Remote Spying Software for Android and iOS-based Devices

Remote Cell Phone SpyBefore you start choosing the best remote cell phone spy app, you should know the type of operating system of the target phone. This question is of major concern because if you need to ferret out more information about whereabouts of your kids or some other facts about your partners or colleagues, you should know the operating system of their mobile phones. The overriding goal of this article is to discern about all peculiarities of spying on cell phones or other devices powered by Android or iOS. You should know how to choose remote cell phone spy software and know how to determine the best one.

How to Spy on Android-based devices?

So, you know for sure that Android powers the cell phone of your loved one, employee or kid. In these circumstances, you need to visit Play Market and select the most appropriate spy application. In sober fact, you can download the remote cell phone spy app from the official website, but it is much easier to choose it from Play Market.

Some phone spy apps are absolutely free. Nevertheless, you need to be sure that this particular spyware product is endowed with the required functionality. Not each program for remote monitoring and controlling of phones or tablets can run stealthily (in the majority of instances, free programs aren’t endowed with such features). Besides, if to believe customers’ reviews, some of them work with glitches. So, be ready to this. One of the most worthy and reputable Android monitoring programs are mSpy, FlexiSpy or XNSPY.

Overview of Features Offered by Remote Cell Phone Spy Apps for Android

Remote Cell Phone SpyA decent phone tracking app can give you access to the following information:

  • Keep check of text messages.
  • Monitor incoming/outgoing calls made from the particular cell phone.
  • Control social networking sites and programs like Viber, Kik, Telegram, Facebook, control business chats in Skype (the exact number of them is published on the official website of the manufacturer).
  • Monitor the GPS location. This option is of prime importance in case you wish to control your kids after classes or remote workers who went on business trips.
  • Be aware of the activity on the web. In a similar vein, the remote cell phone spy app should provide you with the data about the activities of the target person online. You should see remotely what websites the target person bookmarks and visits.

It is the list of all key spy options. Nevertheless, some additional features vary depending on the phone application you choose. On that score, selecting the program for remote monitoring of Android phones, take into consideration this fact.

Having selected the program, you should install it on the target Android cell phone and start spying on it. You can do it in 2 ways: either remotely or through physical access. It is contingent on the type of the spyware. If the app is viewable in the list of all phone applications, you should notify the target person that you are going to control his or her activities.

How to Spy on iOS?

Remote Cell Phone SpyThe majority of Americans use Apple devices: phones or tablets. Nevertheless, there is one problem each user of the phone tracking app may face. As a rule, to start keeping tabs on iOS based phones, you should download the program only from the Apple Store. Otherwise, you need to jailbreak your phone. It is not always convenient, but in the case of iOS phones, it is mandatory (for customers who wish to download applications from other resources, except for the Apple Store).

Therefore, if the target person uses Apple device, you have to select the phone monitoring app with great deliberation. It should be compatible with iOS and offer you solutions without jailbreaking. Thus, at first gaze, jailbreaking seems to be an ordinary procedure, but it is not always convenient because you will hardly find a user who will agree to jailbreak his iPhone with the aim to install the spying program. Besides, you can’t monitor this person stealthily. In any case, you will be made to notify the target person that you are going to keep a check on his or her activities remotely.

Analyzing all features, it stands to mention that the average amount of them is similar to those apps that are meant for monitoring Android-based devices. Besides, the rights of any reputable spyware are reserved.

How to Choose a Reputable App for Monitoring iPhones?

Remote Cell Phone SpySo, if you know that the target person uses iOS-based devices, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Operating system compatibility. It is the question of primary concern, don’t forget about this.
  • The amount of provided spy functions.
  • The pricing policy.

If the question of operating system compatibility has already been discussed, it is necessary to clarify two points. Choosing the remote cell phone tracking app, analyze what options they offer. In some instances, you need to monitor only calls. Some customers need to know the details of the Internet activities. The third part of users wishes to track only GPS location. On that score, take into consideration this fact, choosing the application.

Actually, searching for the program for cell phone tracking, the pricing policy is also critical. No one wants to overpay. The major part of spy programs for monitoring cell phones remotely offers different billing plans: basic or premium ones. Usually, basic billing plans are cheaper and have limited functionality. In this case, you need to check the number of features included in this type of subscription and decide whether it will be profitable for you.

As a rule, the price for tracking Apple devices is higher (as compared to the apps for remote monitoring of Android-based cell phones). It makes no matter what model of a cell phone the target person has. If handled correctly, you will definitely select the best app for mobile phone tracking. Usually, spy applications are easy to install (the average time of installation is 2-5 minutes).

Maybe, you appreciate such apps for the remote monitoring, and you are a user of one of them. If yes, we would be glad to read your experience of using remote monitoring apps for Android or iOS based cell phones. You can share your experience in comments below!

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