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Cell phone spying isn’t something innovative nowadays, but choosing of good software is a rather hard decision. There are a lot of details you should know about such programs. Bellow in the review you’ll find answers to the major questions and evidence of why you should pay attention to Auto Forward spy app. The review of such program looks like a regarding of the perfect dish. You may look at it from all sides and even find some shortcomings, but they can’t spoil the impression. Auto Forward suggest a full feature set, easy and clear installation, no rooting or jailbreaking. Perfect pricing conditions makes this spyware one of the leaders on curious spy market.

Who Can Benefit from Auto Forward Spy?

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You are a businessman. So, you are careful with money. If you have your own staff, likely you have provided them with the cell phones and pay a monthly fee for the corporate communication and the Internet using. Just install Auto Forward on every mobile device and control all your employees.

You are a heedful parent. Therefore, you should know maximum information about your child’s activity. The personal gadget is a perfect method to know everything while being invisible. You may perform proper corrections with surgical accuracy and prevent harmful influence on your descendant.

You are afraid of data loss. Your everyday activity is closely related to the mobile phone, and you need a powerful and reliable way to protect all data. Only one payment (no more periodical payments!) would also defend your nerve.

What Can Auto Forward Do?

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When we are talking about such universal application with numerous positive reviews as Auto Forward, it is not surprising that it can ensure various opportunities. When programmers have started to work on this software, they wanted it could fish for maximum information from any portative device. And when the goal was reached, the first appliance was to ensure a full recovery. It means that Auto Forward provides access to the information at the basic level that is a true cornerstone of the efficient and stable work. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if Android or iOS-based gadget like iPhone is used.

Going back to classic tracking and monitoring, the list of available functions and features of Auto Forward app is impressive enough. Almost all possible applications and phone activities are under a full remote control from your account, including:

  • Calls.

    Track time, duration and any phone number via your personal account. What is more, you can interrupt threatening calls; record suspicious ones or add them to the black list.

  • Social networks.

    Easily explore every social website or its app. It means that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iMessanger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and others are under full control. Logins and passwords wouldn’t be in secret; sent messages and media files with its help will also be available. Even SnapChat (a modern way to send a message, which would be deleted in a few seconds after the opponent has got it) notifications will be saved in Auto Forward account.

  • Location.

    You will easily look through GPS online review and route map of the phone. It is a fine way to confirm truth or lie.

  • Apps.

    They are under full control. You may customize or even block them remotely.

  • Texts.

    You can spy on any type of text messages (received and sent). In addition, you are able to read every SMS or MMS as well as emails even if there were deleted.

  • Browsers.

    Websites history and activity will be in your Auto Forward account without any exclusion. You may block harmful ones. It is the best assist to prevent adult sites visiting.

  • Alerts.

    When the person types some prohibited words on the target phone, you get a particular alarm.

  • Diagnostics.

    The basic information about a mobile device (battery lifetime, Wi-fi & Bluetooth connection and status) is always near you.

  • Images.

    You will view taken and downloaded pictures on your personal online account.

  • Videos.

    View every video you record even from a distance.

  • Remote functions.

    Remote functions. Live surrounding due to the microphone and remote taking of pictures even greater expand the range of opportunities.

To finish the list of possibilities, we should mention that the aim of almost all of them is to fix out the complete phone recovery. That’s why each functions works great. It is not surprising that customers highly appreciate the program and write good reviews with pleasure.

What are the Advantages Comparing with Competitors?

The market of modern spy software offers various modifications of their programs. Some attract with maximum functionality but scare off with the price. Some grabs your interest with their monthly fee but disappoint because the support is absent or jailbreaking and rooting are the necessity. Let’s look more attentively at the leaders of spy emporium and excrete their drawbacks.

mSpy app doesn’t have a possibility to intercept calls and can’t record surrounding, but doesn’t require rooting and have fine support and competitive price. uMobix isn’t able to catch calls, need jailbreaking and have a common support, but can lure with an affordable fee. FlexiSpy, and SpyEra have all possible functions, but they are rather costly. Auto Forward provides you with all needed options, fine support, and attractive price. Probably, the single drawback is that you have to pay extra money for extended warranty or the top-notch telephone customer support. But it is not a must.

Is Pricing the Major Superiority?

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You may be assured that when we are talking about Auto Forward, pricing is the first preference. Think only; you don’t need to pay every month or quarter fee for using such software. Rare producer of spy apps cannot offer such conditions.

First and final price for using Auto Forward is $69.99. For this amount, you’ll get a full package of functions without any using limits. Furthermore, Auto Forward will install updates without any problems and requests for extra pay. As we’ve mentioned above, only if you want to be among premium persons for the support team, you need some additional money.


Have you ever wanted to find out some forbidden information? You may not give an answer because human nature always wants to know more, especially if such info is prohibited. What is the easiest way to get taboo data about someone? In the modern world, you need just to track someone’s phone. One of the most helpful spy application for such need is Autoforward Spy.

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