keyloggerComputers have turned our life upside down. It is impossible to imagine a modern world with computers. Let’s be honest – computers have become an integral part of our lifes and a useful tool. However, this useful tool can be dangerous and requires control. If your kid is using a computer and the Internet on an everyday basis, you know how difficult it is to control flow and content of information he /she gets access to.

Entrepreneurs face a similar problem. They confess that performance of certain employees dramatically decreases when they get unlimited access to the Internet as they start spending more time online rather than doing their job. In addition, democratic Internet usage policy increases risks of confidential and sensitive information disclosure. Good news is that there is a solution that will not limit access to the worldwide network but provide more control – keylogger.

Keylogger is monitoring downloadable software or small hardware used to control computer activity. Keylogger gives you the possibility to track the activity of your kids and employees in a non-intrusive way as it works in visible and invisible modes. Using keylogger programs is absolutely legitimate. Parents are entitled to control their underage children. And business owners have the right to install monitoring software on computers and phones that are owned by the company.

As keyloggers are getting more and more popular, computer users face the problem of finding a good program to install on the computer. The following expert review will provide you with a better insight into keylogger programs.

Choose the Best Keylogger Software

There is an immensely vast diversity of tracking programs on the market. Even though they were designed with one purpose, they have different features. Your choice of a program will greatly depend on the place of its usage. Some programs will be more suitable for home usage; others will be a brilliant solution for big and small businesses.


mSpy keylogger is one of the most popular tracking solutions. It can be installed both on the phone and computer. Moreover, it is a brilliant choice for office work and for personal usage. The program is compatible with various OS including windows and iPhone OS.  Parents recommend mSpy as this is an extremely user-friendly program. And you will not have any difficulties installing it on your tablet or laptop. mSpy has a number of very useful features:

  • You will get information on keystrokes of all computer users. This feature will help you protect your children from a suspicious online friend as you will know every word typed. Moreover, you will get access to all sent and received e-mails, Word documents, and other types of docs.
  • mSpy takes screenshots of computer desktop which is a solid proof of what your employees are doing at work.

Refog Keylogger

refog-keyloggerRefog Keylogger is another program that will not keep any computer activity hidden from you. This software will be a perfect choice for a home usage allowing you to track your kids’ remotely.

  • User-friendly. You do not need special skills and knowledge to understand how to install Refog Keylogger. The program is very simple and can be used by anyone.
  • Key presses. Refog keeps information on everything that has been typed on the computer. It does not matter whether it was online chat, text document or e-mail. Refog presents logs also of all messengers.
  • Capture images of a desktop. If you need more information about what was happening on the computer while you were away, check screenshot made by the program.

Spy Era

spyeraAnother brilliant tool to make sure your kid is safe is called Spy Era. Let’s be honest, when you were a kid, you definitely wanted to be a spy. Congratulations! With Spay Era you have such a nice opportunity. This Spy application is compatible with the most popular phones and operation systems – Blackberry, Android, iPhones, etc. In addition to that, the developers offer a 10-day trial period. If you do not like application, you are offered to uninstall it and get their money back.

  • Spy Era has the unique function of recording calls and listening alive. When your kid receives a call, you receive a notification informing about it.
  • You receive data on all messages that has been sent and deleted from the phone.
  • Even if your kid set ups a password, the program will easily break it for you.

Norton Family

Keylogger AppThis is more than a simple monitoring device. Norton Family includes all features needed to protect your family. The software has a traditional built-in keylogger that present info on all strokes. And in such a way provides you with information about websites that should be blocked. Moreover, Norton Family also monitors kids’ online activity in various programs like messenger or Skype.

Free-KeyloggerKeylogger from HeavenWard

Free Keylogger is simple and efficient. Even though it has features common to most monitoring programs, Free Keylogger is an excellent solution for parents who are concerned about their kids. Nevertheless, the following software will be suitable for installation in the office too.

Apart from traditional tools such as taking screenshots of desktop and saving keystrokes typed in any program or messenger or e-mail, foreigners will be happy to hear that the program works in any language that computer supports. Like most keylogger, Free Keylogger can perform in two modes- visible and invisible.

Safety is above everything

If you want to protect your family and your business, take a serious approach to choosing monitoring software. Do not hurry when making a choice. Take some time to read reviews and think of which one suits your needs more. The right choice will protect your children from getting access to inappropriate information, and your business will start working much better.


iKeyMonitor is a special kind of software that was designed for monitoring electronic devices such as phones and tablets. It is a breakthrough on the market of spyware. It is easy to use and affordable. iKeymonitor has a great range of functions including the exclusive features. Besides tracking calls, messages, GPS location and online activities on social media, this keylogger enables you to block inappropriate content and apps, the screen time limit, etc.

The app was created for parents who take care of their children. As well as employers and business owners who worry about the confidentiality of their company’s information. IKeyMonitor is compatible with all Android devices (cell phones as well as different tablets) and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods). iKeyMonitor is considered to be the best keylogger for Android.

Many problems can be solved. And many doubts can be dispelled with the help of such keyloggers. Are worrying where is your child now? Or your spouse or significant other is overly secretive with his phone? Confidential information about your company had leaked to your competitors. And you suspect your employees? Find answers to all of your questions with the help of the following iKeyMonitor review.

How does iKeyMonitor work?


The operating principle of the application is that the keylogger logs all online and offline activities that go through the target device. After capturing the data the app delivers it using FTP, your personal account or send it via emails. The keylogger enables you to track phone calls, messages, chats and conversations on messengers, photos, videos, GPS locations, browser history, profiles, news feed on social media networks.

How to Use iKeyMonitor?

IKeyMonitor is the best keylogger that can be used for monitoring iPhones, iPads, iPos, Android phones and tablets. It is able to track SMS, chats, keystrokes, passwords, visited websites, screenshots. The app is easy to install and easy to use. You need to follow several simple steps:

  • First of all, find and download the version of the app that you need.
  • Launch the installation file in order to install the keylogger.
  • Customize settings following the prompts.
  • You do not need to reboot the device.
  • Create your personal account.
  • Sign in to view all tracked data.

The Most Used Features Of iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor-2IKeyMonitor was created predominantly for parental control and for monitoring employees by business owners and TOP managers. The keylogger provides a complex set of features. All together they provide complete perfect monitoring of the target device. The range of features can vary depending on the type of license. The keylogger enables the user to:

  • Log SMS and phone calls.

    You will get access to the copies of all sent and receives SMS messages. All incoming and outgoing calls. This applies to both the iOS devices and Android devices;

  • Record voice messages.

    The keylogger can easily record voice mails and messages and deliver them to the subscriber. This applies to the voice messages on WhatsApp, Viber, Wechat, KakaoTalk, Line, etc.;

  • Spy on messages

    Spy on chats and all conversations on numerous social messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.). And profiles on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin,);

  • Track the content of Emails.

    IKeyMonitor enables you to read content of emails, time and dates of all emails, other details;

  • Log keystrokes and all passwords.

    IKeyMonitor can track all keystrokes, passwords and pasted text of any length. You will have information on all passwords from the target device by its owner even in the hidden mode;

  • Monitor browser history.

    The keylogger will show all visited websites. The app logs every URL from the target phone or tablet. This feature applies to Android Chrome,  iOS Safari, or Android Stock browsers;

  • Track GPS location of the owner of the target phone.

    The keylogger provides information on the location of the target phone by your request display it using the virtual map;

  • Monitor names in the address book.

    The keylogger can log all names and other important details of the address book such as emails, dates of calls, etc.;

  • View notes, memos, reminders and events on the calendar. Date and time of all events, all reminders and notes will be available with the help of this keylogger.

Is It Possible To Monitor Someone’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

And the answer is yes! IKeyMonitor works in the stealth mode. It means that this keylogger is completely invisible. There are apps that the owner can easily detect on the target phone. But not IKeyMonitor. The user of the target device wouldn’t detect the keylogger unless he is a hacker. Or he is aware of what exactly he should look for. After installation, the application hides from the Desktop, the Start Menu and even from the Control Panel-Programs. IKeyMonitor stays invisible even after the license period is over.

How Much Does iKeyMonitor Cost?

ikeymonitor-pricingThere are different licenses and packages of IKeyMonitor. Most noteworthy, you can choose the packages that fit you the best.

IKeyMonitor Standard

It is the standard package with a common set of features and affordable prices. With this option, you will have to pay the price. Which starts from $14 for one month if you buy a year license. If you buy only one-month license, the price will be higher. And you will have to pay $39.

In fact, there is an opportunity to save your money buying a long-term license for this keylogger. There is also an option of a 50% discount for the second license if you need to monitor more that one device.  IKeyMonitor Standard provides:

  • Keystrokes in any Application (emails, messages, Internet surfing, activities on social networks, );
  • Remote upgrade of keylogger;
  • The ability to renew the license of keylogger remotely;
  • The ability to turn on/off the keylogger remotely using online panel;
  • Feature of blocking apps or games in determined time (bedtime or homework time);
  • Logs on GPS location of the target device.

It should be mentioned that iOS jailbreaking and rooting of Android are required to perform some features properly. You can receive logs using FTP or Email.

IKeyMonitor Online

As for iKeyMonitor Online package, the price varies from $29 to $59 for one month. The price depends on the period of subscription. For example, you will pay $29 for one month if you decide to buy a 12-month license of keylogger. And you will have to pay $39 if buy a 6-months subscription. The highest price is $59 – if you but only  1-month license.

IKeyMonitor Online includes all features that are provided by iKeyMonitor Standard and some else:

  • Capturing of screenshots on touch actions;
  • Remote Configuration of the keylogger;
  • Ability to control logs using personal online account;
  • Recording of voice messages(available for iOS only).

Android KeyloggerAre you concerned sometimes about giving the phone to your children? Then you can try using keylogger apps. They are able to release your tension and will give your child a kind of definitely secure browsing. In this article, you can find the information on what an Android keylogger is, the main things you should know about it. It is the thing that can protect the target device from revealing offensive content.

What Is the Keylogger?

It is an app which may be called a keystroke logger. It is a mobile spying tool that tracks and monitors activity of the owner of the target device. Such apps are considered as a spyware that secretly monitors all emails, SMS messages, and any other information and data that goes through the target Android device. Several years ago spyware was used mainly by spies and cyber criminals who wanted to track user activities in order to steal users’ passwords and private information.

Today Android keylogger is used by parents who want to make sure that everything is alright with their kids as well as by employers who want to be sure that his or her employees use the company’s devices for work purposes only.

Why Use Android Keylogger?

Most professional and analytical reviews have shown that despite the expense of some applications they are still beneficial to the user. Besides, there are many free apps. But even if you have to pay for the subscription, money cannot buy that peace of mind which it gives you. A great number of satisfied users all around the world have expressed their high satisfaction with the result of monitoring. What is the most important, that there is no need to worry about your children for their accessing unfit web portals and websites. If you use spyware, you won’t worry about your employees using the devices of your company in some manner that can be unsatisfactory to the values and rules of the company’s policies.

Main Things You should Know about Android Keylogger

Android KeyloggerIt is a special spy app for Android devices which is undetectable, highly advanced and free. What does it mean? It actually means that the app will not compromise the operating system. At the same time, it will gather all the keystrokes you need for sophisticated monitoring. The best part of the app is the exclusive simplicity it provides. It should be noticed that there are many free applications that can easily obtain all data from third-party keyboards.

How to start using it

In order to use it, you have to follow several easy steps:

  • Choose the application. For this purpose you can read reliable reviews here;
  • Go to the official website of the app and create your personal online account;
  • Go to the website of the Android Keylogger from the device you want to track;
  • Download the installation file and install keylogger on your phone;
  • Activate your personal panel or account;
  • Log in to your account;
  • Start your monitoring.

Features of the Application

Android Keylogger

Main features

Android keylogger records all the keystrokes and after that sends the data to the special log file which is available for the user from his or her personal control panel.

It also provides real-time or near real-time data synchronization. It means that when a keystroke is performed using the keyboard on the target phone, it will be immediately visible in the user’s online panel.

If you become the user of spy application, you need to obtain a physical access to the target device only once. After the installation, all data that goes through the device and all the features will be accessible from the control panel. You can sign in from your tablet, computer or phone with a stable Internet connection.

Additional Options

Android keylogger is a special spy app developed for smartphones and tablets. It usually provides a standard keylogger option. But it’s absolutely great that it is just one of many other features it offers. Additional options include the next ones:

  • Full data control. It means that all files like sounds, videos, pictures, etc. will be in a full view using the personal control panel. What can you do with them? The files may be deleted, modified, extracted, and locked;
  • GPS tracking. With the help of an internal GPS module of a target cell phone, the app will determine and show the exact GPS location of the user of the target phone in real-time. It will be displayed on the map;
  • Message access. Android spy apps also give the opportunity to read all received and sent messages, including SMS messages, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder chats and conversations. The list of the apps can vary, but almost all spy applications support all modern messengers and social networks;
  • Application control. You can block or even delete some selected apps that are installed on the targeted phone;
  • Call management. The spy application provides the ability to listen to all incoming and outgoing calls, record them, download and listen to the recordings;
  • The Web monitoring. You are able to pay attention to all visited web pages and websites (track the time, date logs and even the length of the visit). Sometimes you will be able to limit the access to a selected websites.

SIM change notification

This great option means that if the owner of the target device changes the SIM card, you’ll get the notification about this fact.

Remote control

Many applications provide the option of remote control. It means that you may control the targeted Android phone or uninstall the application using your personal control panel.

As you can see there is nothing hard. Every user can cope with the installation process. So don’t be afraid of using keyloggers. Just try them and you will see how many benefits you can get. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments.

remote keylogger

More and more people all over the world decide to use remote keylogger apps. Reasons to get such a program on your phone can be different. Let’s learn if you can install such remote keylogger for Android & iPhone.

How to install keylogger program remotely on Android?

Keylogger for Android requires you to have access to a target device for installation. It is an easy task if the target phone or tablet belongs to your kid, spouse or any other family member. Also, it is easy to download a keylogger on corporate devices. But lots of users are seeking ways to install a keylogger REMOTELY with no need to hold someone else’s gadget.

We must say that installation of a spy app on Android remotely is almost impossible. To get someone’s  password or to read messages, you need to get access to a device. There are lots of modern monitoring programs for an Android operating system that are able to satisfy your spying needs. The only thing you can do to spy on Android phone remotely is asking a person for installation it by himself. Here is how it could be done:

  • Launch your personal account on the official website of the app you have chosen
  • Create a special installation link for your chosen remote keylogger
  • Send a link to a target person via email or private chat
  • It should not be too suspicious, so a target person could click on it
  • The installation of a remote keylogger will begin right after a link will be activated
  • You get a notification on your control panel that the new target device is monitoring.

How to install remote keylogger software on iPhone?

remote keylogger

Android system is not available for direct remote installation. However, spy apps working with iOS offer one easy way. This type of tracking tools does not require you jailbreaking iPhone or iPad. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Get Apple ID & Password that belong to a device you want to track.
  • Activate iCloud backup on that iPhone.
  • Register your personal account on the official website.

There are two applications to help you out remotely. mSpy & Highster Mobile work with Apple IDs and will provide you with perfect monitoring options via iCloud.

Top 5 Keyloggers

remote keyloggerThere are lots of valuable and reliable remote install keyloggers on a market. You may find lots of reviews online to make a choice. Some of them were reviewed on our website. Here are few best trackers we recommend you to install with or without physical access to a target phone.

Auto Forward Remote Keylogger

remote keyloggerAuto Forward Spy among hundreds of other spy apps has its own place and a large army of fans. It is on a market more than five years and has recommended itself as a reliable & constantly evolving spying force. Auto Forward Spy has a wide and flexible list of options and features. It makes this app a perfect match for various types of users all over the world.

You may spy on text messages, calls, web browser history, and enjoy high speed of performance. Also, the app deals with a great variety of mobile devices as it is compatible with almost all operating systems existing these days. And all this is available just for $29.99 per month.

Highster Mobile Keylogger

remote keyloggerHighster Mobile is a perfect spying application in almost every sense. You should try this application if you want to have a remote keylogger for Android and iPhone. It was one of the earliest remote spy apps on a market (its history started in 2009) and one of the earliest ones to offer monitoring services without actual installation on the target device.

If you need to spy on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak, all you need to do is just to get Highster Mobile. Find out target phone’s Apple ID and password. Every step we have already described in the previous paragraph. It also has a reasonable price of $29.99 per month.

Easy Spy

remote keyloggerEasy Spy is a reliable tracker with a bunch of useful & unique features. You can monitor any phone or tablet with no risk of being detected or recognized. Like any other modern remote spy app, Easy Spy can deal with all text messages, even deleted and old ones. It can track incoming and outgoing phone calls and even GPS location of the target device.

To get this fantastic application on your mission you just need to pay $69.99 as a one-time fee and enjoy the quality of its performance with no additional payments. All updates and upgrades of the program are free and will be performed automatically.


remote keyloggerThis application is available both for Android and iOS. It is well-known all over the world as reliable, affordable, and user-friendly spying solution everyone can use. You just need to do few simple steps to install the application on the target phone and start monitoring it without any risks. You can track every text message and even instant messengers: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and others.

All social media are also available for your monitoring. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat are just a few of those accounts you can track. All monitoring process you can control from any device you want through your private control panel. The application is available at a very reasonable price of $29.99 per month.


remote keyloggerThe last on our list, but on the top of the remote spy app market charts. mSpy is one of the most popular and successful spy application on the modern market. It has every feature you can imagine and need to succeed in your spying mission. The keylogger is just one side of this mighty spying force. It is totally undetectable and one of those few keyloggers that offer a remote installation option.

  • Find a full mSpy review here

mSpy works with iPhones & iPads without the need to physically contact and to jailbreak them. As Highster Mobile this keylogger just needs Apple ID and password of the target phone to start monitoring every action on it. Also, it has various packages to satisfy needs of every user and customer.

Why You May Need a Keylogger

remote keyloggerAll the monitoring apps out there have one root and history. These days people usually use keyloggers to protect their kids, family, and for other personal needs. You may have your own reason to use a keylogger, but we mentioned few common and most often ones below:

  • Your kid behaves weirdly and unusual

This is the case when parents get freaked out every time their kid leaves room or house. Those teens have their own worlds on their minds, and we as parents need to know everything about it to keep them safe until it is too late. Use a mobile spy software to know where is your child going after school and who is calling him every day.

  • Your kid has suspicious friends

Our kids are angels, and we don’t want them to get into trouble. But those new friends we don’t know yet can hurt our children and bring a serious misery. Find out if they are taking drugs or doing something inappropriate and how it influences your kid.

  • Your employees are constantly late to the office

If your employee is lying you about his way to the office and regular delays, you can easily track his corporate phone with GPS location.


Everyone has a reason to use a key logger. It is a great modern tool to protect your family and yourself. And what is your reason to use a tracker? Have you tried one already? Please, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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