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  • Allows parents to block certain content and set limits on screen time
  • Keylogger records every activity
  • Takes hidden screenshots
  • Has a "Free" plan
  • Multiple languages


iKeyMonitor is a special kind of software that was designed for monitoring electronic devices such as phones and tablets. It is a breakthrough on the market of spyware. It is easy to use and affordable. iKeymonitor has a great range of functions including the exclusive features. Besides tracking calls, messages, GPS location and online activities on social media, this keylogger enables you to block inappropriate content and apps, the screen time limit, etc.

The app was created for parents who take care of their children. As well as employers and business owners who worry about the confidentiality of their company’s information. IKeyMonitor is compatible with all Android devices (cell phones as well as different tablets) and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods). iKeyMonitor is considered to be the best keylogger for Android.

Many problems can be solved. And many doubts can be dispelled with the help of such keyloggers. Are worrying where is your child now? Or your spouse or significant other is overly secretive with his phone? Confidential information about your company had leaked to your competitors. And you suspect your employees? Find answers to all of your questions with the help of the following iKeyMonitor review.

How does iKeyMonitor work?


The operating principle of the application is that the keylogger logs all online and offline activities that go through the target device. After capturing the data the app delivers it using FTP, your personal account or send it via emails. The keylogger enables you to track phone calls, messages, chats and conversations on messengers, photos, videos, GPS locations, browser history, profiles, news feed on social media networks.

How to Use iKeyMonitor?

IKeyMonitor is the best keylogger that can be used for monitoring iPhones, iPads, iPos, Android phones and tablets. It is able to track SMS, chats, keystrokes, passwords, visited websites, screenshots. The app is easy to install and easy to use. You need to follow several simple steps:

  • First of all, find and download the version of the app that you need.
  • Launch the installation file in order to install the keylogger.
  • Customize settings following the prompts.
  • You do not need to reboot the device.
  • Create your personal account.
  • Sign in to view all tracked data.

The Most Used Features Of iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor-2IKeyMonitor was created predominantly for parental control and for monitoring employees by business owners and TOP managers. The keylogger provides a complex set of features. All together they provide complete perfect monitoring of the target device. The range of features can vary depending on the type of license. The keylogger enables the user to:

  • Log SMS and phone calls.

    You will get access to the copies of all sent and receives SMS messages. All incoming and outgoing calls. This applies to both the iOS devices and Android devices;

  • Record voice messages.

    The keylogger can easily record voice mails and messages and deliver them to the subscriber. This applies to the voice messages on WhatsApp, Viber, Wechat, KakaoTalk, Line, etc.;

  • Spy on messages

    Spy on chats and all conversations on numerous social messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.). And profiles on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin,);

  • Track the content of Emails.

    IKeyMonitor enables you to read content of emails, time and dates of all emails, other details;

  • Log keystrokes and all passwords.

    IKeyMonitor can track all keystrokes, passwords and pasted text of any length. You will have information on all passwords from the target device by its owner even in the hidden mode;

  • Monitor browser history.

    The keylogger will show all visited websites. The app logs every URL from the target phone or tablet. This feature applies to Android Chrome,  iOS Safari, or Android Stock browsers;

  • Track GPS location of the owner of the target phone.

    The keylogger provides information on the location of the target phone by your request display it using the virtual map;

  • Monitor names in the address book.

    The keylogger can log all names and other important details of the address book such as emails, dates of calls, etc.;

  • View notes, memos, reminders and events on the calendar. Date and time of all events, all reminders and notes will be available with the help of this keylogger.

Is It Possible To Monitor Someone’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

And the answer is yes! IKeyMonitor works in the stealth mode. It means that this keylogger is completely invisible. There are apps that the owner can easily detect on the target phone. But not IKeyMonitor. The user of the target device wouldn’t detect the keylogger unless he is a hacker. Or he is aware of what exactly he should look for. After installation, the application hides from the Desktop, the Start Menu and even from the Control Panel-Programs. IKeyMonitor stays invisible even after the license period is over.

How Much Does iKeyMonitor Cost?

ikeymonitor-pricingThere are different licenses and packages of IKeyMonitor. Most noteworthy, you can choose the packages that fit you the best.

IKeyMonitor Standard

It is the standard package with a common set of features and affordable prices. With this option, you will have to pay the price. Which starts from $14 for one month if you buy a year license. If you buy only one-month license, the price will be higher. And you will have to pay $39.

In fact, there is an opportunity to save your money buying a long-term license for this keylogger. There is also an option of a 50% discount for the second license if you need to monitor more that one device.  IKeyMonitor Standard provides:

  • Keystrokes in any Application (emails, messages, Internet surfing, activities on social networks, );
  • Remote upgrade of keylogger;
  • The ability to renew the license of keylogger remotely;
  • The ability to turn on/off the keylogger remotely using online panel;
  • Feature of blocking apps or games in determined time (bedtime or homework time);
  • Logs on GPS location of the target device.

It should be mentioned that iOS jailbreaking and rooting of Android are required to perform some features properly. You can receive logs using FTP or Email.

IKeyMonitor Online

As for iKeyMonitor Online package, the price varies from $29 to $59 for one month. The price depends on the period of subscription. For example, you will pay $29 for one month if you decide to buy a 12-month license of keylogger. And you will have to pay $39 if buy a 6-months subscription. The highest price is $59 – if you but only  1-month license.

IKeyMonitor Online includes all features that are provided by iKeyMonitor Standard and some else:

  • Capturing of screenshots on touch actions;
  • Remote Configuration of the keylogger;
  • Ability to control logs using personal online account;
  • Recording of voice messages(available for iOS only).


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