7 Simple Ways to Hack Facebook Account Online without Them Knowing

hack facebook account

Need advice on how to hack a Facebook account password and Facebook login of the people you care because you worry about their security and want to protect them from online predators?

Are you wondering if there is a secure method to hack Facebook, a popular social media website that connects billions of internet users across the globe for free?  Need proven ways to check the Facebook user profile? There are methods to hack Facebook profile that work.

How to Hack Facebook

In this article, you can find all the information you need to easily monitor daily web activities of your adult family members and kids or read your friend’s private Facebook messages and Facebook comments. You will learn how to access someone’s Facebook profile without a hacker, using your phone, email. You can find an answer to any related question.

There is a variety of methods and tracker tools to hack a Facebook account, and some of them are very easy. You don’t have to be an experienced hacker, follow the specific policy or have the technical knowledge or know the programming code to hack someone’s Facebook account and get access to essential data if you want to control what your children or employees are doing on Facebook.

To start hacking, people’s Facebook accounts is simple. Any grown-up person can hack Facebook account. The best part of it is that the process doesn’t require a lot of time, and there is a large number of possibilities for everyone. Some of them are free.

The majority of applications represented here are equipped with tutorials or video lessons. Just a couple of minutes and a few tests will let you master every use.

Keep reading – check our list of available tools, methods to hack Facebook users’ accounts.

Method 1: Hack Facebook Messenger with a Spy App

If you are a parent who wants to protect children online or a business owner who wants to monitor employees to protect intellectual property and to get quick results, installing a spy app such as FlexiSPY can be a right choice of a tracker for you. Wondering why? It’s the easiest way to hack a Facebook profile regularly, and the application has a lot of useful features.

  1. Install FlexiSPY on iPhone or Android device
  2. The app tracks Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.
  3. It uploads captured data to your account on the app’s website.
  4. You can monitor Facebook text messages and records of conversations when you log into your user account and choose Facebook from the list of controlled apps.
  5. You can use the search function. It allows us to look for specific keywords – find out what your employees or kids were doing on Facebook and other websites on particular dates.
  6. Have no time to view the conversations online? You can download them and check later.
  7. If you need to monitor Mac or PC, you can try a special edition non-GPS of FlexiSPY for computers.

Can’t boast that you are tech-savvy? Don’t worry because the app is easy-to-install both on iOS and Android operating systems. You don’t have to be an experienced hacker to use it to protect your business data from theft or your children from risky behavior. Want to protect your personal information using both WiFi and GPS? The app can help you do it.

The tool comes with other useful features and to help you learn more about them and make sure they will work for you. There is a 24-hour free trial.

hack facebook account

Method 2: Hack Facebook Account Instantly with a Trick “Reset Password”

If you are a relative or a close friend of the person whose personal Facebook account you would like to hack, you can use this trick. Follow these steps to hack a Facebook account.

  1. Open the website facebook.com – enter email login to a person’s Facebook account.
  2. Click on “Forgot Password.”
  3. The Facebook system will ask you to choose the option of how you would like to reset a password.
  4. Click on the “No longer have access” button.
  5. When the Facebook system inquires how to reach you, enter a new email address and confirm it.
  6. Answer the question correctly. If the victim is your close friend, you may know the right answer. If not, you may try to guess.
  7. Wait for 24 hours and log in to that Facebook page.

How to protect your Facebook account from hackers and save your rights to be anonymous? If you use a tricky security question that no one can answer and log in your Facebook account with a different email address, it will be difficult to hack your Facebook page with any service.

Method 3: Hack a Facebook Password with a Keylogger

Keylogger is a particular tracker that records keyboard strokes that people make without them knowing. You can hack the Facebook account password if you manually download this program on your victim’s computer or phone. The Keylogger (mSpy URL) works in the background. Your victim won’t be able to detect it; the program will send you a report with all the victim’s keystrokes.

Do you want to protect your computer and contact list? Here is what you can do.

  • You should turn on a firewall that will detect suspicious activity and show you a warning if someone tries to hack your computer.
  • Use a password manager to avoid typing your Facebook and other passwords because keylogger can steal information only when you type it.
  • Change your Facebook account password frequently.
  • Start the policy of constant update of your software. Have the scheduled terms of update and prevention measures.

Method 4: Use Phishing for Hacking Facebook Account

Phishing is a way to collect personal information with the help of fake emails and websites. This method is not secure and requires technical skills and knowledge of programming code.

How can you do that; you need to create a fake Facebook login page. This Facebook page will look like a real one, and you will have to send it to your victim by email. Your victim will enter personal information to log in the fake Facebook page, and you will get it instantly.

Do you think it’s challenging to perform? You will have to develop your technical and programming skills and learn how to build a clone website if you want to hack a Facebook account. It is not a big deal. About 20 hours of intensive site-building classes can ensure your professionalism. However, you have to look for comprehensive material or take private HTTP programming lessons.

Do you wonder about how to protect your sensitive personal information and contact list from phishing? The answer is simple – don’t click on an email URL if it looks suspicious to you. Be careful. Links may be on any website, service or forum or appear as pop-ups.

Method 5: Use a Man-in-the-Middle Attack to Hack a Facebook Account

During the Man-in-the-Middle Attack, the hacker can intercept text and other messages between two users, read, and modify them. You can use this hacking method to hack a Facebook account if you are somewhere near your victim and can trick him/her to a fake Wi-Fi network. Do you think it’s complicated?

You have to buy special tools available on the market to create that fake Wi-Fi network. Give your victim access to the fake Wi-Fi. When your victim gets connected, you have to make a MITM attack and steal the information about his/her Facebook login and password.

How can you perform that? You can route traffic to a fake login page. When he/she enters the information, you can use details about his/her username and password to hack his/her Facebook page.

Is it possible to protect your own smart mobile devices, SMS system,  Whatsapp, and Facebook accounts from Man-in-the-Middle Attack? You can do it if you are careful.

  • You shouldn’t connect to unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi networks with suspicious or odd names is risky.
  • When you have problems with connecting your mobile device to your network, you should check the nearby systems to ensure that no one has made a copy of your network’s name.
  • It can be dangerous! Is your router asking for password information to perform some internet update – someone may be trying to hack your device and steal your data.

Method 6: Use Facebook Password Extractor to Hack a Facebook Account

This Facebook and phone hacking application recover Facebook passwords stored or cached in standard web browsers – Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome. The app can be installed within minutes by following the URL and downloading an application. It is perfect for complete beginners.

People tend to store their Facebook account passwords and usernames because they don’t want to enter them every time they log in. Or they might be afraid to forget their user information. They mark the “remember me” button. That makes access to websites easier.

This data is stored in the computer system, and your task is to find it and hack it. This method will require physical access to a person’s computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Did you forget your own Facebook account or Whatsapp credentials? You can install this free tracking tool on your device and recover them with SMS.

Method 7: Use Session Hijacking and Cookie Stealing

hack facebook accountThis technique is not easy to start and master. It is used by hackers to hack networks by installing malicious code on the client website. Session hijacking is synonymous with cookie stealing. It allows a hacker to log into a site which is protected with a user’s password and username by stealing session data in real-time.

If you want to hack a Facebook account in this way, you will need to install special tracking tools.

  • Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool.
  • Wireshark is an open-source network protocol analyzer.
  • Add-on Cookie manager allows to view, edit, backup/restore, and create new cookies.

You will need Firefox 3 or another version compatible with Add-on Cookie manager. Follow these ten steps to hack Facebook pages.

  1. Get access to the target network. If you can’t do it at once, you can use Backtrack for tracking. It is a Linux distribution praised by hackers.
  2. Open Cain and Abel, select “Run as administrator,” click “configure” and add LAN adapter or wireless card. Choose the “sniffer” option and click on the 2nd button on the left.
  3. Click an empty box and the blue “+” symbol. You will see the devices that the tracker was able to detect.
  4. Click on the APR icon at the bottom, an empty box, and “+.”
  5. Click “confirm” and minimize Cain and Abel.
  6. Open Wireshark to run it as an administrator, select “Capture” and “Interfaces.” Wait to view how the traffic is generated.
  7. Filter the results to get the relevant values and type “http.cookie.” Choose entries that start with the word POST.
  8. Get the cookies and type the word Facebook to filter the results. Copy the cookies and save this file on your computer.
  9. Open your browser and enable Add-on cookie manager. Open Facebook and the cookie editor and replace the cookies with those you have captured.
  10. Close the Firefox cookie editor and reload the page. If you did everything right and choose the right cookies, you will be logged in as your victim. Can’t hack it? Repeat your attempt with different cookies.


We have discussed different ways you can use to hack Facebook account login and password, including spy apps. Spy apps have a lot of other useful features and can be easily installed on the target computer, smartphone, or other mobile devices you want to hack.

This list cannot be called complete because modern technologies are continually evolving – new software tracking programs appear in the market regularly. All methods work and have positive and negative sides. The choice of a suitable tool is yours.

Mostly, hacking of someone’s account refers to a difficult moral choice. You need to decide if it is acceptable for you to have access to someone’s secrets and personal information. It is acceptable when you have to watch your children’s contacts to see if they do not mess with strange or dangerous people. It is also a merely adequate reason to guess if your spouse is cheating.

Now, you can say you have an idea of how to hack a Facebook account with a tracking app. Are you sure which method you should select? Try different tools to understand which of them works best and is a good option. It’s great that some apps have free trials. You can take advantage of that and install some of them to test their features or watch a tutoring video.

There is another side to this problem. Are you concerned about security on Facebook? Are you afraid that your computer, Facebook, or WhatsApp account can be hacked with the malicious tracker and someone may steal your critical files and hack your business messages?

The consequences of your Facebook account being hacked can be unpredictable. You cannot only lose your friends but spoil your reputation. Especially if the hacked account was used not only for sending malware advertising but for serious swindling attempts.

If you are a manager or CEO of a company and want to watch your employers’ accounts, you have to protect yourself by the proper corporate rules. If you have the rights to observe this kind of information, you may not fear being accused.

You should learn how to protect your SMS system, personal information on Facebook, and prevent attacks on your social media accounts and smart devices. Be careful not to become a victim of hackers. Some methods or policy used to hack a computer are undetectable.

Follow our tips for hacking Facebook account – you will be able to find methods that provide excellent results. If you need more tips on how to track calls of your employees or monitor Facebook activity of your kids to protect them from cyberbullying, you can check other articles on our blog.


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