TheOneSpy Review



SMS Logger


Surroundings recording


GPS locator


Access to cell phone data


Browser history monitoring



  • Can be installed on multiple devices
  • Provides various tracking options


  • Limited number of features
  • Remote control is not available
  • iPhone jailbreak is required

TheOneSpy software is compatible with most popular and widely used devices like iPhones, Android, and BlackBerry.

Monitoring features available to users

spy app review

Various options are offered for you to follow closely your children or spouse who acts suspiciously. Here are main features as well as benefits of installing and using TheOneSpy product:

  • The newest feature introduced to the market of surveillance software by TheOneSpy service is bugging. That includes the ability to record calls and texts, track the location of the targeted phone. Android users find these features compatible with their operating system and empowered to monitor target phone’s activity from their smartphones and tablets. Camera bug gives you a full picture of the phone’s location at a real time, and this option is very handy when dealing with children. People in a relationship also use it in own advantage tracking one another. Microphone bug is activated from your online account and records sounds surrounding the target phone as well as voices.
  • Call Logger

    Every call on a targeted phone is monitored as well. You are able to listen to all conversations uploaded to your account and monitor phone’s call log. This feature enables you to find out whom your person of interest has been calling and who’s been calling him/her;

  • GPS Tracking

    TheOneSpy software uses GPS to track the exact location. This option may be useful for employees on business trips or in case the phone was lost;

  • Text Message Tracker

    One of the most popular features that draws attention to such apps is access to text messages. Android’s SMS, BlackBerry’s PIN messages or Apple’s iMessages. They all are available at any time. TheOneSpy app is truly capable of covering every device;

spy app review

  • Contact List Spy

    Monitoring target phone’s contact list is another benefit of TheOneSpy. Described feature empowers you to browse through as well as to change phone’s contact lists;

  • Calendar Spy

    Another useful option is viewing calendar appointments along with remainders. Doing so enables you to foresee actions and take measures to alter the situation;

  • Support of multiple devices

    If your person of interest is using more than one device – don’t worry, as with described spy app multiple devices can be successfully monitored simultaneously;

  • Media Spy

    TheOneSpy app also grants you with access to phone’s gallery along with every picture or video stored there. It doesn’t matter whether a picture was taken by the cell’s camera, downloaded from the internet or obtained via email or MMS – in any case, it is saved in target phone’s gallery. All kind of multimedia your spouse, kids or co-workers have saved on their cells or tablets is available for your monitoring;

  • Remote installation

    With TheOneSpy services anyone is able to monitor their loved ones or colleagues as well as track their activities such as sending messages or emails, making phone calls in real time from wherever you wish, even from another continent. This remote mode of operation makes your spying experience even easier. Remote tracking feature allows you to establish all mentioned above options from any location. As always you will be able to send SMS commands to target phones and monitor various devices – phones or tablets;

  • It is also useful to check browser history and in this case you have full access as well. Dealing with target phone’s browser you will find out about made bookmarks and recently visited websites.

Social media messengers

smm messegers

One of the most important and most useful features provided by reviewed surveillance product is the ability to mess with social media messengers. From now on you are able to read chats in the following social services:

  • WhatsApp – one of the most popular and widely used services to exchange instant messages. TheOneSpy gives you a chance to review all WhatsApp chats, listen to audio-video conversations, monitor exchanged files, etc.
  • Perfect app to spy on Facebook. Also you can monitor the flow of information while reading latest messages and reviewing list of friends;
  • Skype. Dealing with this service, one can work with various chats, follow on every detail regarding every member, review exchanged files as well as read documents and other data shared via Skype.
  • Viber is another one popular way of communication and mostly used by youth. Here you will also review chats, created groups of members participating in communication and exchanged photos or various documents;
  • Another popular communication network available for your monitoring is Line. TheOneSpy app offers you to read chats and group chats as well, record audio and video communication, monitor shared files, review contact list and much more;
  • Google services are something we cannot imagine our lives without. So here we have Gmail also ready for your examination. Time, date and content of every sent or received email are available for you at any time.

Modern spy apps are offering us to create a safe environment for our children and other family members to live in as well as protects our professional activity from “moles” that stealing commercial secrets. It is important to use such services wisely in order not to cross the line and become obsessed with manipulating and controlling lives of people who surround us. You can also try alternatives to TheOneSpy, like Ownspy, for example.

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