spytomobile reviewSpyToMobile is a multi-functional assistant in remote tracking. The SpyToMobile application is capable of controlling various data and tracking in a real time mode the target phone or another device. The subscription fee for a day is €0.99 per cell phone.

The manufacturer guarantees the ability to monitor up to 1000 cell phones for just one Spy2mobile account. Each user can try demo version to help assess the need of such software. You may also receive attractive bonuses with each payment from €20 up to €100. Bonus up to 100% of the deposit amount sounds very lucrative. Each new customer will get €3 as a gift just after the registration. The application collects all needed information and sends it to the users account when Wi-Fi connection is available. All customers are allowed to get full logs from SpyToMobile website anytime they need.

spytomobileSpyToMobile Functions and Price

Today the ability to monitor a mobile phone is crucial for many people. Controlling children in the Internet space helps parents to avoid harmful influences of bad friends. It also decreases the anticipated risk of injurious materials danger. Every chief or director of company or business owner should know what his staff makes during the working hours. All these situations may be arranged by using a particular Android spy application (check other top spyware for Android here). Spy2Mobile allows users to be aware of the following information:

  • Incoming or outgoing call history;
  • Name and number of any caller;
  • Date, time and duration of every single call;
  • Address book with all contacts;
  • Messages including deleted;
  • GPS location;
  • WhatsApp option.

WhatsApp messages can be intercepted from the phone you monitor only if the phone user has superuser. If you need to spy WhatsApp conversations,  open the superuser rights on the controlling device and install the latest version of the SpyToMobile application from the site.

Technical Aspects and Usage Peculiarities

spytomobile review

Step 1.

Software installing on the tracking phone but not your own phone. Spy app starts intercept all the contacts and texts from the target phone. After this, the program will start to upload all retrieved data to the saved account of the customer. You should protect it with the strong password.

Step 2.

To start uploading the information on your personal account, first of all, the user of the target phone has to connect to the internet periodically. No matter, if it is GPRS or Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3.

For getting data and seeing all collected messages, names, and acts, you need to login the personal account. You will be able to navigate and view all information that was found by SpyToMobile software. The account interface is very intuitive and clear. It is one more reason of this spying service popularity.

If you have some questions and want to learn more about the installation process, you can watch available video instructions on the official website.

Who Are the Major Users of SpyToMobile?

spytomobile reviewAll potential customers may have a good reason for getting this spy app. If your primary aim is to get the truth or check particular person, this software will be very useful for you.

In this list you may see the most frequent users of SpyToMobile:

  1. The primary reason why people want to follow other individuals is catching a cheating spouse. They can be able to see whom your girlfriend or husband usually calls, check on his or her text message or control their location via a GPS tracker and many other functions is an easy way to catch a cheater or liar.
  2. Teens and kids must be under parents’ control. It is one more popular reason to use SpyToMobile program. Now each teenager may use modern technology. Sometimes it can be dangerous for their young minds. Many troubles start with cell phones, Facebook, texting, and people they choose to be their friends. SpyToMobile enables you to have total control over kids’ online activities and communication with other people.
  3. Employees’ monitoring is crucial for companies that provide corporative mobile phones for their staff members. It is very common in a lot of industries, especially where the personnel has to work remotely. Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate all benefits of a proper employer and use their cell phones without any limits for personal purposes. Any business owner can stop it with SpyToMobile app. This software gives any employer the chance to mark and select the unfaithful employees. One more bonus is the ability to track the location of a target phone user that works as a courier and delivers important parcels, for instance.

Pros and Cons of SpyToMobile Application

spytomobile reviewOne of the beneficial options of the SpyToMobile application is its ability to be completely invisible and undetectable for users. Such ability makes it safe to use and avoid risk to be caught in spying intentions. Without such function, SpyToMobile software would be useless.

This program is much cheaper than other spy software products with basic and simple features of following and tracking. The popularity of Android OS is very high that makes possible to use all benefits of spy program for many people.

But SpyToMobile software has some drawbacks that are important for some users. Here they are:

  • No chance to track email or social networks;
  • No blocking of phone calls;
  • There is no possibility to listen to live callings and record them;
  • No compatibility with iPhone or iPad devices.


To follow cell phones is usually necessary to protect the loved ones, stimulate the work of employees, and prevent huge-scale threats in public institutions. Such application, for instance, like SpyToMobile is a good assistant to rid of constant anxiety and stress for parents of teenagers and kids or jealous spouses.

SpyToMobile doesn’t have advanced options. Nevertheless, it works well and provides all needed basic spying features. So, if you are a newcomer in a spying field and look for a decent app that can satisfy standard needs. But doesn’t cost too much, SpyToMobile can be a good option for you.

Hoverwatch reviewHoverwatch is one of the best cell phone trackers. It is multifunctional and can be used for tracking all activities of the owner of the target device: SMS messages, call logs, audio files, camera activities, GPS locations, chats via social media (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook), web browser history, calendar, names of contacts. Not only concerned parents can get benefits using Hoverwatch surveillance software. Actually, this app could be useful for tracking phones of significant others and employees. But if you are going to track devices of adult people, they should be warned about this. In this case, you will not break the law.

What should you do to use Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch reviewThis app is user-friendly so it’s easy to install it. Follow 3 easy steps:

  • Sign up – You should sign up your free personal online account using your valid email and suitable password;
  • Prepare the target devices – On this step you should download the installation file of Hoverwatch and install it. You can find it in your personal account;
  • Start watching – After the installation, you shouldn’t do anything else. You can start spying from that moment. You can monitor all recorded data, including phone calls, GPS locations, media files, etc.

Compatibility of Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is the app which can be used on both mobile devices and computers. The functionality of these versions differs, but nevertheless, it surprises with complexity. The app is compatible with:

  • Android devices;
  • Windows PC;
  • Mac computer.

Key features of Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch review

Android monitoring

If you use Hoverwatch for monitoring Android devices, you can get a wide range of useful spying features. You can look at them below or on the official website https://www.hoverwatch.com.

  • Monitoring Text Messages and Calls. This great tracker for Android devices allows you to track and view all incoming and outgoing calls. You will be also able to monitor and read copies of all SMS and MMS messages. You will have access to received and sent messages. The app makes it possible to read the copies of the text messages and see the names, numbers of senders or receivers as well as date and time logs. There is another great option of the app – you can track all images that were included in the SMS;
  • Social Media Tracking. It is a good news! Using this app you can monitor all activities on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp. This cell phone spy application will be your helper if you want to read someone’s activities on Viber and Facebook account. Hoverwatch enables its users to track media files that were sent or received;
  • Tracking Geolocation. This useful monitoring feature of the tracker helps its users to track and view on the map the current location of the owner of the target device. The user can do it using his account. The technology is that the android spy app uses cell phone towers, all Wi-Fi signals, and GPS technology in order to track the exact location of the target device;
  • Photo from Front Camera. It is a great innovative feature. Hoverwatch SMS tracker includes a feature which activates the front camera and makes an automatic photo. In means, that every time when a user unlocks the screen of his device or take a call, the app will take a photo.

Windows PC and Mac Computer monitoring

Hoverwatch review

There are special monitoring features which you can use when monitoring Windows and Mac computers. The main of them are the next:

  • Monitoring of Browser History. You will have an opportunity to save the history of web browser – URLs, bookmarks, website titles, time logs;
  • Making Desktop Screenshots. Hoverwatch will make regular screenshots so you will see what the user does at any moment;
  • Tracking Keystroke Details. The Hoverwatch spy app lets you monitor usernames, passwords, search requests. And even the text that was typed with the help of the keyboard of the computer;
  • Making Webcam Photos. With the help of webcam photos in real time, you will easily monitor the surroundings;
  • Tracking Messengers And Chats. The Hoverwatch phone tracker enables you to track text messages that were sent or received via Skype, iMessage apps.

Pricing Policy

Hoverwatch provides two different plans for different purposes. The price depends on the number of devices that you want to monitor and the term of the license. You can choose the plan which suits you the best. For example, if you have several kids and want to spy on several devices you can choose a Family plan. In this case, you will be able to save your money. So look at the package conditions and price:

  • Personal package: This Hoverwatch’s package allows monitoring only one device. You should pay $19.95 for a 1-month license, $49.95 for 3-months license and $95 if you want to get a12 months subscription;
  • Family package: You will be able to monitor 5 devices and save you money (up to 60%). As for prices, they are quite affordable. You should pay $95 for a 1-month license, $99.95 for three months and $199.95 for a year subscription.

Alerts On SIM Card Replacement

There is a great option of Alerts in the case of SIM card replacement. It means that you will be able to monitor the target device even if the user of the phone changes the SIM card. Hoverwatch will send you a notification if the user of the phone decides to replace his or her SIM card.

So Hoverwatch will be a right choice if you are going to track someone’s device (cell phone, computer) and online activities. With the help of Hoverwatch, you will be aware of all incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, activities on social media, web browser history.

Sure, when it comes to monitoring someone’s phones or tablets there are privacy issues. We should think well when using spy apps in order to follow the law. The matter is that we should use spy apps wisely. If technologies and your children’s welfare do not contradict each other, then you can state the fact that you are doing everything right. In these cases, monitoring activities of kids’ devices by the parents should be supported. And we can use Hoverwatch for this purpose.

MMGuardian reviewWith a price of $19.99 per monthly subscription, MMGuardian is the thing that gives you the peace of mind and reliable protection for your kids.  MMGuardian will be a perfect solution if you:

  • are trying to keep your child under control, but do not want to lose his or her trust
  • want to prevent your kid seeing any inappropriate content
  • hope to protect kids from any online bullies
  • are trying to control every step of your son or daughter in real life and online.

Why use MMGuardian

While the market is totally packed with different phone spy apps, some of them are developed more narrowed. We are talking about parental control apps or family locators like Verizon. This segment of the market is a whole new field where you can still find something interesting. MMGuardian represents this exact segment along with such tools as Pumpic, XNSpy, SpyEra, and other great products. This application is one of the top-class programs for parents who are trying to protect their kids. If you are trying to find solid and reliable parental control software, MMGuardian is the right choice with no doubts.

Your kid’s smartphone is the perfect bug with numerous opportunities. And such an app as MMGuardian will enable these opportunities making them helpful for you as a parent. While lots of parents still have doubts about spying applications, we must say that modern programs like MMGuardian are something that will surprise you. It is very easy to install and then to control such an app. Every single action of your child will be logged accurately. Then you can easily read them in your personal cabinet on the official website.

How does MMGuardian work?

MMGuardian reviewThere is nothing too different in MMGuardian performance from any other parental control application. To install the program, you just need to grab your child’s phone for once. After the installation, there will be no need for you to get it in your hands once again. The entire performance of the spy app will be controlled remotely from your own devices such as cell phone or tablet. To activate the MMGuardian software you need to enter its official website and register your personal account.

No need to provide it with any highly important points. Just set your phone number, email address, and unique password. Also, this software gives you an opportunity to lock the application on target phone with a password. It is also possible to set it in your personal account. All the status updates will be sent to you by SMS. Besides that, you can add few more administrative devices to the list.

MMGuardian Features

  • Find out target phone location with SMS.
  • Lock target device with a text message.
  • Set a schedule of your kid’s location informing.
  • Set usage limiter.
  • Block incoming phone calls and messages.
  • Control of the programs installed on the target gadget.
  • Daily reports about all activities of the target device.

The interface of MMGuardian is very simple and clear. It consists of nine main titles:

Lockers and Limiters

MMGuardian review

  • Lock

This option is not the most pleasant one for the kids. It can’t be disabled and may cause your son or daughter feel embarrassed because of your spying. It works simply. When the target device is locked, everyone who tries to reach its owner by phone will receive a special SMS.

  • Time Limits

Here is the place you can set the accurate schedule of the target gadget to be locked. Just get a timeframe or even few of them when the smartphone will be unavailable for your kid. This one is especially helpful during school hours.

  • Call Block

Here you are able to block all incoming or outgoing calls. This function is based on the contact list of the target phone and does not require any scheduling.

  • Safe Driving

It is a very interesting feature to control your teenagers. The feature will lock your kid’s phone if he or she is moving faster than 10 mph. It means your son or daughter can’t use their phone while driving the car! It is extremely helpful due to great risk of a car accident because of the smartphone use while driving the car.


MMGuardian review

  • Commands

This is, probably, the most important section. Here you will see the list of commands to control your child’s gadget remotely. You are able to find out target phone’s location, lock or unlock it, turn on the alarm signal, send a daily report request, etc. It is the section where all the features of MMGuardian can be enabled or disabled.

  • App Control

A perfect point to control all programs installed on the target phone. The most useful feature of this one is the opportunity to block any app you want. You can create your special list of allowed and banned applications on the target device. Also, you may create a schedule for each application to make it blocked at some certain period during the day.

  • Track

Here is the point where the GPS location is controlled. You may set the schedule for notifications of your kid’s location. The schedules setting mechanism is very simple and flexible as like in the Lock section.

  • Monitor

It is another unique feature that will make your life as a parent easier. It is possible to set settings about certain words included into text messages received by your kid’s smartphone. Those dangerous markers will send you notifications and the entire text of the SMS.

  • Settings

This section is as simple as it sounds. Here you can set settings for schedules and work with MMGuardian as the administrator. You may turn on or off daily reports, add or delete admin devices, etc. Also, here you may enable special Uninstall protection. It means your child can’t uninstall the application by himself even through the Play Store. Of course, it is helpful in case your child will found the spy tool on his or her device.

bosspy reviewHow do you think is it possible to find out someone’s secrets and someone’s thoughts? Is it eventual to control someone’s personal life? Use Bosspy, and the answer will be “yes.” We can be aware of someone’s phone activities with the help of modern spying applications. They actually give us a great opportunity to spy on someone’s mobile phones and tablets (sometimes computers) and to know everything about someone’s SMS messages, phone calls, web browser history, etc.

As other spy applications Bosspy is legal for monitoring minor children, teenagers, as well as employees when they use corporate phones and during their working time. You can monitor devices of your significant others but remember about the right to privacy.

Bosspy is easy to use; the installation process is simple and fast. You have to find the installation file on the official website of the application, download and install it. And that is all. The app can do all the work by itself. It hides in the background of the operating system of the device and tracks all activities silently. You will be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls (even deleted call history), SMS messages, chats and conversations on social networks and messengers.

Some Facts About Bosspy

bosspy reviewBosspy was developed by the small team of enthusiastic developers. It is one of the best spyware solutions. One can use this app for easy control over someone’s cell phones and tablets. You can do it remotely and in the stealth mode with the help of Bosspy. It means that you will not be detected by the owner of the target phone.

Bosspy is powerful and quite convenient app. It is reliable cell phone spy application. In fact, there are many methods how you can control someone’s phone. But using this app is the easiest of them.

Compatibility of Spy App

This spy app can be used by many people because it is compatible with many devices with different versions of iOS and the Android operating system. It is compatible with:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch working on iOS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x;
  • Android 2.x, Android 4.x.

How to use Bosspy?

bosspy review

If You Need to Install It on iOS Devices

In cases when the target devices are working on the iOS operating system you should:

  • 1: Launch the Cydia application and click the “Manage” button;
  • 2: Select the Sources, then “Edit” and then click “Add”;
  • 3: Copy and enter the app’s link;
  • 4: Add the button “Source”;
  • 5: Return to Cydia, find and after that, select the name of the application;
  • 6: Tap “Confirm” to install the app;
  • 7: Press “OK”;
  • 8: Reboot your device, allowing changes to take effect;
  • 9: Sign up your personal online account.

Warning: You should remember that the proper work of the application will be ensured if the iOS device is jailbroken.

If You Need to Install It on Android Devices

bosspy reviewWhen the target device which you want to monitor is working on the Android operating system you should:

  • 1: Download the file of the application by entering the link;
  • 2: Find the downloaded file and launch the installation process;
  • 3: When you see that the installation process is already completed, go to “Settings” menu and turn on the name of the service;
  • 4: Open the application;
  • 5: Use your personal email and password for creating your online account.
  • 6: Log in to your online panel;
  • 7: Adjust settings if needed;
  • 8: Save the changes and configuration;
  • 9: Now you can start the work with the application.

Key Functions of Bosspy

Tracking calls

Bosspy gives you a great ability to spy on all calls (incoming, outgoing) of the user of the target phone. Besides, you can keep track deleted call logs. The user of the app will be able to view all necessary information using his or her personal online panel. It provides the information on:

  • Names of contacts;
  • Date logs and time logs;
  • Approximate duration of incoming and outgoing calls.

SMS messages

With the help of the app, you can monitor all SMS messages in a real time mode. You will see all sent and received messages so that you will know everything about texting of the owner of the target phone. Notice, that deleted messages will be in a full view too, thanks to special technology.

Chats on social messengers

Use Bosspy, and you will be able to spy on messages, chats, conversation on different well-known social messengers: iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

GPS location

It is amazing that the ability to control the current GPS location is real. With the help of the app, you will have a chance to get exact and relevant GPS  information in a real time mode. The app will display the information immediately on the map by your request. It is great that it will also upload the data to your online control panel so you can return to it later.

Bosspy Is a Keylogger

Bosspy also provides the service of keylogging. It is an extremely convenient app to monitor child’s phone, especially when he is a teenager. You can catch all symbols, word combinations and all phrases that the user types on the keyboard of the target device.


Bosspy is a really great solution for employers and parents. If you are worried about your kids, your relationships or your business you should use it. This application is reliable, and it is easy to use. You don’t need to have advanced computer skills to install and to use it.  Besides, it’s free which makes the app even more attractive. You can download the Demo version and login to the trial account. You will see all advantages of the application, and you will be able to make a well-weighted decision. So if you are still hesitating just try it.

sms trackerStill thinking which SMS tracker is better? Doubt whether to use it or not? Read the article in which you will find reviews of the best apps for SMS tracking. This research is independent that’s why you will find only unbiased and reliable information.

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  1. FlexiSPY

sms trackerWhat is FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is one of the most reliable and trusted spy applications. The developers claim that this software specializes on Android OS. Nevertheless, if you are an owner of the iOS device, this application can also suit you.

Advantages of FlexiSPY cell phone SMS tracker

  • This SMS tracker can spy on almost 20 instant social messengers and monitor any texts.
  • It provides free access to the cell phone camera. So you can take a picture using the target phone remotely.
  • The option of the remote restarting of the target Android cell phone;
  • You will be able to track the current battery status of the target device;
  • The user of the FlexiSPY tracker can control the device remotely by sending remote SMS commands.
  1. MSpy

sms tracker mspy

About mSpy

MSpy is another quite popular and super trustworthy spy application which can be used for effective SMS tracking.

 Advantages of mSpy

This SMS tracker also has many advantages such as:

  • A user-friendly and easy navigation.
  • 24-hour customer support (email, live chat and phone).
  • Affordable pricing policy.
  • Ability to track locations.

Notice that mSpy is a legal cell phone monitoring application which can be effectively used by parents for parental control (monitoring their minor and teenage children) and by employers and TOP managers for monitoring employees when they are at work.

  1. Highster Mobile

sms tracker highsterHighster Mobile provides all necessary spying features including SMS tracking, phone call monitoring, spying on emails, photos, etc.

Advantages of Highster

  • Complete anonymity of its user. After the installation this application hides in the database of the phone operating system so it is completely invisible and you will not be detected by the owner of the target device;
  • A one-time payment. You have to pay for the license only once.
  • The app works correctly with all phones and tablets;
  • It is easy to use. After buying a subscription, you will receive an e-mail link to the software with your username, password and license key. Easy instructions will help you to start monitoring step-by-step.
  1. XNSPY

sms tracker xnspyIf you are looking for a well-known and reliable SMS tracker, the XNSPY is definitely what you need. This spyware will open your eyes and tell you everything that is happening behind your back.

Tracking SMS Messages with XNSPY

With the help of XNSPY, you will be able to get access to all copies of received and sent texts, chats and conversations. You will see deleted messages too.

Advantages of XNSPY

  • Ability to get 24/7 instant alerts. You can get instant alerts when the keywords logging are used in text messages and emails.
  • Ability to determine safe places. You can determine the places which are safe, and you will get an alert if the owner of the target phone will leave those places. It’s great for parental control.
  1. TeenSafe

What is TeenSafe?

sms tracker teensafeTeenSafe is one of the best mobile phone spy software. You can effectively use it for tracking your teenage child’s text messages, view chats, emails and phone calls. This app was launched by the developers who decided to monitor their children. That fact proves that this software is perfect for parental control.

Advantages of TeenSafe

  • You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS devices. It makes the installation process easier and much faster;
  • Affordable prices;
  • A full set of monitoring options which allow controlling your child’s cell phone and online activities.
  1. Mobile Spy Tracker

About Mobile Spy

sms tracker mobilespyMobile Spy Cell Phone Monitoring App is the spyware of the next generation. The app tracks text messages, calls, emails, GPS location and other information and uploads it to your personal online account.

Advantages of Mobile Spy

  • If you choose Mobile Spy tracker app, you will be able to monitor up to three devices;
  • 24/7 live technical support- customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  1. SpyEra

sms tracker spyeraSpyEra is known as one of most powerful and completely undetectable cell phone spy applications! If you want to protect your families, your kids and track employees, you may choose this app without doubts.

Advantages of SpyEra

This amazing spyware along with SMS tracking provides the ability to monitor:

  • Application activities. The tracker may detect installed applications. Uninstall them and track the usage of apps;
  • SIM change alerts. You will get a notification if your employee or your child will change the SIM card.

You can update and uninstall SpyEra remotely using the personal web panel.

  1. Mobistealth

sms tracker mobistealth It is powerful and innovative tracker app which is able to monitor:

  • SMS messages (even deleted);
  • All Online Chat Messengers (Viber, WhatsApp,  MSN chat, KiK chat, Libe Chat);
  • Sent and received emails.

Advantages of Mobistealth

  • The tracker can’t be tampered by children.
  • Affordable prices. It costs only $0.50 a Day.
  • Ability to record surroundings;
  • The app is compatible with almost all operating systems and all major carriers.
  1. TheTruthSpy

sms tracker TheTruthSpy

About TheTruthSpy

If you want to start spying on someone’s messages within only 5 minutes and without any problems, choose TheTruthSpy. It is one of the most powerful cell phone spy applications.

Advantages of TheTruthSpy

  • Free 48-hour trial version.
  • Ambient Listening. You will be able to hear what is happening around;
  • Phone Call Recording. Using TheTruthSpy you will have an opportunity to record phone calls in the form of hidden sound files and listen to them.
  1. TheOneSpy

sms tracker theonespyTheOneSpy is a reliable parental spy application. It can be used to protect kids from numerous online threats. By tracking messages, phone calls, emails, etc.

Advantages of TheOneSpy tracker

  • The app offers the most innovative features.
  • It provides cost-effective packages.
  • Simple-to-proceed installation process.

Well, these are the most reliable and powerful multitasking surveillance trackers. You can use them for comprehensive cell phone monitoring. Take into account their advantages and make your choice.

iphone-spy-appsAll parents want to protect their children. Business owners want to make sure that their confidential information is secured. All wives and husbands want to save their marriages. In all these situations cell phone spy app can become a real savior. If you are looking for the best cell phone apps for iPhone monitoring, check the following iPhone spy apps:


mSpyMSpy application is a very useful and at the same time easy to use iOS spy app which can be used for phone hacking. It offers a great range of spying functions. The most interesting options are the next.

Features Of mSpy iPhone Spy App:

  • Telegram and other popular messengers spy;
  • The feature of monitoring multiple devices. MSpy offers this option at a discounted price;
  • Feature of keylogger in order to get all the passwords;
  • Unlimited access to the calendar and address book of the target phone;
  • The ability of a remote control spying.

Highster Mobile

highster-mobileHighster Mobile is considered to be an inexpensive phone spy solution which provides all necessary set of monitoring functions. It works in stealth mode and it is completely undetectable.

Pros of Highster Mobile iPhone Spy:

  • An option of one-time fee without any other payments;
  • A common set of features for monitoring iPhone devices.


  • Not many functions are available;
  • Limited ability for parental control;
  • Not all versions of the operating system are compatible.


thetruthspy reviewTheTruthSpy is the iPhone spying app which offers a huge number of features at a quite affordable price. In particular, TheTruthSpy  provides several features of remote control. Accordingly, you can take over control of the target phone from your personal online panel or via SMS commands.

Advantages of TheTruthSpy

  • Firstly, comprehensive and user-friendly interface of a control panel;
  • Secondly, great set of spying and monitoring features;
  • Thirdly, affordable prices and beneficial deals.

The price of a one-month subscription varies from $16.99 to $22.99 depending on the package and the set of functions.


Important notice: Do not hurry to install this mobile application on your mobile phone – it’s no longer in service as the consequences were worse than expected. Based on the numerous comments from the customers, we have decided that the best spying software list will look this way with the mSpy tool in the first place!

For those phone users who want to in full control of a situation and make their lives safer, there is one simple and affordable solution. A phone application with remote spying option or simply monitoring will make your live easier, clearer, and safer. No need to hire expensive detectives or to become a secret agent. Modern technologies offer a wide range of digital solutions for various tasks and budgets. And we are talking about Android and iOS monitoring applications such as SpyBubble.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular and easy to use solutions on the market. SpyBubble can be easily installed on any phone with a modern platform such as Android or iOS. If you are a parent who wants to protect his child or an employer who want to control his corporate devices and secret info, SpyBubble is the perfect choice to you. To learn more about its features and advantages, please, proceed with reading.

Features of SpyBubble

spybubble-reviewThere is a long history of various operating systems and their attempts to make their phones safe to use. Android and iOS are two the most popular platforms on phones all over the world today. SpyBubble is compatible with these two, and they cooperate perfectly. After the installation you will be able to monitor a target phone remotely with such useful features:

  • Track messages

New technology era brought a new way of communication. Now we use our fingers to tap letters and short messages for multiple times during the day. SpyBubble is able to record every single word that was received or send from a target phone.

  • SMS, MMS
  • Monitor WhatsApp, Viber, and iMessage
  • Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber
  • E-mail and other messengers

All these points are available for a SpyBubble user from the very start. And you can believe us; this feature works perfectly.

  • Multimedia monitoring

Nowadays people make dozens of multimedia content during an average day. Photos, videos, audio, etc. All this content is available for your view. This SpyBubble feature will be extremely helpful to parents who want to know what exactly their kids do when their parents are not around.

  • Phone call history and phone book view

Mobile phones are still phones, and calls are the major part of our lives even after decades after its invention. But nowadays you even do not need to in the same room with the target phone user to know what, when, and how long he or she was talking on a phone. Just install SpyBubble on a target phone and track all the incoming and outgoing calls with few simple taps on your screen. This feature is useful for all types of customers no matter why they are using SpyBubble. Spouses, parents, and employees will love it with no doubt.

  • GPS location tracking

Sometimes checking GPS location tracking can tell you more than just a GPS location of the target phone user. Sometimes this feature saves lives! We are talking about kidnapping and other dangerous stuff that often happens to the kids of different ages. This simple SpyBubble feature can be the only chance for you to find a missed person. Or you can just control your employees when they are not at the office in their working time. Is she the traffic jam? Well, check it with SpyBubble.  Another helpful purpose of the GPS tracker is about lost or stolen phones.

  • Applications blocking and control

There are lots of various applications on your phone, and you just do not want your kids to use them while playing games on your phone. Well, just block them with SpyBubble. It is simple and very useful.

Most Common Issues That SpyBubble Can Solve


  • Something wrong to your kid
    If you are an attentive parent, you will easily notice when it is something wrong with you kid. Teenagers are very sensitive and require constant support and control to avoid harm and traumas. So with the help of SpyBubble, you will easily know who is your son’s or daughter’s new friend. What is she looking for on the Internet and where is your kid after the school.
  • Problems with your employees
    First of all, SpyBubble is about optimization of the working process. Business purposes are the most popular for this phone spy. With its help, you can easily see how your corporate phones and tablets are used by the employees. Or you can easily identify an agent of a competitive company who is stealing your corporate secrets.
  • Blowing away or proving your doubts
    Family life is a challenge, and sometimes we get lost in a routine. Your spouse looks weird, and he or she seems to have some secrets from you. Well, it is a job for SpyBubble. Install this application on your spouse’s phone and check out all the doubtful messages, calls, websites, etc. This will help you to get some solid evidence that will help you to prove or disapprove your doubts.

Why SpyBubble?

spybubble-gpsAs you see, there are various reasons why people to use SpyBubble. This application is one of the most popular on the market today. You will easily find it in different phone spies tops and reviews. This one is another one positive thing for you to read about SpyBubble. It is a reliable application with no performance or safety issues. SpyBubble is easy to use, install, and remove. This application is totally invisible to a target phone user and has a user-friendly interface.

How it Works

Just visit the official website of SpyBubble and download the application due to your phone’s operating system. Besides, you can check the compatibility list on the website too. If there will be any problems with the installation or usage, you can contact SpyBubble official customer support team which is available 24/7. Do not waste your time and ask for help if it is really needed.

TheOneSpy software is compatible with most popular and widely used devices like iPhones, Android, and BlackBerry.

Monitoring features available to users

spy app reviewVarious options are offered for you to follow closely your children or spouse who acts suspiciously. Here are main features as well as benefits of installing and using TheOneSpy product:

  • The newest feature introduced to the market of surveillance software by TheOneSpy service is bugging. That includes the ability to record calls and texts, track the location of the targeted phone. Android users find these features compatible with their operating system and empowered to monitor target phone’s activity from their smartphones and tablets. Camera bug gives you a full picture of the phone’s location at a real time, and this option is very handy when dealing with children. People in a relationship also use it in own advantage tracking one another. Microphone bug is activated from your online account and records sounds surrounding the target phone as well as voices.
  • Call Logger

    Every call on a targeted phone is monitored as well. You are able to listen to all conversations uploaded to your account and monitor phone’s call log. This feature enables you to find out whom your person of interest has been calling and who’s been calling him/her;

  • GPS Tracking

    TheOneSpy software uses GPS to track the exact location. This option may be useful for employees on business trips or in case the phone was lost;

  • Text Message Tracker

    One of the most popular features that draws attention to such apps is access to text messages. Android’s SMS, BlackBerry’s PIN messages or Apple’s iMessages. They all are available at any time. TheOneSpy app is truly capable of covering every device;

spy app review

  • Contact List Spy

    Monitoring target phone’s contact list is another benefit of TheOneSpy. Described feature empowers you to browse through as well as to change phone’s contact lists;

  • Calendar Spy

    Another useful option is viewing calendar appointments along with remainders. Doing so enables you to foresee actions and take measures to alter the situation;

  • Support of multiple devices

    If your person of interest is using more than one device – don’t worry, as with described spy app multiple devices can be successfully monitored simultaneously;

  • Media Spy

    TheOneSpy app also grants you with access to phone’s gallery along with every picture or video stored there. It doesn’t matter whether a picture was taken by the cell’s camera, downloaded from the internet or obtained via email or MMS – in any case, it is saved in target phone’s gallery. All kind of multimedia your spouse, kids or co-workers have saved on their cells or tablets is available for your monitoring;

  • Remote installation

    With TheOneSpy services anyone is able to monitor their loved ones or colleagues as well as track their activities such as sending messages or emails, making phone calls in real time from wherever you wish, even from another continent. This remote mode of operation makes your spying experience even easier. Remote tracking feature allows you to establish all mentioned above options from any location. As always you will be able to send SMS commands to target phones and monitor various devices – phones or tablets;

  • It is also useful to check browser history and in this case you have full access as well. Dealing with target phone’s browser you will find out about made bookmarks and recently visited websites.


Social media messengers

smm messegersOne of the most important and most useful features provided by reviewed surveillance product is the ability to mess with social media messengers. From now on you are able to read chats in the following social services:

  • WhatsApp – one of the most popular and widely used services to exchange instant messages. TheOneSpy gives you a chance to review all WhatsApp chats, listen to audio-video conversations, monitor exchanged files, etc.
  • Perfect app to spy on Facebook. Also you can monitor the flow of information while reading latest messages and reviewing list of friends;
  • Skype. Dealing with this service, one can work with various chats, follow on every detail regarding every member, review exchanged files as well as read documents and other data shared via Skype.
  • Viber is another one popular way of communication and mostly used by youth. Here you will also review chats, created groups of members participating in communication and exchanged photos or various documents;
  • Another popular communication network available for your monitoring is Line. TheOneSpy app offers you to read chats and group chats as well, record audio and video communication, monitor shared files, review contact list and much more;
  • Google services are something we cannot imagine our lives without. So here we have Gmail also ready for your examination. Time, date and content of every sent or received email are available for you at any time.

Modern spy apps are offering us to create a safe environment for our children and other family members to live in as well as protects our professional activity from “moles” that stealing commercial secrets. It is important to use such services wisely in order not to cross the line and become obsessed with manipulating and controlling lives of people who surround us. You can also try alternatives to TheOneSpy, like Ownspy, for example.

A lot of people might question the importance of mobile spy apps, such as XNSPY, which let one track other people’s phone activity. But if you read different customer reviews, a particular testimonial can always make you change your mind. One of the customers shared her story about her grandfather. He had difficulties with finding his way back home. Of course, all members of the family worried about this problem. They were looking for the best possible ways to protect him from getting lost.

Finally, the decided to buy him an Android phone and install a mobile spy app on it. This way, family members were sure they would be able to detect his location anytime they need. There are different types of mobile spy apps. You can get a free online demo of such a tool to see how it works. In this post we are going to talk about XNSPY, one of the best tracking tools of this generation. (more…)

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