WebWatcher Review: Excellent Assistance for Parents

WebWatcherIn this review, we want to describe such tool as monitoring software, WebWatcher phone tracker in particular. Let’s find out more about its value for parents and learn its features, possibilities, and technical points.

The Internet Brings New Dangers to Our Family

Parental monitoring software market is growing year by year due to growing people’s concernment. The reason is simple. The Internet becomes more and more powerful, with its pros and cons, and brings new dangers to our homes. Here are five main risks for kids that the Internet causes:

  • New meetings through the Internet can be very dangerous.
  • Sexting. Sending photos with sexual content.
  • Web treating between kids that sometimes are totally immoral.
  • This activity is illegal and can lead to a serious dependence.

Online predators are the most dangerous thing on the Internet. Such people are great manipulators and use typical teen’s weaknesses. It can lead to many bad things: early sexual relationships, alcohol, and drugs, or even opportunity of kidnapping.

It is evident that the Internet can bring many troubles, but it also became an integral part of our life. In these circumstances, many parents search for a way of making it safer for children. Likely, there is a variety of apps that prevent dangerous web-based activities.

WebWatcher is Beneficial among Other Top Online Monitoring Programs

WebWatcherAll programs that track the activity of the computer or another device remotely can be divided into two groups. The first one includes applications that provide a basic review of monitored devices. The second group consists of applications that ensure excellent protection, including website filtering and blocking, keystrokes saving, and alert words notification. Usage of any app from these two groups will have its pros and cons:

  • Basic programs have a simple interface.
  • Basic programs are cheaper.
  • Advanced applications give total control for any investigation.
  • Basic programs have very limited functions.
  • Advanced programs, such as Flexispy and WebWatcher, are more complicated in use.
  • Advanced programs have a high cost. For example, WebWatcher costs $169 for all features.

Anyway, when we are talking about serious online dangers, basic tracking app can be not enough to protect children. Among other monitoring apps, WebWatcher is one of the most powerful tools. If you are looking for a multifunctional program for online monitoring, we suggest you examine WebWatcher closely.

Here are some features WebWatcher has that some other advanced apps don’t have:

  • Microphone control and tracking;
  • It may view email and its attachments, on both email clients and web-based emails;
  • Provides email alerts;
  • Can track phone and live chat;
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Blackberry (not only Android and iOS.)

Moral Side of the Spying Software Usage

For some parents such programs are unacceptable. However, in some cases, there is no other choice, and people use these apps to prevent bigger problems. Anyway, if you decided to install such software, you can be sure that your child will never know it unless you say about it. WebWatcher is tamper proof because it doesn’t leave any pieces of evidence of its work at devices. Due to the stealth installation, you will never find any signs of its activity in the register list, the list of services, or program files. At the same time, it gives you complete awareness of what your child does on his or her free time online.

How to Install WebWatcher App and Its Basic Features

WebWatcherTo install WebWatcher, you need to get your secure account first; after that, you can start installation on required devices. The installation process requires physical access and password and takes up to five minutes. WebWatcher is compatible with all popular operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, and Android, iPhone/iPad and BlackBerry. You may also use an option of buying a service of the remote installation for $19. However, your physical access to a target device is still needed. Installed app gives each user such options (without any additional permission or agreement):

  • You can see the history of visited websites;
  • Track in/out calls and record call list;
  • Read all text messages (SMS sent and received);
  • Block selected sites. You can even create your custom message (about the reason of blocking) on the page;
  • Get the data about the GPS location, its history;
  • See the list of searches in Google, Bing, etc.
  • View even deleted keystrokes (all ever typed on the target phone);
  • Set up the e-Notify function to receive information packs and download them later;
  • Keep an eye on Facebook Messenger, spy on WhatsApp conversations, SnapChat, Viber, Instagram, etc.
  • Immediately get notifications on alert words;
  • Get screenshots on set actions;
  • View camera shoots;
  • See used programs or block some of them.

The application is quite complicated, so there can be questions on some functions. To ensure proper use of WebWatcher or get help, there is a 24/7 live chat support.

WebWatcher’s Cons

WebWatcherDespite all its powerful features, the program has several limitations. First, it doesn’t have a compatibility with all browsers, only Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. However, access to all keystrokes levels the flaw. You can also easily block some browsers and see reports about new installations (sometimes locking solves all problems). The other thing is that scheduler for program blocking is quite complicated and awkward. Finally, like the other spying software, it could be used for illegal tracking. Please don’t use it against laws and terms of the company.

Final Words

Remember that using spying apps, you may easily destroy your child’s private life. Therefore, it is critical to be careful and use the app only to protect kids, not to pursue them. WebWatcher is powerful but expensive. However, it allows users to get the total access to any content on the target device. Luckily, the application will inform you about any danger to give you a chance to prevent any trouble. If you want to have one of the most powerful parental control software for Android, you may buy WebWatcher. Moreover, you may read reviews of other convenient and multipurpose tracking apps here.

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