What are the signs that your phone is hacked?


How to Tell for Sure that Tracking Software is on the Phone

In case you are suspicious that your phone might be hacked and you have spy app installed, here are some main that your cell is targeted one:

  • Data usage is higher than ever for no reason. This fact can be explained – your GPS location is being sent to someone else as well as your texts, emails, etc.;
  • You are receiving weird text messages with symbols or numbers. These are commands target phone receives from the spy. They are also might be initial steps in hacking your cell;
  • Unauthorized access to your cell. Check your history for strange calls, texts or access the internet. Hacker who messed with your device is able performing all these actions;
  • Strange background noises while you talk could indicate your conversation is being recorded;
  • Your device might be warm all the time or have random starts or shutdowns, besides that it can light up without any reason on a regular basis;
  • Another strong indication of malware product presence on your cell is your battery is running low too often as spy apps are draining your battery.

How Can Somebody Hack Your Phone with Cell Tracking App?

Today there are plenty of apps that can easily be downloaded and installed on a target phone to hack it to follow your each step. Anyone is capable of doing so: parents, boss, jealous spouse, friends. Spy software can be quite useful if your phone gets lost or stolen. But same time we don’t want someone to intervene in our personal life without consent or hacking our gadgets.

You borrowed your cell to anyone and now suspect this person might have installed a spy app? Or you may have downloaded any suspicious app accidently. Better contact service provider for a diagnostic test. In the worst case, you might have to hard-reset your device; this procedure will erase all spyware from it.


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