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  • Easy to use
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  • Customization for apps is not available
  • Customization for specific data is not available
  • A separate license is required

A lot of people might question the importance of mobile spy apps, such as XNSPY, which let one track other people’s phone activity. But if you read different customer reviews, a particular testimonial can always make you change your mind. One of the customers shared her story about her grandfather. He had difficulties with finding his way back home. Of course, all members of the family worried about this problem. They were looking for the best possible ways to protect him from getting lost.

Finally, the decision to buy him an Android phone and install a mobile spy app on it. This way, family members were sure they would be able to detect his location anytime they need. There are different types of mobile spy apps. You can get a free online demo of such a tool to see how it works. In this post, we are going to talk about XNSPY, one of the best tracking tools of this generation.


What Is the Function of XNSPY?

XNSPY is a recent innovation that became extremely popular with people around the world. These applications can solve a lot of problems with the help of their sets of unique features.

Parental Control

Online life can be dangerous for children if parents have no control over it. According to various findings, a massive number of teens get in contact with online strangers who turn out to be much older than they say. They always get a lot of inappropriate scams. Teen drug and sex issues are closely connected with children’s active social network life. XNSPY helps parents feel more confident about their children’s safety. XNSPY lets parents keep an eye on what their children are doing online.

Employee Monitoring

People’s privacy is essential and should be respected. But owners of businesses must protect their interest as well. For this reason, they use this mobile spy app to track their employee’s phone activity. Employers need to know if no confidential information is being leaked. They want to make sure their employees are not distracted by the Internet at work and do not download any suspicious or inappropriate files. XNSPY is the best option for employees monitoring.

Watching a Spouse

This option is still somewhere in the grey area. It is up to you to decide if you want to crack your spouse’s cell phone and learn about his/ her secret life.

Such an opportunity exists, and a lot of people decide to risk it and spy on their spouses. For them, it is better to know the truth than to be unaware of what is going on and be a fool.

How Does XNSPY Work?

Just like other popular advanced mobile spy tools, XNSPY is invisible for the target device owner. Once you download and install it on the target phone or tablet, it will start to run in the background. So, there is no way your employee or child will be able to find it. If you want to track an iPhone or an Android phone, this application is perfectly compatible with both devices. Both jailbroken and not jailbroken iPhones are good for XNSPY.

If an iPhone has no jailbreak, you will need the iCloud credentials of this device. These two options offer users different features because the second version has fewer options. If you want to install XNSPY to the phone with no jailbreak, you won’t need physical access to it. Everything can be done remotely with AppleID and password. If you wonder how this app looks like, go to the Live Demo page on their official website. To uninstall XNSPY, you do not need to have physical access to the monitored device. In case you would like to buy XNSPY and wish you could save some money, you could get a discount coupon. Search for this option online.

Which Features Do XNSPY Offer Customers?

Now let us look at what XNSPY users get by purchasing this app:

  • XNSPY users track phone calls and view all contacts. They get all the details about the calls, including time and date, and can get alerts if a certain number is calling.
  • They view SMS messages and read IM texts. Such messengers as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc. are available for XNSPY users.
  • Users can track GPS location. They see the exact current GPS location of the phone. They also view the route history.
  • XNSPY users access somebody’s email, no need to hack a Gmail account.
  • Users track people’s online activity. They can see browsing history and bookmarks.
  • They record and listen to calls and phone surroundings.
  • Users have access to all multimedia files. All video, audio, and image files are available with XNSPY.
  • It is possible to control the target device remotely. XNSPY users can lock the target device, erase data from it, and check apps installed on the device.
  • Users always get alerts if something is going wrong on the monitored phone or tablet.

XNSPY is one of the best mobile spy apps of this generation. To read the list of TOP 10 best apps that let you track other people’s phones go to the main page of our website. ATTENTION: These apps are designed only for legal tracking of children and employees.

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