How to Track a Lost Phone: Complete Guide with Steps and Instructions

how to track a lost phone

Every one of us can get into that unpredictable situation of losing a phone. If you have no experience and are interested in how to track a lost phone, this article is for you. There are various ways to make it, and you should choose the one which fits you. You can use special built-in applications: Find My iPhone or buy one developed by the third party. So, let’s find out how to track a lost cell phone most effectively.

How to Track a Lost Phone

Let’s talk about the methods on how to track a lost phone. There are plenty of them, and they depend on various factors: operating system, developer, model, and the info you have on the phone.

To get known how to track a lost Android phone, you need to learn more about Find My Phone application that is built-in on your Android powered device. It is very helpful for those who are trying to find out how to track a lost Samsung phone as Android powers it.

The same thing is about iPhones.

Another way to know how to track a lost iPhone is by tracking iPhone by phone number only.

Also, you should learn more about spy apps are also known as keyloggers. These tools may track your device and do lots of other stuff:

  • Monitor all actions on the device
  • Block the target device or certain applications
  • Control all data remotely

So, do you want to know how to track a lost phone? Continue reading to learn more.

How to Track a Lost Cell Phone Remotely

how to track a lost phone

So, how to track my lost phone if there is no chance to get any physical access to it? Well, the best thing will be to use a built-in app or a monitoring tool –  mSpy, Flexispy, XNSPY, etc.

To learn how to track a lost cell phone, you need to think about the operating system of your device. There are three the most popular of them:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

Depending on the operating system of your gadget you need to choose the way you are going to find it. To know how to track lost Lenovo phone, you should read instructions on how to track lost Android phone as Lenovo is using this operating system on all its devices.

Another case is the question of price. If you are wondering how to track your lost cell phone for free, you, probably, would like to learn more about methods on how to track the lost mobile phone using IMEI number or using built-in applications – Android Device Manager or Find My iPhone.

How to Track Lost Android Phone

how to track a lost phone

This section about how to track a lost phone with Android includes few separate descriptions you may like to read. But in general, the way of tracking Lenovo is the same as if it was a Samsung device. So, the best advice will be to use Android Device Manager. This program is extremely useful, and it features:

  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Alert signal
  • Remote lock
  • Erase memory

How to Track Lost Lenovo Phone

Let’s find out how to use Android Device Manager to track a lost phone of Lenovo.

  • First of all, it should be updated and turned on
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • Enable location services
  • Open Android Device Manager on any other device
  • Select your device on the map

How to Track a Lost Samsung Phone

While this service is available on Samsung devices, this company also offers its own built-in solution called Find My Mobile. So, it can help you to get known how to track a lost phone if it is Samsung:

  • Enable the application on your device before it is gone
  • Use Find My Mobile website
  • Enter your sing in the info
  • Just tap on a Locate button to start scanning
  • Choose your device on the map

How to Track a Lost iPhone

How can I track my lost phone if Apple powers it? Well, Apple was always serious about everything security, and this case is not an exception. Besides the built-in Find My iPhone program you can use one of those special spy apps we’ve mentioned before. They have enough power to find your phone even if it is already on another side of the planet. Besides, some of them such as mSpy and uMobix can work remotely even without actual installation. Yes, you don’t even need to jailbreak it!

All, you need to have is just to follow these simple steps:

  • Work with Apple ID and password
  • Enable iCloud on your device
  • Use official website of the application to locate your phone via iCloud data

How to Track a Lost Windows Phone

how to track a lost phone

Need to know how to track a lost Windows phone and stressed as there are not too many apps for this operating system? We have great news. There is a special built-in app which available both on Android and iPhone. It is called Find My Device.

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account on your device
  • Use any browser to find your device
  • Enable GPS on your gadget

How to Track Lost Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number

So, I lost my Android phone how to track it? Well, if you don’t want to use any of the previous methods, you can also use your device’s IMEI number. This is an easy way to track a lost phone.

Use Google Dashboard to do that.

There you can type I your IMEI and find a lost device on the map.

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