Effective Digital Family Protection with Geofencing

Geofencing Modern technologies did a great job, and now we live in future our predecessors couldn’t even dream about. Or could they? For sure in some old fiction movies, you heard about systems and so called bugs that spy on people. Well, today those ideas are real and what is even more exciting you can use those systems in your everyday life! Yes, today we’re going to talk about geofencing.

Geofencing Definition

The official definition of the geofencing says it is a virtual area that reflects the real geographical district and borders it using GPS location tracking system. Of course, you can read lots of various articles and official Wikipedia definition about geofencing, but we are here to teach you simpler and clearer. We will tell you how to use geofencing in your everyday life or business.

Simply talking, geofencing helps you to enclose some particular area on the digital map as you do it on a paper one. Then this area is marked as the dangerous one or whatever you want. The person who is your target, for example, a kid or husband, is not allowed to enter that dangerous area and as soon as he does it, you receive an alarm on your phone. It is how you can use it for your personal use. Also, geofencing is a tool for people who deal with targeting advertising.

But today we want to talk with you about the personal area of use of geofencing. This feature is a perfect solution for all your parental control needs or even monitoring of your employees activity. Any family monitor is not complete without geofencing, and now you are going to know why. There is nothing to lie about as everything is just as simple as it seems.

How to Install Geofencing on Your Phone

Geofencing First of all, you should know that the most reliable applications that provide geofence options are not just about GPS tracking at all. The best apps to provide you with this incredible and extremely helpful tool are called spy apps or keyloggers. People use those programs for various reasons. While parents want to protect their kids, employers control their employees and jealous husbands and wives who want to catch their cheating spouses.

Those applications have to offer something more than just a GPS tracker. With the help of such an app, you can become a real spy without a need to leave your house. It is totally remote control, and as our society is totally dependable on the Internet and Wi-Fi, you’ll have the info about the target phone updated regularly. What exact features will you get? Well, here is a short list of the most basic option every reliable modern spy app has:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls logging
  • Any type of messages (instant messages of chat apps, SMS, MMS, Emails) reading
  • Web browser history viewing
  • Blocking any applications, websites, and content
  • Remote control
  • Screenshots taking
  • GPS location tracking

The process of installing such an app is very simple just with slight differences. As any other mobile phone application, a keylogger should be downloaded from an app store or its official website. Also, we recommend reading few reviews and testimonials about the program you want to install on your phone. Then just follow the instructions:

  • Install the app on the target device you want to spy on
  • Register your personal account on app’s official website
  • Set all the options
  • Start monitoring the target phone

Please note that you should hold the target device in your hands just once while installing the application. Then after that, all the actions and even uninstallation process can be performed remotely through your personal cabinet and its control panel.

Also, do not forget about the operating system compatibility. The application you install should be compatible with the target phone only. It does not matter what operating system does your device have as you control the app via your web browser.

Best Apps with Geofencing Capabilities

Geofencing Modern spy apps market offers a great variety of programs with geofence feature. You can find various tops and list of the best geofence apps with dozens or even hundreds of points there. But as you know, there is nothing perfect and, of course, there are better and worse applications you may get for money or download for free.

By the way, we recommend using paid versions of the programs if you want to get the full and really positive experience of using those apps. Free applications or even trial versions of the paid ones are poor quality, they do not have all the features you need (of course GPS tracking and geofence is usually a premium feature), and the GPS system will update itself very slowly.

So we decided to list only the best of the best and recommend their full versions. There are not so many differences between them as it may seem. Just little variations between their speed or updating and overall performance. Also, we want to note that most of those programs are very easy to use


mSpy is well known for its reliability and easiness in use. Besides, the price of its subscription plan is also very reasonable. This app offers a wide selection of options and geofencing is just one of the best here. As soon as the target phone leaves the area, you labeled as ‘safe’ the app send an alarm to your device.


XNSPY is one of the most popular spy apps we know today. It is one of the Top 10 most popular and effective GPS trackers existing on the modern market. You may easily set all the options remotely and be sure that geofence will work just perfect. Upgrade qualities of this program are very fast as we may see from various testimonials. The installation process is also very simple, and you should not have any problems with its exploitation.

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