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Important notice: Do not hurry to install this mobile application on your mobile phone – it’s no longer in service as the consequences were worse than expected. Based on the numerous comments from the customers, we have decided that the best spying software list will look this way with the mSpy tool in the first place!

For those phone users who want to in full control of a situation and make their lives safer, there is one simple and affordable solution. A phone application with remote spying option or simply monitoring will make your live easier, clearer, and safer. No need to hire expensive detectives or to become a secret agent. Modern technologies offer a wide range of digital solutions for various tasks and budgets. And we are talking about Android and iOS monitoring applications such as SpyBubble.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular and easy to use solutions on the market. SpyBubble can be easily installed on any phone with a modern platform such as Android or iOS. If you are a parent who wants to protect his child or an employer who want to control his corporate devices and secret info, SpyBubble is the perfect choice to you. To learn more about its features and advantages, please, proceed with reading.

Features of SpyBubble


There is a long history of various operating systems and their attempts to make their phones safe to use. Android and iOS are two the most popular platforms on phones all over the world today. SpyBubble is compatible with these two, and they cooperate perfectly. After the installation you will be able to monitor a target phone remotely with such useful features:

  • Track messages

New technology era brought a new way of communication. Now we use our fingers to tap letters and short messages for multiple times during the day. SpyBubble is able to record every single word that was received or send from a target phone.

  • SMS, MMS
  • Monitor WhatsApp, Viber, and iMessage
  • Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber
  • E-mail and other messengers

All these points are available for a SpyBubble user from the very start. And you can believe us; this feature works perfectly.

  • Multimedia monitoring

Nowadays people make dozens of multimedia content during an average day. Photos, videos, audio, etc. All this content is available for your view. This SpyBubble feature will be extremely helpful to parents who want to know what exactly their kids do when their parents are not around.

  • Phone call history and phone book view

Mobile phones are still phones, and calls are the major part of our lives even after decades after its invention. But nowadays you even do not need to in the same room with the target phone user to know what, when, and how long he or she was talking on a phone. Just install SpyBubble on a target phone and track all the incoming and outgoing calls with few simple taps on your screen. This feature is useful for all types of customers no matter why they are using SpyBubble. Spouses, parents, and employees will love it with no doubt.

  • GPS location tracking

Sometimes checking GPS location tracking can tell you more than just a GPS location of the target phone user. Sometimes this feature saves lives! We are talking about kidnapping and other dangerous stuff that often happens to the kids of different ages. This simple SpyBubble feature can be the only chance for you to find a missed person. Or you can just control your employees when they are not at the office in their working time. Is she the traffic jam? Well, check it with SpyBubble.  Another helpful purpose of the GPS tracker is about lost or stolen phones.

  • Applications blocking and control

There are lots of various applications on your phone, and you just do not want your kids to use them while playing games on your phone. Well, just block them with SpyBubble. It is simple and very useful.

Most Common Issues That SpyBubble Can Solve


  • Something wrong to your kid
    If you are an attentive parent, you will easily notice when it is something wrong with you kid. Teenagers are very sensitive and require constant support and control to avoid harm and traumas. So with the help of SpyBubble, you will easily know who is your son’s or daughter’s new friend. What is she looking for on the Internet and where is your kid after the school.
  • Problems with your employees
    First of all, SpyBubble is about optimization of the working process. Business purposes are the most popular for this phone spy. With its help, you can easily see how your corporate phones and tablets are used by the employees. Or you can easily identify an agent of a competitive company who is stealing your corporate secrets.
  • Blowing away or proving your doubts
    Family life is a challenge, and sometimes we get lost in a routine. Your spouse looks weird, and he or she seems to have some secrets from you. Well, it is a job for SpyBubble. Install this application on your spouse’s phone and check out all the doubtful messages, calls, websites, etc. This will help you to get some solid evidence that will help you to prove or disapprove your doubts.

Why SpyBubble?


As you see, there are various reasons why people to use SpyBubble. This application is one of the most popular on the market today. You will easily find it in different phone spies tops and reviews. This one is another one positive thing for you to read about SpyBubble. It is a reliable application with no performance or safety issues. SpyBubble is easy to use, install, and remove. This application is totally invisible to a target phone user and has a user-friendly interface.

How it Works

Just visit the official website of SpyBubble and download the application due to your phone’s operating system. Besides, you can check the compatibility list on the website too. If there will be any problems with the installation or usage, you can contact SpyBubble official customer support team which is available 24/7. Do not waste your time and ask for help if it is really needed.

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