • LIVE screen viewing and real-time sound check

Maybe it is the most attractive opportunity the app offers. Just imagine, the invisible program allows you to monitor the display activity of the tracking phone in the real time! This option is essential for couples, for instance, who want to see what messages their spouses are typing or who are they calling after the big family quarrel.

Most Common Issues That Mobile Spy Solves

mobile_spy app

You’ve noticed that something went wrong with your child
All attentive parents worry about their children, especially during adolescence. Quite often, the phone is the closest friend of your kid. Parents’ minds like “Who is his/her new friend? Maybe he has started to take drugs? How serious are her relations with that guy?” are normal and answers to these questions can easily help to prevent or solve huge issues. Just use mobile phone spying app and learn essential information about your children.

Your employees solder on their job
Optimization is a vital component of any business, especially if something goes wrong. Social networks, unreasonable calls, and games steal company’s results and profits. If you’ve faced with similar problems, it is the right time to use spying program for employees’ mobile phones.

You just want to dispel any doubts
In case if you have issues with your family relations, if you are concerned on unknown calls, deleted SMS and flowers from strangers, you may think about a purchasing of Mobile Spy app. It helps you to get answers and save your nerves.

Why Exactly Mobile Spy?

This company develops spying software since 2003. They have 24/7 support service located in Florida and always are ready to help their clients. They provide regular improving and updating aimed for amendment usability and confirming their conscientious attitude to each customer.

Simple and reliable online service is the result of the thorough work. 95% of clients are fully satisfied with the Mobile Spy app.

Preparation for Use

Before you start to use Mobile Spy, you should find out, if such apps are allowed in your region. It’s unlikely to be a problem, but to check won’t be an excess. You must be sure that a monitored phone can be spied. The list of permitted phones looks impressive, but it won’t take a lot of your time. We recommend using free demo version before you make a final decision.

If you’ve read our article and realized that you really need spying software, take a look at Mobile Spy app. This program satisfies most of spying needs. We sincerely hope that it will make your life more comfortable and peaceful.

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