Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

track cell phone

If you are questioning yourself “How to track a cell phone without them knowing?”, you chose a right website to read! Tracking someone’s movement on the map seems like getting into a spy movie with James Bond. GPS cell phone tracking made it possible in our life!

Thanks to advancements in technology and wireless networking services, today it’s possible to find free services which can provide you track movements of your friends and family on the satellite map. Keep reading this short guide and get information about how to track cell phone location without them knowing.

In general, most people don’t feel good to be followed or tracked in this way. Spying on a phone without the user knowing about it is illegal. If you need to control your children, tracking their mobile phone is a safe and non-invasive way to get information on their whereabouts. You may even have an elderly family member prone to amnesia, whose movements you want to track for his or her own good. You can read why people need to spy on other people’s phone in the next paragraph.

Why do people need to know how to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

We can share several reasons why a person needs to track a cell phone of another person.

  1. Parents are worried about their kids. It can be a big problem if they become teenagers and start hanging out with the wrong crowd. Spy software (FlexiSpy) can be a good helper in this case! Parents can track their kids’ phone remotely and know everything about their activities on the Internet.
  2. Partners must trust each other, but what to do if you suspect your spouse is cheating? Use a reliable phone tracker app to get all the needed information on the target phone. Modern programs give you an access to photos, read messages, monitor calls from the target device. You can follow elder members of your family with spy apps.
  3. Business owners always worry whether their employees work properly. They can download spy program (mSpy) and follow all workers’ phones, and the boss can punish every cheater that leaves the building during working hours without explanation or chats in WhatsApp on phone with his girlfriend!
  4. Lost your iPhone or someone stole it? You will be able to find it using cell phone tracking program. If you worry that someone could get your personal information, block your phone remotely; you will keep all data protected.

How to Track a Cell Phone with Spy Apps?

Type “How to track a cell phone” in a search window of your browser, and you will see many applications. Many free phone tracking software programs available online for both iOS/Android, but not all are reliable. We suggest using two software programs. They allow you monitor cell phone for free.

  • Google Latitude

Google has recently launched “Google Latitude” service which provides you track phone for free. If you want to track your child’s mobile phone location with this service, you will have to install this program on his or her phone. Then make sure that he added you as friend on Google Latitude. Once you are connected with them, you can monitor their whereabouts by installing Google Latitude on your phone. You can easily define the location of friends or family on Google maps, using your account. This service does not require you to enable GPS on your phone. It is compatible with Android devices.

  • Buddyway

Another online tracker which provides you with a similar feature to track mobile phone number location is Buddyway. Install the application on the phone of a person you want to keep an eye on, without him or her knowing. Then follow their movement on a web interface by login in. The service records the entire route of travel and you can see a path in Google Earth 3D. Visit the Buddyway website to discover more about it.

Final Say

By bugging phones with Google Latitude, Buddyway or other such applications, you can define a phone location plus keep information about the movements of your family members, for safety purposes. Remember if you want to install a tracker, select apps from reliable sites – installing pirate programs is a copyright crime.

Don’t forget to read software license to check whether all rights reserved. You can find many web services on the Internet, that lets you monitor your children’s movements online. Most of them are paid applications, but two programs we mentioned above are absolutely free to use on your smartphone; remember you need to be sly to install them on your child’s device to be able to follow him or her. We hope this guide is helpful. Keep important things in your head and reach your goals in monitoring someone’s phone without them knowing.



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